Robin Li people to 50 to learn to decentralization, take her daughter's mirror to show warmth, to play only to resolve the Baidu crisis

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Robin Li people to 50 to learn to decentralization, take her daughter's mirror to show warmth, to play only to resolve the Baidu crisis

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he has understood and accepted the rule of the times: as a leader of the Internet giant, most of the time, he needs to beat themselves into a flat set set, name card, a logo and a loudspeaker. Author Zheng Yahong

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because of the leak of user privacy, the other side of the ocean a small bar into a quagmire. The

scandal involving the United States presidential election, a great tease of the media and the public's nerves, questions like dense darts, will Facebook set on the enterprise moral and legal work.

, in order to show sincerity, Zuckerberg chose the most traditional way of "atonement": he advertised in many British newspapers, and he received congressional questions for two days in a row and broadcast the whole world.

Xiao Liga is very efficient in dealing with this kind of crisis, and the global broadcast hearings have a good effect. During the hearing, Facebook's share price rebounded, rising by 5% for a period of two years.

is worth pondering that the annual apology of the US Internet giant is directly projected to the contemporary Chinese Internet entrepreneurial environment because of its user privacy and technology ethics.

in Facebook to fight the fire but does not contain the Beijing Forum on scorched by the flames, Robin Li said, "Chinese be inopportune or inappropriate words, more open for privacy issues, they are willing to get convenient, safety and efficiency through the exchange of privacy."


compared to Zuckerberg, Robin Li faces a lot of emotional EQ in the media.

Baidu, a company whose search business is almost monopolistic at home. When Robin Li talked about his privacy as the founder, it was no doubt that a lighted cigarette was thrown into a gasoline - filled warehouse and a flash of fire.

fortunately, finally, the fire just stay in the court, Robin Li lost more than a year of hard business impression, in addition to Baidu.

Robin Li quotes more upright. Last month, Uber unmanned death triggered a global concern, as the first sitting on the unmanned Beijing five people, Robin Li "dog bites a man bites a dog that is not news, news" to explain the excessive focus on the case and tense, emphasize safety unmanned rescueship, and said "the next 3-5 years, will enter into the unmanned vehicle driving on the open road." When

asked questions from Parliament, Xiao Zha said that there must be many problems for the development of Internet Co such as Facebook, which grew up from the university dormitories. It will take a lot of time.

a senator asked him, is it only the United States that can be born to such a company? Zuckerberg hesitated and replied, "there are many Internet giants in China."

comes from the dormitory, or the ten square meter booth in Zhongguancun, or the houses on the edge of West Lake. The legend of Chinese Internet giant's entrepreneurial story is no better than the American dream, and its growth story is also brilliant.

, similar to Facebook, has been trapped in the whirlpool of technology ethics in technology companies. That year, Wei Zexi hemophilia event like a virus with Baidu in the viscera. Robin Li has suffered the biggest reputation crisis since he started a business.


Chinese vision is one disaster after another Baidu's reputation, and crisis in the strategy of turning at the same time, a painful period, the market value is the other two giants throw several times, leaving Robin Li with a lonely figure.

Robin Li now has a bid. On the other side of the ocean, Xiao Zai, sixteen years younger than he was, started socially, and compared to the Robin Lee of the technology, Xiao Za was well versed in the Internet and the real world. On how to apologize and how to make a personal IP, Xiao Zai is a perfect example of learning. The

is open to a public apology compared with the model, and Robin Li tends to remain silent when the storm comes. In 2011, Baidu market capitalization was becoming the most valuable Internet Co, Robin Li became the richest man in the mainland when the cold wave arrives: Baidu library infringement made by industry also raise a Babel of criticism of PPC, Crusade, face everything, Robin Li did not make any response.

in the past year, in order to Baidu's external image and business promotion, Robin Li broke his leg: he is a PR and spokesperson. He has multiple identities, sacrifices for physical pleasure, and even pulls his daughter's platform.

with his efforts, Baidu has won some confidence and a positive voice. He has to understand and accept the rules of the era: as a leader of the Internet giant, most of the time, he needs to beat themselves into a flat set set, name card, a logo and a loudspeaker. During the


two sessions, the photo of Robin Li and Zhou Hongyi was sent to social media by the latter. Once the two pairs of the search war had been set off, they shook hands in the new era hall. The relationship and the style of the big guy are often the driving force of the interests. Zhou Hongyi, who was missed by the people, did not appear in the public eye for a long time, Zhou Hongyi. From the transition from PC to the age of mobile Internet, 360 has been in the same dilemma with Baidu. Zhou Hongyi almost three years retreat, called "the slightest feeling of satisfaction without".

after the exit, he had led 360 backdoor listing, created for the 18 trading, drop the camera outbreak, and accused the media questioning will he besieged them.

