Peer iOS system: domestic mobile phone can finally do it!

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Peer iOS system: domestic mobile phone can finally do it!

2018-05-02 00:25:38 194 ℃

Obviously, domestic mobile phones led by Huawei Millet OV have become closer to Apple in terms of quality and sales. However, in terms of experience, especially fluency, compared with Apple’s latest iPhone, there is still a big gap. The reason is actually very simple, because they use Android. After so many years of updating, Android has evolved far better than the original version. But why can't we compete with Apple's IOS?

Because Android is open source, it is an open system. All third-party APPs can be completely out of control of the system. After being installed on a mobile phone, there is no way to constrain it. Here is the difference between IOS and Android push mechanism.

In the IOS system, a third-party APP wants to push messages to you, so it doesn't need to start itself. It only needs to pass. Apple fixed the server to send information, Apple will naturally push this information to your phone. In this process, the APP that sends the message itself does not need to be started. It only needs to occupy a little bit of resources.

What about Android? An APP wants to push messages to you. First, it starts itself and then pulls one ticket associated with the whole family. Once all of the APPs are active, all the one-by-one brains will push messages to you. And you can't turn them off.

Even if you have your own clean-up memory, mobile phone owners can temporarily kill these apps, but they will be indomitable. Use various means to defraud the system to suppress, not to engage in your phone and card power consumption that is swear it! So, as long as you solve this problem, from the fundamental problem of third-party APP to solve, Android phones will not be stuck?

Of course, this has been done fairly well on foreign native Android. However, we all understand the domestic software environment. In October last year, the Android Unified Push Alliance was established. Almost all mobile phone manufacturers, well-known APP vendors, and three major operators have joined. Now that interfaces and standards have been released, it will be officially launched in the near future!

After two steps, it will completely solve the problem of Karen, an Android mobile phone. One is to establish a common push channel, which is the same as Apple's dedicated server. All APP Pushing must all go through this channel.The second is to use third-party APPs as green applications, so that you can not mess with your rights, and don't mess with your own, and don't mess with the whole family.At present, the project has been started, everyone can download the green. APP!

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