When you were mourning for the "China Core", Nintendo was already using the Chinese core as a game machine!

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When you were mourning for the "China Core", Nintendo was already using the Chinese core as a game machine!

2018-05-02 20:25:26 106 ℃

Some time ago, the old term “China Core” was taken out again.

The cause was that the company was sanctioned because the violations documented in its internal documents were discovered by the United States. Within 7 years, it was not allowed to import high-tech equipment, especially equipment chips, from US companies. When this thing came out, public opinion was frying. Most people's inner anger is activated, and the oldest Americans deliberately retaliated; a small number of "clear" people in the mind pointed out that this matter should not blame the old, because it was ZTE's violation of the rules.

Of course, there are a lot of people who calm down immediately and resent ZTE's hate: You are a veteran technology company. Why haven't you come up with your own chips for so many years? I used to look at a biography of Lenovo. It said that Ni Guangnan had to engage in chips, but he had to spend too much money and frightened Liu Chuanzhi. He strongly disagreed, and this led to a lifetime break in the old CP. This shows that it is really costly to engage in chips. The company's operating conditions are not at all awkward. Funds can maintain good day-to-day operations. If you let him go for chips, this is an exceptional matter. It is really difficult for others.

The Chinese chip is not "deep-seated"

However, after reading so many days of friends and sharing articles, I found that many people who write articles do not understand the semiconductor industry, especially the semiconductor industry in China. For a long time, due to propaganda reasons, many people in the science and technology circle thought that only China's Godson was the "Chinese core." If one sees the failure of the commercialization of Godson, one would think that Chinese chips are so miserable. On hearing the "neck" of old Chinese companies using chip cards, it was assumed that the lifeblood was captured by the old. The Chinese semiconductor industry was really "bitter and hateful," and it did not grow for so many years.

In fact, the flow of Godson simply cannot represent the Chinese chip, and it can even be described as a typical failure teaching material. In fact, in the last decade or two, China's semiconductor industry has become quite razor-sharp. All walks of life are using chips designed and manufactured by Chinese companies, routers used in your home, IPTV boxes, and Android tablets... many domestically produced SOC chips.

Using extreme examples, since 2013, the world’s first Bitcoin mining chip has been developed by the Chinese; now, there is a Chinese company.It has monopolized the global Bitcoin mining chip. I still remember that in 2013 the owner of this company was trying to figure out his own mining machine because he was “puffy” and he finally got it all from the chip to the whole machine in about half a year. And, as far as I know, doing the chip is a tricky thing in the country. It requires technology and technology. If you can afford it, especially if you have hundreds of millions of streaming fees, there will be many The team came to bid.

Of course, domestic chips can't reach the high-end products of Intel and Qualcomm for most of the time. Most of them are used on some very cheap devices, such as the Huawei Unicorn chip, which is a mobile phone to sell several Thousands of people are still very few, but at least they are popular. In terms of mobile SOC chips, Datang’s Lianxin once had a high market share in the low-end market. Not only was the early red rice in use, but even some of Samsung’s low-end mobile phones were being used. "Chip" chip is actually the core to do.

In addition, Nintendo of Japan introduced two nostalgic game consoles: mini FC and SFC. After the listing, the fire was very unreliable. Someone took a look at the boot and found that the chip used inside was called "All-in-One." Made by Chinese manufacturers. Seeing the scenery of Nintendo's fried rice, another veteran Japanese company, Sega, couldn't do it. A few days ago, it announced that it would launch a re-engraved version of the MD game console. Guess that it will also use Chinese-made chips.

How is it? Nintendo, a game-class company in the game industry, has become a customer of Chinese chips. The Chinese core is actually quite good.

What exactly is the "Chinese core"?

In my memory, I call myself the "Chinese core". The first one is Godson, the second one is VIA. The latter even has the outside of his own Weisheng Mansion in Zhongguancun. The "Chinese core" is a large number of signs. However, these two companies seem to be unable to support the Adou, these years are not smooth at all, but instead of those who do not play the "Chinese core" sign of the semiconductor company, there are many successful cases, it seems "China Core" these three There are some devils! A few years ago, it seems that Huawei has also used the "China Core" as a propaganda. Later, it did not need to use it. Now, it has also had a good time.

