The Chinese company swept the world, valuing more than 900 billion, becoming the largest unicorn in the world.

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The Chinese company swept the world, valuing more than 900 billion, becoming the largest unicorn in the world.

2018-04-15 20:25:08 161 ℃

Ma said: "eight years ago, the ant also called Alipay; eight years later, the ants with Chinese has become one of the four great inventions of Alipay, and various other popular services, carrying the global consumer expectations."

recently, the well-known investment bank Barclays said, after a study in the latest report, the re ant gold suit the business analysis and valuation, taking into account the ant payment service user number and ARPU beyond the expected (average income of single user) growth, they will enhance the valuation of $106 billion to $155 billion (about 970 billion yuan). The

valuation means that ant gold suits will become the most valued unlisted technology companies in the world, leading to the Uber in the United States. It will become the eighty-sixth largest company in the world's market capitalization, overtaking companies such as IBM, L'OREAL and McDonald's. The report pointed out that the market share of the ant gold clothing is equal and is continuously gaining and expanding the share of the market. Only in March 2017, an Alipay line trading volume surged 7 times, since the second half of 2017 will continue to maintain this growth trend. The application of Alipay

in addition, ranking from October 2017 seventh in December 2017 jumped to speed third (data from QuestMobile), and has been high. According to Barclay's reliable prediction based on the model, ants may reach at least 900 million of the total number of users by the end of 2021.

, besides the rapid growth of ant clothing in the domestic market, is also considered by the industry to be an important reason for the long-term growth of ant clothing.

2017 in May, Alipay announced First and Data cooperation, let the 4 million merchant point of sale in the United States (POS) to support Alipay, such support in the local Apple Pay equate.

Alipay and Japan's second largest convenience store chain Rosen cooperation, so that Japan's 1.3 10000 Rosen store in support of alipay. Alipay is now also available in Japan's International Airport and large retailers, such as Takashimaya and Bic Camera department store shopping center. The payment service has also invested in a number of overseas enterprises, such as the India version of Alipay Paytm.

2004 in December, Alipay established a ma. At that time, Alipay in order to solve the problem of trust Alibaba's trading platform among the students. In 2014, the ant gold clothing was formally established.

review of the development of Alipay and ant gold suit can see: from its inception in 2004, the first three years, Alipay to service Ali company, initially established a system of online trust. After the implementation of a comprehensive mobile, at present, Alipay users has reached 5.2 million, and thus become the world's largest mobile payment platform.

in April 9th of this year, the ant Kim dress just adjusted personnel, Peng Lei will retire as the chairman of the ant gold clothing, ant Jin Fu CEO well, Xian Dong will serve as chairman of the board. As for the above adjustment, Ma Yun said: "this is the most important leadership team in the ant history, not only for inheritance, but more importantly the transformation. The Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, so can Xiantingxinbu, this is the biggest success of the talent team." According to

, the average age of the ants is 31.3, and the post - 80 and post-90s are 92%. In addition to its youth, its talent reserves have become more international, especially the introduction of the returnees and scientists at the level of talent. At present, among more than 7000 employees, nearly 8% of their employees have overseas study or work experience. Many of them graduated from the Ivy League university in the United States. Most of their technical backgrounds have worked in Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle and other technology companies. Some of them have been professors in American universities.

is currently providing services to 2 billion consumers worldwide in the next 5 to 10 years. In order to achieve the international goal of "global buying, global selling and global exchange", it is constantly advancing.