China Alumni Wealth List: Ma Huateng brings Tencent to rolling Beijing University, and Ma Yun brings his own school into the top three

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China Alumni Wealth List: Ma Huateng brings Tencent to rolling Beijing University, and Ma Yun brings his own school into the top three

2018-05-04 10:25:02 258 ℃

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In the past few days, Ernest Shenhua Alumni Network has released “2018 China University Teaching Quality Evaluation Report”. Announced 2018 China's Most Fortune Creativity University Rankings. This list is based on the 2018 list of billionaires published by Forbes on March 6th, which counts the alumni of major universities in the country. Shenzhen University, Peking University and Hangzhou Normal University are ranked in the top three. These three universities are exactly the alma mater of Ma Huateng, Li Yanhong, and Ma Yun.

On May 3, 2018, Xiaomi Company officially submitted IPO prospectus to Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The list will change. The industry’s current valuation of Xiaomi is between US$80 billion and US$100 billion. If calculated according to US$100 billion, Leijun’s 31.41% stake is worth US$31.4 billion. In the previous Forbes list, Lei Jun’s value was US$12.5 billion. Dollars. In other words, Lei Jun’s worth will increase by at least RMB 120 billion.

The Wuhan University to which Lei Jun belongs has gone up and the total wealth may reach RMB 31.55 billion, which surpasses that of Peking University to which Li Yanhong belongs and ranks second in the list of wealth.

Shenzhen University alumni have the most money, and the university’s richest are the most

< p> Asia’s richest man, Ma Huateng, is ranked first in Shenzhen University. The total wealth of nearly 600 billion yuan is almost twice that of Peking University, which is ranked second. A total of 8 people from Shenzhen University entered the Forbes Global Billionaires list. In addition to Ma Huateng, who was worth $45.3 billion, Zhang Zhidong, one of the founders of Tencent, also entered the list with a value of $15.6 billion. The two people's total wealth accounts for approximately Shenzhen University. Two-thirds of the total wealth. In addition, Shi Yuzhu, Chairman of Giant Network Group, Zhang Jin, Founder of Cedar Holding Group, and Liang Guangwei, Chairman of Huaqiang Group, also attended Shenzhen University.

Although the founder of Lance Technology and “Queen of the world's mobile phone glasses” Zhou Qunfei was not a student at Shenzhen University, he had studied at Shenzhen University in the form of a part-time job. In 1987, 17-year-old Zhou Qunfei alone from the lakeNanxiang Township went to Shenzhen to process watch glass at the Australasia Optical Factory near Shenzhen University. Apart from working, Zhou Qunfei signed up for an adult evening class organized by Shenzhen University.

Zhou Qunfei struggled with her sister and established Lanstech in Shenzhen in 2003, once occupying over 50% of the world's total. Market share has become Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other mobile phone providers. In 2015, the Hurun Women’s Rich List was released. Zhou Qunfei’s fortune was RMB 50 billion, making her the richest woman in the Mainland.

Under Shenzhen University, Peking University and Tsinghua University win by number. In the 2018 list of the most wealthy universities in China, Peking University has the largest number of individuals on the list, including 18 billionaire alumni such as Li Yanhong, Zhang Bangxin, and Yu Minhong, with a total wealth of 303.1 billion yuan. Sun Hongbin, Wang Xing, Xu Hang, Tsinghua University Seventeen alumni made the list, with a total wealth of 178.4 billion.

According to the China Alumni Association's statistics, from 1999 to 2017, among the billionaire entrepreneurs listed on the Rich Lists by Forbes and others, Peking University trained a total of 160 millionaire alumni and 158 students from Tsinghua University. The number of billionaire alumni in both schools is far ahead of other universities.

Ma Yun brings Hangzhou Normal University into the top three and Li Shufu stands up as a member of three schools

In this list, the name of Hangzhou Normal University is the highest Conspicuous. The school rushed into the list with Ma Yun’s wealth and ranked third with 246.8 billion yuan of wealth.

Ma Yun repeatedly mentioned in his public affairs that he had entered the Hangzhou Normal University for the past three years and said that Hangzhou Normal University is the best university in China. In 2005, Ma Yun was appointed as the visiting professor of Hangzhou Normal University. In the 107th Anniversary of the Hang Normal University in 2015, Ma Yun donated 100 million yuan. This is the largest single donation ever received by the Hang Normal University. In October 2017, Alibaba invested 500 million yuan to sign a cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Normal University to jointly build the Alibaba Business School of Hangzhou Normal University.

It is not only Hangzhou Normal University that brings one school to school. Wuhan University of Technology ranks sixth on the list with US$30.3 billion worth of Xu Jiayin. The same situation was followed by Liaoning University. In 1983, the former richest man, Wang Jianlin, attended a party and government training class at Liaoning University. Harbin University of Technology also took Li Shufu as its first person, ranking 16th with total wealth of 96.8 billion RMB.

What is even more interesting is that Li Shufu’s worth not only propped up a school at Harbin University of Science and Technology, he studied at Yanshan University, and then studied for a doctorate at Harbin Institute of Technology. These two schools are also because of him. Ranked 14th and 10th in the list. If Li Shufu's worth is eliminated, Yanshan University and HIT will fall out of the top 20.