Quick rectification: on-line parental control mode, banned 56 thousand users

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Quick rectification: on-line parental control mode, banned 56 thousand users

2018-04-16 10:25:19 96 ℃
The core of the rectify and rectification of the


is the values.

iron | hedgehog commune from the National Radio and Television Administration issued a serious "fast" today's headlines bulletin, has passed ten days.

during this period, the "fast" in the Android app store shelf temporarily; "the connotation of scripts permanently; small video, video rectification upgrade watermelon volcano.

short video industry continues to shake. CEO Su Hua quickly issued a letter of apology to the public, admit mistakes, and announced the rectification. The letter of apology was commented by the famous scientific and technological review author keso for the "sincere apology to stay in China, and I really haven't seen it."

, but the light of apology is not enough, "vulgar" video, how to deal with minors, how to protect the contents of the audit how values of man-machine integration, how to grasp the hand facing examination.

hedgehog (ID:ciweigongshe) was informed that, in the commune quickly, has already reached a consensus, is presented by the media and regulatory problems do exist, but as Su Hua in a letter of apology "is written for a long time we have not been able to pay attention to the problem of" hand heart also feel the need to do a thorough reflection and rectification.

so, since this time, staff are busy quickly, there are internal staff said that they were too busy to one week did not sleep, Su Hua mentioned in a letter of apology "to improve the community operation rules" and "protection of minors" system "to combat and remove vulgar pornography", also all one by one in order to improve the implementation of the control.

quickly from inside, also expect that through this reform, optimize and upgrade the quality of the community, ripping off the low and vulgar labels, reshaping the image.

why "first trial after" or there is a problem?

- the contents of the audit pressure, and not have only started ten days ago.

2018 quickly upload video users in a single day during the Spring Festival the number exceeded 15 million, the peak per minute upload video reached 43000, a record high. This means that the original hand

2000 content auditor, under the machine, to review every 15 million video content. Then quickly told the media: quick content rating team and technical team gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, only during the Spring Festival to ensure that contents of the audit, including user experience "is not the absence of".

from the end of the effect, at some time, the content audit "vacancy". In the CCTV program that the hand is too negative, touted early reticulocyte, live.

- according to the aspects of the introduction, and then all the video can be sent after the first trial. For each user to upload video, quickly will adopt a "four - three" mechanism. The four trial includes pretrial before uploading, first instance of pre - entry, second instance before release, and three trial in publication. The first review depends on the information security system from the machine, and the second audit begins to be introduced. In addition to this, there are three checks, namely, the whole process official inspection, the whole course user supervision, and the internal and external monitoring system.

full official inspections, a full-time all-weather patrol team, check network; the whole user supervision, establish a set of efficient user complaints and other channels system; internal and external monitoring system, there are two sets of internal and external independent monitoring system, mutual supervision.

but why is the one hundred percent "first trial and post" or a problem?

has video platform content auditors to inform, in general, the way of manual audit is to cut frames, but now many video production techniques are quite new, for example, only a few illegal images are exposed briefly, and the audit is difficult. In

there is a problem: if the mother has become a minor phenomenon on the platform, so the platform has nothing to do with the ability to audit, but the audit and the principle of the platform, which is one of the main directions of the rectification of the hand.

in hand, the machine is also trained: audit ability based on tens of millions of artificial meter case judgment, with deep learning intelligent recognition technology, and with large amounts of data and long-term accumulation of practice, has established a set of information system audit rules. The

system will filter the illegal content and the content clearly decided in the history. Illegal content such as pornography and violence cannot be uploaded.

but the social moral problems are updating and changing.

"involves the determination of the content of social morality and public order and good custom, which is a common problem facing the short video industry." Hurry up, if you already have a manual to determine the case, the machine will be processed; if it is a relatively new situation, you need to first determine the artificial, and then make a deal." Deft insider told hedgehog (ID:ciweigongshe) commune.

the source also disclosed a set of data, so far has quickly clean up the problem of short video 310 thousand, banned 56 thousand users, up 65 thousand user name.