What exactly is the "Chinese core"? I believe most people take it for grantedSay it is necessary to have "independent intellectual property rights". In fact, who can say that he is purely intellectual property? Quanzhi, Ruixinwei, Huawei Hass, and most of the domestic SOCs are all bought ARM architecture designs, certainly not purely intellectual property rights. But what about Godson that flaunts the "China Core"? Previously also indicted by MIPS for infringement, it took a few million dollars to purchase the license.

In addition, there are several "national team" chips, one named Feiteng and one named Shen Wei. When the old American said that they wanted to impose sanctions on China, they would all appear in the news to help them, saying that they did not have you. What Americans have, we also have chips for ourselves! However, Shen Wei is actually acquired from an American company named DEC. The early OpenSPARC open source design used by Feiteng's Oracle Corporation has changed to an ARM architecture.

So, in fact, in terms of CPU architecture design, there is no such thing as the Chinese themselves doing it from the beginning. It has always been the original practice of Europe and the United States. Even in the earlier five, six, seventies and eighties, the computer industry in China and the Soviet Union had been repeating the work of “shanzhai” European and American goods. Therefore, if it is useful, you should not confuse the "China Core".

What is "ecological environment"?

A couple of days ago, I saw a tone in the circle of friends saying that domestic chips could not be developed because they were suffering from "ecological environment." Also cited as examples of domestic chips, domestic operating systems no one bought no one, all because of Intel, Microsoft's Wintel ecological environment to bully. Seemingly reasonable, actually quite nonsense. Wintel's ruling industry is not only in China, Western Europe, Japan, Russia, these places are not using Wintel? Moreover, Wintel is a mature ecological environment that has long been forged by others. You have to go hard and don't eat.

Moreover, there is not only an "ecological environment" in the world. I see those domestic chip makers living in "ecosystems" such as routers, set-top boxes, and tablet computers.

But be sure to work hard. Don't patronize the soft article. I was convinced that there was a domestic company that had sent soft papers everywhere two or three years ago and said that it would create a domestic giant. Last year, memory, flash memory prices, their soft direction immediately became to do domestic memory, flash memory, to put the price down. resultAfter several years of work out a few memory sticks made with imported memory particles, the price has not been seen as cheap. Like its use of off-the-shelf granules to build memory chips, Shenzhen's bench factory will be done more than a decade ago, and people will not send soft papers.

"Raspberry Pi" has a lot of learning?

Of course, these days there are also many media people who give advice to Chinese chip companies. For example, there is an article suggesting that domestic chip companies should learn like the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry pie is what? There are many news from abroad on the Internet. It is said that there are foreigners who transform the raspberry pie into various bizarre and strange things that seem to be bursting with popularity. In fact, the Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, general-purpose development board. Similar things are used by many students who have studied hardware development (Godson has also launched it, and if anyone buys it, I don't know it).

But those of us who do not have professional knowledge can't use the Raspberry Pi. Many people don't even know how to boot and how to swipe into the operating system. We can say that the user experience is very poor. . I had several dealings with the Raspberry Pi. In 2014, there were several kinds of bitcoin mining machines that used the Raspberry Pi as a controller. It was a Linux distribution that was not even a graphical interface. Use a browser to access it remotely. In addition, Taobao and Xianyu also have some hands-on talents to manually transform the Raspberry Pi into a handheld game console. However, I don't think this is a big deal. One is that handcrafting cannot guarantee quality and output, and the other is the issue of game copyright.

Overall, the Raspberry Pi is a semi-finished product, and people who need hands-on ability can complete it as a usable "product." Do not expect to sell it to ordinary individual users, because you can't expect all users to have such complete expertise. For those commercial customers who want to mass-produce, they will go directly to the planners to buy customized solutions, and they will not be able to use the raspberry pie.

So, what do domestic chip companies learn from the Raspberry Pi? The chips used by the Raspberry Pi are not their own, but also look for ARM-based general-purpose chips bought by other chip manufacturers. It is actually something that a company with "no chip manufacturing capability" has made, and is located in the middle and lower reaches of the semiconductor industry chain. The chip maker is upstream, both are locatedDifferent, how to learn? And companies such as Rockchip and QuanZhi will provide solutions for different customer needs. These solutions are more in line with customer needs than Raspberry Pi. This mature company also went to learn Raspberry Pi. Isn't that the cart before the horse?

Therefore, before giving out ideas, you must also use your brain.