The highest market value, the most profitable, and what are apple worried about?

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The highest market value, the most profitable, and what are apple worried about?

2018-04-16 20:25:09 110 ℃

5 1, Apple will announce the 2018 second quarter financial report, the current industry both analysts and industry chain are very intelligent to give high expectations. Because every time Apple look bad behavior, will soon face the face -- such as when, in the first quarter, analysts believe iPhone X sales decline will affect the performance of Apple's first quarter earnings, but net revenue of $88 billion 293 million, an increase of 13%; net profit of $20 billion 65 million, an increase of 12%. Although iPhone sales decline, but Apple still the most profitable mobile phone manufacturers, there is no one, unceremoniously swallowed nearly 80% industry profits. In stock prices, although the impact of iPhone X sales as the ideal, in recent months the stock price fluctuations, but always very tenacious in each fell rapidly after the rebound, apple is still the world's most valuable companies, keep charging to "trillion market value".

the highest market value of enterprise and the most profitable enterprises in the two crown's blessing, people often think Apple should be able to very calmly and confidently go their own way, and let people have a way out, may be appropriate to profit to the enterprises in the supply chain of their own, everyone good harmonious unity in the value chain as the core of the apple, like Microsoft, Google, HP and other companies are so dry, but from Apple's most recent series of actions, not calm, no profit, no harmony, Apple has always been on the supply chain to maintain a very strict requirements on their own, keep a very strong sense of anxiety.

17 in April, Apple announced the end of the graphics processor using Imagination technology, in order to save to pay high royalties, which led to Apple as the Imagination's shares fell to 80%; in November 17, Apple introduced the power management chip designed to replace the supplier wear Roco, wear Roco martyrdom; in March 18, Apple announced independent design and production of MicroLED display screen, replace Samsung and SHARP and other suppliers, followed by PHILPS, SanDisk and Samsung Motors and other 32 companies were excluded from the list of suppliers of apple; and recently, Apple announced plans to use its own Mac chip in the computer, instead of Intel products, Intel shares fell sharply. We used

that Apple's rise is mainly due to the globalization, it can be seen from the suppliers around the world get to the most cutting-edge, the most professional parts, then to innovation as the magic wand, these parts will be combined into a good product sales to the user. From today's perspective, apple began to abandon this globalized mode and began to move towards closure, trying to build more products through its own strength. Why is

? Why do the days with such a good apple do a lot to the suppliers? In fact, I understand that the most important starting point for apple is to save cost and increase profits.

stock market in the world, there is a concept called "Apple concept stocks", when Apple introduced a new product or a new plan, these stocks will follow the trend of a rose, these enterprises are in fact apple in the supply chain enterprises, almost all of them for at least one apple to survive, mostly from revenue Apple Corp. For example, Imagination had GPU design companies every year from Apple Corp take licensing fees of up to $75 million, while Samsung each sell a screen for Apple will be able to get 70 or 80 dollars, apple from Intel for its MAC purchasing computer processor chip, a chip is priced at $150-200 a year, buy this chip 1 billion dollars. There are many other vendors, such as Qualcomm, micron and so on, every year from the apple to make a lot of money.

, if the good days can go on, it is not a big event to continue to feed these little brothers, but Apple knows very well that such a good life may not be too long. In recent years

innovative power Apple Corp gradually weakened, it should be very clear, although it has been to research above money, has acquired some innovative small businesses, but may be due to the loss of Jobs the soul of innovation, apple recently very difficult to come up with that let a person shine at the moment, love products / function.

in the lack of innovation, Apple has lost in the past that the warlords domineering, its growth rate is almost at a standstill, and the shift Chinese manufacturers strong rise of Apple formed a powerful threat, such as HUAWEI, Yu Chengdong, shortly before the public statement said, "the late Ming Huawei can do second of the global market. To become the world's first is inevitable".

could be a heavy blow to apple if HUAWEI replaced apple as the world's second and the world's first mobile phone manufacturer. "The first second" is absolutely not a name, the first second are a symbol for you in the industrial chain and the status of the right of discourse, a simple example is also purchase a same high-end screen, HUAWEI and hammer the purchase price is certainly not the same, because HUAWEI is certainly cheaper. A purchasing power determines its bargaining power, even suppliers in priority to meet the needs of HUAWEI only after considering the hammer orders, even Foxconn foundries, while arrange production, will certainly put HUAWEI this kind of customer demand priority in the first place, will make the production line. To hammer service, this is the general rule of the commercial society. So, apple today's profit rate is very high, is also part of this benefit, once HUAWEI to become the world's second, the first in the world, HUAWEI began to enjoy Apple enjoy priority services, the profitability of HUAWEI is also a great help, but on the contrary, the Apple's profit is a blow.

the current apple can reduce the dependence on the supplier on the core components such as chips, display screens, and so on. What is the purpose?

's cost savings are on the one hand, and Apple needs more profits to build a granary for a possible winter. On the other hand, apple is trying to increase its core business points and try to build a system of moat.

I think this apple is a lesson learned from Samsung. In 2016, Samsung's new flagship note 7 series of bombings, the impact of this on the Samsung is very large, people think that Samsung may collapse, at least some time very difficult to recover, the Samsung with semiconductor business to achieve amazing performance reversal, and several consecutive quarter profit refresh history record, thanks to Samsung earlier in the semiconductor layout to help them tide over the difficulties.

what should the apple do if the "explosion" happened on the apple? Apple's products are not really good quality. The antenna door event has happened before, and apple has often issued a single flagship product. Once the flagship problem occurs, the consequences will be very serious. Samsung still has semiconductors. What does the apple have?

so apple to fully expand their core business, the core technique is the key components in their own hands in 2018, Apple plans to invest $14 billion for research and development, accounting for revenue ratio of 14 years of the most high. Apple to do so on the one hand is to reduce the cost and control the risk, on the other hand, cultivating independent core business ability, if the current main business problems, not a single mistake plateful all ink "situation.