Tencent announced overnight: the QQ International Edition will not go down in the EU

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Tencent announced overnight: the QQ International Edition will not go down in the EU

2018-04-15 00:25:02 140 ℃
On the evening of 13

4, the Tencent Inc said that the QQ international edition would not go down in the EU and would continue to provide services to users in the region.

just a few hours ago, QQ international users received push notifications, saying they were very sorry to suspend operations in Europe from May 20th.

QQ's statement is likely to be related to the European Union's forthcoming implementation of the most stringent global data privacy protection regulations.

Tencent night rumor

5 Sept. 25, the "Universal Data Protection Act" (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) will be enforced, this bill will be on the global Internet companies in Europe operations have a significant impact. The bill of

is applicable to the whole world, no matter whether the manufacturer is in the European Union, so long as its products or services are sold in the European Union, and it is related to the preservation and processing of personal data of EU citizens, we must comply with this bill. The bill establishes a strict protection standard for personal data security and privacy, determines how to legitimately apply new technology and business innovation to get huge value based on personal data.

at that time, these Internet products must be explicitly asked for your permission before you can use your data. It also needs to explain how to use your data for advertising. This means that software such as Facebook and QQ will definitely ask if you want to continue to provide information about your sexual orientation, political views and even your race.

Tencent has not yet replied to how the QQ will meet the requirements of the bill.

has previously announced that the QQ will be stopped in the European Union, and the related stakeholders told the surging news that the Tencent statement specifically refers to the QQ International Version, but fails to point out whether QQ will continue to operate in the EU area.

according to

, the chief executive of the Reuters, Facebook, Facebook has implemented a number of rules before the implementation of the new EU rules. He says Facebook is willing to extend these privacy guarantees to the world, but there will be some exceptions.

also reported that, in Zuckerberg's notes for the US hearing, his team reminded him not to say that Facebook has met all the requirements of the European Union's law, and Facebook has not yet done so.

if a breach of the act, the EU will unqualified companies fined 20 million euros or 4% annual turnover of fine and banned products off the shelf and shutting down services etc..

according to the Tencent's latest financial data, as of the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of active accounts in the QQ month reached 783 million, down 9.8% from the same period last year. The number of active accounts for QQ smart terminals reached 683 million, up 1.7% over the same period last year. QQ's highest online account number (Ji Du) reached 271 million, up 11.1% over the same period last year. The Tencent did not disclose QQ's international user data.

editor: Ren Wanshun