How large is the 128GB storage capacity and how many photos and games can be placed?

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How large is the 128GB storage capacity and how many photos and games can be placed?

2018-05-02 20:25:14 213 ℃

When you buy a mobile phone, everyone will definitely look at an indicator, which is the storage space of the mobile phone, or called flash memory, and some people call it memory. How much mobile phone storage space, it is directly related to how many APP can be installed inside the phone, how much data can be installed. In the past, many of my friends bought a 16GB iPhone for cheaper prices, but when they tried to install an app, they found that they didn't have enough space. They could only delete some unused photos and clean up the space. However, there are now very few 16GB mobile phones. Most mobile phone storage starts with 64GB, and 128GB is very common. Did everyone think about such a problem? How much is 128GB of storage space?

First, we all need to know 128GB mobile phones that can actually store application data. The space for storing picture movies may be more than 110 G, this is mainly when the merchant calculates the storage space. It is calculated as 1G=1000MB, 1MB=1000KB, and 1KB=1000B. It should actually be 1G=1024MB, 1MB=1024KB, and 1KB=1024B. The so-called 128GB space is actually only about 119GB. The mobile phone system also occupies a part of space, so the last one can use more than 110 G. But this is also quite a lot. If a photo is 5M, it can hold more than 20,000 photos.

If it is a movie, there will be more than 100 copies of a 1G article. If you look at it one day, you can see it for half a year. , If it is mp3, then high-quality, probably 10M is the first, and so on, basically can also hold more than 100 million, listen to one day, you can listen to a lifetime. Visible 128GB mobile phone, the capacity is still very enough, basically do not need to insert a memory card or something. Of course these are hypothetical situations because the size of the picture music or movie is uncertain. So there is such a person, in order to see how many game apps the mobile phone can hold in the end, it took one day to constantly install the app on the mobile phone, until the end of the mobile phone indicates that the storage space is insufficient.

This operation is very powerful. The final result is that a total of more than 320 mobile games have been installed. There are large-scale mobile games such as the King's Glory, and there are also some smaller ones, like happy children. Can you take a look at this full-screen game? It's a bit of a intensive phobia. Don't know if you feel the 128GB of horror? Even if these games are played one at a time, it is basically a year passed. So 128GB of mobile phone storage space is still very cool, do not have to worry about enough storage space problems.

Up to now, the maximum mobile phone storage capacity is 512GB, which is exactly the same as a computer. But 128GB basically is enough, everybody's mobile phone is much storage space, welcome to comment on your experience.