Sword moment, the first AI textbook into the classroom! Behind this is a national-level grand strategy!

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Sword moment, the first AI textbook into the classroom! Behind this is a national-level grand strategy!

2018-05-02 20:25:43 240 ℃

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Listen to Thunder at a silent place!

Today, a seemingly insignificant message contains deep meaning!

The world's first artificial intelligence textbook has finally entered the class of Chinese high school students!

Yes, this is the textbook below.

This textbook was jointly published by East China Normal University Press and the Commercial Press. Now, the country has selected 40 high schools across the country as the first artificial intelligence experiment base schools, and they will teach students based on the content of this textbook.

Do not underestimate this textbook! Remember, Last year, the state officially announced that it must seize the global commanding heights of artificial intelligence in 2030 and also set up artificial intelligence courses in primary and secondary schools!

In other words, behind this textbook is a national strategy: artificial intelligence, to pick up from the doll!

No accidents, artificial intelligence tutorials will be set up in the majority of primary and secondary schools. Lin Dahua, an artificial intelligence expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, predicts: “In the future, artificial intelligence will be one of the essential basic knowledge for students, which is as important as traditional language and mathematics classes.


Why does the country have such a great determination and cost to spend on artificial intelligence?

The bottom line is that artificial intelligence is too important, and the development of artificial intelligence is already happening. The situation is not waiting for people. This battle will win. We will take advantage of the situation and lose. We may have to delay many years.

nowCompetition in the field of artificial intelligence development in countries has reached a level of enthusiasm. To combat the development of artificial intelligence in China, the United States is pondering the move to China in the field of artificial intelligence.

The U.S. government may begin an informal review of U.S. and Chinese companies’ cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, and banned top AI chip makers like Nvidia and China, according to Reuters. Business services.

Someone may ask: Why is the United States so nervous about the development of artificial intelligence in China?

Because artificial intelligence is too important for the future development of a country. As the saying goes: Who can lead artificial intelligence, whoever controls the future of mankind!

Chinese artificial intelligence is developing too fast In particular, in recent years, the level of artificial intelligence in China has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it is expected to become the world’s largest innovation center in this area in the next few years.


Of course, the reason why Americans are so jealous of the development of artificial intelligence in China is that a major reason is that:Artificial Intelligence It is on the eve of qualitative change.

There is an argument for artificial intelligence: Singularity!

After the singularity, artificial intelligence can create more intelligent artificial products, and the slope of development will suddenly become steeper.

At present, AI is rapidly developing in the direction we can expect and unpredictable. Five to ten years, artificial intelligence will fully surpass humanity!

Futurist Kurzweil once said that when we purchase computer products for $1,000 to reach the speed of human brain computing, the age of artificial intelligence will come to an all-time.

Indeed, an artificial intelligence era is facing us with unprecedented speed and influence! It can be said that in more and more areas, artificial intelligence is rapidly surpassing humanity. Take Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and HKUST's development in autopilot, urban brain, medical imaging, and intelligent voice. It's a point where people have been staggering!

I don’t see you. Last year, Baidu’s Li Yanhong had taken a ride on a driverless car in Beijing’s Wuhuan! Subsequently, Baidu announced that it will join hands with BAIC to achieve mass production of L3 autonomous vehicles around 2019 and mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles around 2021.

This means that, soon, we will be sitting in Baidu's self-driving car.

I believe that in the near future, the machine will be safe to drive And it is dangerous for people to drive. The driver or will disappear.

I don’t see you, Ali’s city brains are maddening. It digitizes all infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and water supply, gathers data scattered in every corner of the city, and then performs super-strong analysis and super-large-scale calculations to realize real-time analysis of the entire city in a real-time manner. Run it!

Ma Yun has been quietly piloting in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The first hit is a traffic jam called the century problem. By intelligently analyzing map data and camera data, the city’s brain intelligently adjusts traffic lights, successfully increasing the speed of vehicles by up to 11%, and greatly improving travel experience.

In the future, the city’s brain will let data help the city to think and make decisions!

As for the Technology translation tool, it is even more powerful. To what extent? In a word: Chinese, English, instant interpretation!

Furthermore, XFLY also supports photo translation, but also supports Northeastern, Sichuan, Henan, and Cantonese 4Translate dialects.

In the fields of daily life such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc., Xiaoying translator has reached the sixth level of college English. Whether it is studying, working or traveling abroad, it can be your portable translator!

As a sword with a double-edged sword, the throwing of this super translator by HKUST is, in a certain sense, equivalent to the declaration of the demise of the simultaneous interpretation profession!

The development of artificial intelligence abroad is also in full swing.

This is a new robot named Handle released by Boston Dynamics Inc. of the United States, which has lifted the foot + wheel ability directly to an unheard of level.

Spots that cannot be kicked:

Atlas, a bipedal robot who walks with you:

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It stands 1.9 meters tall and weighs about 150 kilograms. It is like a human being walking upright with both legs. It is mainly used to assist rescue work, but after programming, it has the ability to cross rugged terrain and operate electrical equipment to form the future "mechanical infantry regiment."

Ambitious Facebook has a grand plan for the next 10 years: Connecting the World, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. Artificial intelligence is the core of this plan.

Not long ago, Facebook Two artificial intelligence robots exploded in the laboratory and successfully communicated in languages ​​that humans could not understand.

You see it right. Artificial intelligence, This will be the most extensive and most influential technological revolution! Foreseeable, the future,There may not be an industry that can leave the word smart.

Because if we say that the previous technological revolutions were at most extensions and substitutions of human organs such as human hands and feet, this artificial intelligence will become an alternative to human beings. Its impact on human society and even the entire society will be unprecedented.

The hurricane of artificial intelligence has roared! In the era of artificial intelligence, we must not lag behind. In the future, we must not lose!


On a day!

The battle to seize the commanding heights of artificial intelligence has officially begun. The state has introduced a series of policies to vigorously promote the development of artificial intelligence!

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued a three-year action plan to promote the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry, that is, the overall plan from this year to 2020. This marks the beginning of a new generation of artificial intelligence development planning.

Ministry of Science and Technology promotes the construction of national artificial intelligence open source innovation platform, relying on Baidu, Ali, Tencent, and HKUST News in autopilot, urban brain, medical imaging, intelligent voice Other pilot projects include the construction of a national artificial intelligence open source open innovation platform.

Entrepreneurs are also planning ahead and spending heavily to support the development of artificial intelligence in China:

April 28, Baidu Li Yanhong donated RMB 660 million to Peking University to form a joint “Peking University Baidu Fund” for research on artificial intelligence and related disciplines.

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong also donated RMB 200 million to Tsinghua University to support Tsinghua University in the development of quantum computing, AI research and other projects.

Today, the world’s first artificial intelligence textbook has come out in China and will enter the classroom for Chinese primary and secondary school students, and let BATJ and other giants, saw the hope of future development!

Yes, for To seize the historical opportunities, in order to seize the initiative, in order to achieve the fourth industrial revolution of the curve overtaking, in order to become the world's leading artificial intelligence innovation center in 2030, China up and down!

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The future competition between the countries is the competition of science and technology. Artificial intelligence has reached the moment of swordsmanship and will be beaten behind. This lesson has deep understanding of the Chinese people!

With the support of the country, with so many ethnic enterprises acting as pioneers and artificial intelligence era, innovative China will surely win a bright future under the guidance of science and technology!