Your peers are abandoning you? Look at what Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are doing when they are young

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Your peers are abandoning you? Look at what Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are doing when they are young

2018-04-15 20:25:11 285 ℃

18 years old for a lot of people, is undoubtedly a memorable youth, back years, but full of memories. Everyone has their own 18 years old, then the Internet big guy is 18 years old what looks like it, on the weekend we come to pick a pick.

ma - from the entrance exam to Asia's richest man

about Ma's past, we know him as a teacher at Hangzhou Normal University, although Ma has not taught for many years, and has become one of Asia's richest man, but the teachers kept on him, cheerful, optimistic, talkative, contagious still retained and very amiable and easy of approach. The picture of Ma Yun's 18 year old is almost no difference from the present, and is still as full of vitality as it is. Ma Yun, who was born in Hangzhou, was the most important college entrance examination at the age of 18. However, he missed the opportunity to enter university. He did many part-time jobs during the period, such as secretary, sending books to magazines and so on. When Ma Yun was young to find a job, not even KFC, he did not expect to have made such a big cause, and life is always full of possibilities.

Ma Huateng -- from programmers to the creation of Tencent Empire

little horse, not only has a pretty face value, but also a rich two generation, 18 years old photos can be said to be alive temperament temperament. When I was reading computer at Shenzhen University, I was a typical engineering man. My first job in college was to program. Then I designed a stock analysis software based on my intelligence. Before long, this software also spotted by other companies, and finally to 50 thousand yuan transactions -- of course, when the 50 thousand, lot number, pony first venture is a climate.

at the age of 27, Ma Huateng has founded the Tencent, several partners that was later called "five Tencent", there are several still in Ma Huateng along with the management of Tencent. Look at the present little horse elder brother, compared with the previous 18 years old, it seems that there has been no change. Of course, a few more calm and calm, from the heart, Ma Huateng's appearance is also very consistent with Tencent's steady development style.

Robin Li - graduated from Peking University to start returning

to say to the Internet gangster from you, but Robin Li is not who. For so many years, Yan value has been online, at the age of 18 has been duly completed by Internet Delay metrosexual man, which belongs to the male star. So far, he didn't see that he was 50 years old. At the age of 18, Robin Li was still studying at Peking University. He enrolled in the first place in his hometown (Yangquan, Shanxi), and then went to the United States to study abroad, and he met his wife Ma Dongmin. In 1999, he came back from school and created Baidu, one of the three big internet giants in China. Up to now, Baidu is not only the largest Chinese search engine in the world, but AI technology is also far ahead. Baidu has been finding its way in the twists and turns, and the state is getting better and better.

Liu Qiangdong -- from the back to the egg Reading Challenge Ma

Liu Qiangdong is the most down to earth of the Internet gangster, whether to treat their employees or express, folks, is quite kind, born in Jiangsu Suqian an ordinary family of Liu Qiangdong, the most inspirational story, at the age of 18 test the people's University, the family is not particularly good, relatives Liu Qiangdong got to university, hard to scrape together 500 dollars into the hands of Liu Qiangdong, 76 egg after the story was also passed to the story, then, Liu Qiangdong began the difficult road of schooling. Liu Qiangdong did not live up to expectations, now a successful career, remember folks, see Liu Qiangdong's 18 year old photos, is indeed a rustic, but also simple and honest, full of spirit and passion.

is now the Jingdong China second business platform (the largest electricity supplier self) at the same time in the financial, logistics and other areas, the overall layout, although the current market value of Jingdong than Ali, Tencent, but formed in areas such as logistics barriers to Jingdong to challenge Ali position. However, compared with Ma, Liu Qiangdong lacked a strategy similar to the Cai Chongxin supporters, so Jingdong in payment, cloud computing and other fields is not very successful, hope Jingdong can complement the strategy as soon as possible disadvantages, like Amazon growth from retail giants as technology giants.

Ding Lei - gangster

Ding Lei from the college students to understand the life of the chowhound smile is a sign. When he was 18 year old Ding Lei University in Chengdu, is a hundred-percent chowhound. Ding Lei had left the school, had "a secure job", finally because of the interest of turnover, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship independently, have founded the three major portals of the NetEase, and the NetEase is the three largest portal (Sina, Sohu and NetEase), do $50 billion worth of the club's only home, especially is the field in the game's success, let the NetEase become the second Tencent gaming giant, now Ding Lei is the electricity supplier in the field layout, hoping to become another challenge game player Ma Yun. Ding Lei, who achieves financial freedom in

, still likes the pure life of big boys. He likes watches, gourmet, electronic products, and loves life. Maybe this is the reason why every product of NetEase has quality.

have their achievements today, which is directly related to the growth experience of young people. The young character also determines the fate and determines the company's temperament today. "Do not forget the beginning of the heart, square must always", do not know whether the big men still remember the original heart of the year?