Apple will send 100 billion U.S. dollars to overseas shareholders this week.

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Apple will send 100 billion U.S. dollars to overseas shareholders this week.

2018-05-01 00:25:27 214 ℃

On May 1st in the United States, Apple will release its first-quarter financial report. In addition, according to the promise, Apple will also announce its overseas cash return plan for shareholders. According to the latest news from foreign media, Wall Street financial institutions have made various predictions in the near future. They believe that Apple will give shareholders at least 100 billion U.S. dollars in overseas cash "big red envelopes."

With the Trump administration’s massive tax cuts on US companies’ overseas cash (from 35% to 15%), Apple is ready to transfer all its overseas cash back to the United States.

Earlier ago, Apple has announced two cash gifts for the U.S. economy and Apple employees: Apple will spend US$55 billion in U.S. dollars this year, which will bring economic growth and job opportunities in the future. For internal employees, Apple also announced a one-time bonus and other benefits.

In February, Apple’s chief financial officer, Ma Siqun, said that it will gradually spend about $163 billion in net cash. How Apple spends this money has sparked industry attention.

According to the British Financial Times website, Wall Street analysts predict that the vast majority of Apple's $163 billion in net cash will be returned to shareholders in the next few years. In this way, together with Apple's past plan of return, Apple will accumulate 450 billion U.S. dollars in return to shareholders by 2020.

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