cardinal attribute to the conscious pengci, organized marketing. Suddenly, he finally realized that too many enemies is not good, but to make friends is very important. The photo of

Robin Li and Zhou Hongyi at the two meetings. Pictures from the network

Zhou Hongyi told the media last year, in their efforts to make friends, Wuzhen's dinner with Robin Li he touched several cups. Ma Huateng is also the scene of teaching and playing all chiefs to "I love you" like flower drum, around the circle said several rounds. The picture of being in love with each other makes it be mistaken for a talk to break into a small business agent.

changes also follow the basic law. Robin Li is a tough day. As a founder, he has to take the lead. But Robin Li can't be a social icon like Zhou Hongyi. Robin Li, who has a technical male origin, has directly expressed his "not good at relationship" in his early years or now. It is also "hard to make friends with others".

, "Robin Li is a western style of management. He regards everyone as a subordinate, so it sometimes makes people feel simple and sometimes makes people feel indifferent." An interview with Robin Li, a former Baidu executive who has followed Robin Li for many years, said in an interview with global entrepreneurs. The report said that Baidu vice president Yu Jun to resign, Robin Li has repeatedly put forward the conditions of how to retain, hope Yu Jun don't leave, it is suggested that he should be himself to Yu Jun's condition to show sincerity, but Robin Li's reply is: if he refused, I did not face?

until now, in a public speech about Robin Li, artificial intelligence and unmanned, are talking like a scholar; but to tease and throw scripts or because of tight links, he exposed feel shy smile.

, a nurturing alienation, may come from the sense of meritocracy, and it can be understood as his introverted nature. In

1987, Robin Li was admitted to Peking University in Yangquan, Shanxi, and then went abroad to study abroad, and gave up the career of Wall Street to return to the country. Robin Li is always as good as a child in the next house. In addition to Zhou Zheng, he has given the impression of low-key and introverted, senior elite for many years.

he has always restrained his calmness, even for his wife, Ma Dongmin, to give up a picture of love when he clarifies two people's emotional hearsay. There is always more reason than sensibility between words and words. He is asked about the details of the courtship of the year.

his warmth is difficult to make by making friends, and the success of his deconstruction is the daughter Brenda. The entrepreneur is a daughter slave, dull face flesh and blood, silent Polytechnic male can also become pliant. On the eve of

2018 New Year's Eve, a little girl with a round face in a red skirt snuggled up to Robin Li's shoulder and spoiled him. "I want to give all of this to you, Dad, you pay the bill." The director, who is standing on one side, is full of drowning, and a gentle face.

wise and gentle father, Morphling's daughter, Baidu took the ads pay New Year's call achieve good results of the accident, not only will the Baidu new product launch and key business to seize the day and flow of the topic, R& B; and also pocketed a favor, someone in the comments area directly give the director issued a new generation of "National Father" title. In the past two years,

has frequently appeared in the public view. This seemingly little girl who is 10 years old has a lovely apple face and long legs, which perfectly inherited the advantages of her parents. In

2016, Robin Li took part in the reality show "cross country miles". In the program, the president went down the mud swamp, stripped the cowboy and was thrown away by a helicopter, just like a middle-aged version of metamorphosis.

, as Robin was tortured to cry quickly, gave him a timely look at a video of a Brenda. In the video, the little girl read the poem "in Flanders fields", the old father heard the tears in the scene, said "to the daughter, want to go home".

Brenda later for the father expedition, attended the conference program, one of the stars in liberal and dignified and changqiangduanbao projection to flash in 2017; Baidu Summer Party, and the two cooperated music guitar, the atmosphere is very good.

Brenda gave the outside world a view of Robin Li's warmer and closer to human nature. Someone asked him, what is the most feared thing in life in Baidu's collapse, daughter's accident and death? Robin Li chose her daughter on the grounds that death is unavoidable and everything else can be changed.


2018 2012, Robin Li boarded the "TIME" magazine cover of the Asian edition. The first American magazine is the first cover of Chinese entrepreneurs and Internet technology figures. At the side of Robin Li's head, he was labeled "the innovator", a proudly compliment to technology practitioners.

Robin Li became a totem of "helping China win in twenty-first Century," a Baidu that had not heard the positive voice of the public for a long time.

this is a necessary cover.

boarded the Time's Robin Li. Pictures from the network

2016 in January, Wei Zexi Robin Li, hemophilia and Baidu events will be nailed to the cross of sin. Scolding Baidu and Robin Li became the political correctness of science and technology circles and social circles. Baidu downstairs often have someone to shout at the banners, or call directly from the phone, and Baidu employees say in the social platform that they can't raise their heads.

is the founder of Robin Li, is to become the target of the event. Robin Li, who had been a lifetime student on the tip of the Pyramid, was described as "exquisite" in a wave of wave critique.