- also announced, will be based on the original 2000 full-time audit staff recruitment, 3000 undergraduate degree and a strong political sensitivity and ability to identify the auditor, the implementation of the Communist Youth League and party policy priority, provides the high salary in the peer, accelerate the establishment of a firm political, business skilled work all the team will work in forward through professional training. How are the values and traffic of the

algorithm balanced? Are there values in the

algorithm? Harsh criticism of today's headlines

Legal Daily micro-blog think: if you pursue explosion models, but not the "demolition blasting point"; if the sake of racing development, but ignore the "brake" failure; if not as long as the value, values, and even advocated "algorithm without values", it is inevitable the accident. The product can not be reduced to the slave of the algorithm.

Su Hua also said: "in a letter of apology to the community to run the algorithm used is the values, because the algorithm is behind, is the algorithm values, the algorithm's defects are values of defects."

, in his letter of apology, he set a standard for the correct values:

1. only needs to conform to the laws and regulations of the state, and follow the works of social order and good morals, so that we can make algorithm recommendation.

2. all the rules of the algorithm must obey the healthy, sunny values.

3. improves the algorithm, and recommends personalized energy works that are more in line with the interest of the user and magnify the influence and infectivity of the excellent works.

use deft habits of users may find, after rectification, great changes quickly found page recommendation content within a short period of time. The voice of the mainstream media is magnified.

- statistics, adhere to the socialist core values guide algorithm, amplifying the excellent work of the influence and appeal of popular pages offline during the rectification, the platform carefully screened positive energy video were more than 17 billion times the exposure, get over 3 billion 100 million times, 69 million times, playing double love 95 million comments, 34 million share.

, but whether it is "positive energy video" or "mainstream media voice", in fact, it amplifies the intervention effect of artificial editing in pushing. This recommendation and the logic of the algorithm is, on the contrary, accustomed to the fast algorithm one hundred percent recommended by the user, may in a short period of time, feel very different.

quickly explained to the hedgehog commune said, after the adjustment, the process of user worker, will still receive the contents of their own interest, but found the video page positive energy will increase.

also hand in ensuring the video content conforms to the premise of socialist core values, in accordance with the personal interest and personal interest in expanding the border to recommend video content, help users to find a wider world, to avoid information cocoons.

- also said that respect the user's normal right of expression in ensuring the video content conforms to the premise of socialist core values, will put the user experience first. How does

protect underage users on the platform?

in the hand of users, there is a class of special - minor.

previously, CCTV quickly and small video exposure volcano minor mother pushed into the video, also rectify the fuse, public opinion, and then small video volcano short video platform minors outrageous behavior, may form a demonstration effect on more minor.

Lodge Hua has made it clear in his letter of regret that it is necessary to establish a minors protection system, classify videos, filter videos that are likely to be seen by minor users, and strictly prohibit to open live permission for users under 18 years old. In April 12th

, specific measures include fast on-line parental control mode, parents can through a key password open / close child lock function, filtering is not suitable for minors to watch the content, and close the open broadcast, broadcast a reward, search, city, wallet and other functions, from April 13th since the discovery page minor content filtering pool officially launched, this pattern will continue to update.

the hedgehog Jun found that experience, parents can set a password, select open "parental control mode", with and without the open mode, changed the page, the home city entrance disappeared, "gossip" and "news" and "private" "find" functions are not available. If you are using

quickly under the "parental control mode", the loss of at least 1/3 attractive platform.

has not actively search attention acquaintances, private entrance was hidden, but has been concerned about each other's friends, almost no longer oriented social development; on the other hand, the "message" function disappear, also means that minors sent to the platform on the video, the lack of a like to get points that window. Has a great influence on the ability to stimulate the user's creation.

on hand, the rectification is reconstruction of values. The content audit of the platform is actually fault-tolerant. It is not possible that all the illegal videos can escape the eyes of the auditors. It should be said that all the platforms have this problem.

only after the video is sent out, the platform can self check and receive information from users. The missing video is easy to be processed, and it will not cause much splash.

but obviously, the crackdown on the eve of most video attack, etc. on the platform in hand is not the case, this is the principle of audit loopholes, reflects the platform values.

from this perspective, want to quickly through the rectification, change the external image, is really a good chance.