The pressure of the three major operators is soaring! Formally implemented on May 1st, speeding down or accelerating

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The pressure of the three major operators is soaring! Formally implemented on May 1st, speeding down or accelerating

2018-05-02 20:25:28 216 ℃

There are currently three major operators in China, of which China Mobile holds a major position, but perhaps you still do not know that China has up to 42 virtual operators. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued an announcement. From May 1, the mobile communication resale business has shifted from pilot to commercial use. This means that these virtual operators formally end their four-year pilot status and can be turned!

After years of development, the number of virtual operators in China is still small, and the gap between virtual operators is very small. Big. In particular, in December 2013, 5 commercial letter licenses were put on 42 virtual trading licenses, but only 6 were actually commercialized, and other virtual operators were basically waiting to see things or not.

The current leading virtual operators are Snail Mobile, Jingdong, Gome, Suning, Ali, Aishide, Dixon, etc. . According to the market, virtual operators are mainly based on low-cost groups. However, since the No. 170 segment was hit by more and more platforms, many businesses in the market no longer accept the No. 170 segment. This led to the fact that most of the virtual operators are now operating at a loss.

This is caused by the low price of virtual operators. For example, the unit price of snail mobile domestic voice is 0.099 yuan. Domestic SMS 0.1 yuan/bar, domestic calls free of charge; China Mobile's domestic traffic is 0.29 yuan/M, domestic voice calls 0.25 yuan/minute. The price factor and ease of access to the Internet have caused many criminals to use it, making it difficult for the virtual operator to develop.

With the formalization of virtual operators now, there may be new signs of development. Virtual operators will be able to formally occupy the entrance to the mobile Internet, thereby promoting its core business development. Compared with the basic operators of the state-owned enterprise management model, trial and error thinking is also the true core competitiveness of the virtual operators. Virtual operators are actively correcting mistakes and promoting change.