Taobao ads are suspected of gender discrimination and false propaganda. Alibaba's repeated mistakes are no longer tolerated by users.

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Taobao ads are suspected of gender discrimination and false propaganda. Alibaba's repeated mistakes are no longer tolerated by users.

2018-04-29 10:25:44 225 ℃

An advertisement on the Taobao homepage of Sinpojin once again pushed Ali to the cusp of public opinion.

After a time when sexism, false propaganda, vulgar copywriting, and corporate culture were not correct, arguments once again arose. In fact, criticism by public opinion has long been nothing new. After that, Ali was always able to rely on the risk of public relations insurance.

Ali's mother apologized: she has gone offline and punished the merchants, users: audit omissions merchant back pot?

< p> Yesterday (27th) at 4:30 pm, Ali Mama apologized on the official Weibo post, saying that it was an audit omission. This advertisement had been taken off the line at the first moment of discovery and account violations had been made against the corresponding merchants. Points penalties. At the same time, it will immediately strengthen the system and manual inspection efforts, in the three dimensions of the business, category, and material, all the advertising material copy of the entire platform to identify and check the filter, in order to prevent such situations from happening again.

The incident has gained a lot of public opinion, and the opinions of netizens are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. This advertisement involves both sex discrimination and false propaganda. Suspected;

2. The platform audit omissions will push the responsibility to the business;

3. Both have responsibilities, the platform does not act, the merchant sells counterfeit drugs;

< p>4. Ali's corporate culture is worrying.

The blue whale found out that Guan Wei subsequently deleted Weibo's original text and republished it at 6:35 pm on the 27th. , and the one difference is that Ali mother deleted the microblogging alkali pregnant treasure ad pictures. This move was also ridiculed by netizens as saying that there was no sincerity in apologizing.

In fact, Sultan Pregnancy's advertisement on Taobao's homepage is not the first time. As early as last June, the "Chinese Women's Daily" public account published "Eating Alkaline Food Boys". "The article", from the head is the alkaline pregnant treasure advertisement of at the time. At that time, the advertisements were more poignant: if they wished, they could finally succeed.

The omnipotent bears of the media told the Blue Whales that the incident of the Sex Pregnancy Incident was in the copy of a sexist advertisement. From the public relations angleIn terms of degree, Alibaba's response is also quite satisfactory. To be honest, there are many times when the crisis public relations do not have so many skills. The strength is mainly in the channel control, not the skill strategy.

Ali “makes mistakes” frequently, but crisis public relations always have the ability to turn a hurry.

As the so-called big tree attracts criticism, it is unavoidable to be criticized under the supervision of public opinion. In recent years, Ali’s public relations cases have been transformed into dangerous ones in every encounter of the public opinion crisis. Many netizens said that this has a lot to do with Ali’s timely correcting and mistaking attitudes.

On May 30, 2016, Nail put an advertisement in the Southern Metropolis Daily and other newspapers. The advertisement pinned a simple language to show the user's experience of being cheated in WeChat, and then disclosed the performance. Ali nails are not trapped.

But then, Ma Yun personally apologized to Ma and Tencent for nailing down in his official Weibo and Wechat service numbers and released a letter of apology with two pictures stitched together. Yes, Ma Yun criticized the nailed team's advertisements in several newspapers as being too low.

In November 2016, had two products on Alipay - "Campus Diary". With the "white-collar diary", according to the rules, only female users with a sesame credit score higher than 750 can publish content and pictures in the circle. Other users only have the right to watch and appreciate.

In the face of the pressure of WeChat payment in the field of online payment, Alipay has always hoped to strengthen socialism to block the invasion of WeChat. However, Alipay's circle function has been criticized for being vulgar in just a few days. Criticism, the People's Network also issued a document commenting: “Alipay that broke the bottom line, we don’t!”

Afterwards, Peng Lei resolved the crisis for Ali by a timely and sincere apology letter. Peng Lei The Alipay “Diary on Campus” incident apologized. It was wrong to be honest and wrong. It closed all the circles that used to wipe the ball and conducted “reflection and self-examination”.

At the end of 2017, Wang Shuai, chairman of the Public Relations Committee of Alibaba Group, responded in a speech that "Ali's PR is particularly powerful. "It's worth a few public relations companies," he saidSaid that this statement ignores our strategy, products, operations, and services, and the root cause of the company's success is the strong public relations. This is not good or right.

But even so, the outside world's strong awareness of Ali's public relations is almost always the same, even before it was said that if Ali's public relations department is split, it is definitely the first unit of Chinese PR." Public relations, the tribute to Ali Public Relations, seems never to stop.

Advertising suspected of sex discrimination and false propaganda, this crisis public relations users are afraid to pay the bill.

Now the alkali pregnant treasure ad The second occurrence of the alleged sex discrimination, Ali's apology this time also has always been the attitude and sincerity, but in terms of effect, users do not seem to pay.

Despite sex discrimination, does the SCP have a real effect and does the advertisement involve false propaganda?

According to the previous report of the official WeChat account of the Jiangsu Women's Federation, the medical community It has long been rumored that by taking certain foods, it does not change the acid-base environment of the human body, because no matter what food you take, it first enters the stomach, and the re-bases are neutralized by stomach acid (a strong acid with a pH of about 2).

Under normal circumstances, people are only in severe conditions. Alkaline balance will be broken, resulting in the termination of normal life activities.Gynecologists also said that this "feminine alkaline physiology can better prepare pregnant boy" is itself very ridiculed.

Of course, These ads are based on keywords, not all users who entered Taobao's home page can see the ads, but with Taobao's daily traffic, the number of users involved will not be a small number.

Blue Whale attempted to ask Ali about the sale of Taobao's homepage ad space, but failed to get a response.

It is worth noting that this time, Sinpore's advertising has not been the first mistake, Taobao last year After receiving complaints from netizens, they once removed the sex-selected merchandise and advertising content, and asked the merchants to modify their copy before they can be re-listed. But this year, they have come back again.

If the above statement is true The copy of the advertisement involved sex discrimination and the goods involved in false propaganda. In this case, Ali fears that he will use a perfect crisis publicity to name himself.