The richest man on the planet: earning 200 billion yuan a year. His worth is the sum of Gatsga's cloud.

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The richest man on the planet: earning 200 billion yuan a year. His worth is the sum of Gatsga's cloud.

2018-05-02 00:25:27 144 ℃

Amazon recently released its latest performance report: Amazon’s net profit was US$1.6 billion in the quarter, a net profit of US$724 million in the same period last year. 2.2 times, and 12 consecutive quarters of profit. Season operating income increased by 92% year-on-year to 1.93 billion US dollars.

This home appliance giant has completed 16 milestones in the past year. The most notable of these include the Amazon Prime membership, which has registered more than 100 million people since its release 13 years ago. In the whole of 2017, Amazon sent 5 billion pieces of products to Prime members globally. Amazon's cloud service is Amazon's fastest growing business in recent years, and its annualized revenue is now over 20 billion US dollars. In 2017, AWS announced 1,400 items. Services and features, active users increased by 250%. At present, Amazon's market value has reached more than 750 billion US dollars, surpassing Google to become the second largest company in global market capitalization.

Bezos owns about 16.3% of Amazon's shares, and its personal net worth has also reached $130 billion this year. In March of this year, Bezos first boarded the "Forbes" list of billionaires in the year, and in one fell swoop beyond Gates, becoming the world's richest man. Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III) followed closely after 91.3 billion US dollars; Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun was 39,100 million US dollars, ranking 21st in the world. The data shows that Bezos’s net worth has increased by $35.1 billion (approximately RMB220 billion) in the past year alone, which is equivalent to 1.23 million times the annual income of Amazon’s general employees.

When Bezos founded the Amazon, there was only a magnificent blueprint in front of him and he did not know how to implement it. He named his company Amazon because the Amazon is the world's most flowed river. He hopes his company can become the world's largest retailer and can meet all customer needs.

Bezos is similar to Jobs in that they are "geeks" who have not been nurtured by their biological fathers. They all use "change the world" as their goal. Jobs changed the computer, movie, music, mobile phone and mobile terminal with innovative productsIn the end-industry industry, Bezos has changed the commercial retail and book publishing industry with business model innovation and is injecting new forces into space exploration.

Bezos is one of the most legendary but controversial people of all times. He subverted the bookstore, subverted the supermarket, subverted the IT market, and became the vanguard and richest man. He was also elected by the union representative as "the world's worst boss."

Starting with the listing of Amazon in 1997, in the US business community, academia and the media, there are always celebrities saying that Amazon is a joke and predicts that the Amazon will soon be finished because no one asks Bezos “what time do you plan to What's the profit?” His reply was always: “I don’t know, I haven’t thought of making money yet. We just want to continue to burn it!” In the first two years or so.

Many people in the late 1990s saw the Amazon as an extreme bubble that could not last long. However, Amazon not only survived, but also shakes its lead over all other companies in the field of e-commerce.