Annual salary fell 30 million companies evaporated 5.7 billion! Millet listed he may be the most lost

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Annual salary fell 30 million companies evaporated 5.7 billion! Millet listed he may be the most lost

2018-05-04 10:25:01 251 ℃

Today, Xiaomi officially submitted a listing application at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Some people say that one hundred million yuan of millet, 100 billion crazy, Lei Jun can be described as soaring. However, do you still remember Wang Feng? Once and Lei Jun and Qi Bojun were called "Jinshan Sanjie." He once shared the same name with Lei Jun. Now he is full of emotion...

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​​text / financial gossip female Author: Lin Sir

April 9 At the Beijing 789 Art District, Blueport Technology released the Xiaoqing AI speaker, which contains Baidu DuerOS operating system, and focuses on hearing and interactive entertainment.

At the press conference, the founder of BlueGang Technology Wang Feng was always in a state of excitement. He kept on taking pictures, patted PPT, took pictures of guests on the spot, and took selfies.

This speaker is priced at $1299 and is not available at the price Special advantage. Its biggest highlight is that it covers the hottest three outlets at the moment: smart speakers, AI and blockchain - not only blockchain information broadcast, but also blockchain games.

After mentioning Blue Port Technology, many people may remember "Axe Technology" and the domestic game host tomahawk F1. "Axe Technology" is the predecessor of "Blue Port Technology," and Tomahawk F1 eventually ended in failure. Therefore, Wang Feng's excitement seems to be understandable.

After mentioning Wang Feng, many people may also think of the famous blockchain media program “Wang Feng 10 Questions”.

More eye-catching is the financial report published by the Hong Kong-based gaming company Langang Interactive in March 2018: Blueport Interactive’s full-year revenue of 494 million yuan in 2017, a loss of 295 million yuan.

April 17, the value of Blue Harbor was 332 million Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to approximately 266 million yuan, which fell below 300 million yuan.The market value of HK$6 billion from its subversion period evaporated by 94%.

At the same time, on March 6th, Wang Feng announced at the internal conference of Blue Harbor Interactive: Blueport fully embraces the blockchain, and its game, hardware and video IP services are comprehensive. Chaining.

Following the air outlet, serious losses, and joining the blockchain... There are many discussions and controversies surrounding the events of Wang Feng and Lan Gang.

Under the blockchain wave, Wang Feng became an iconic figure.

Monsters of "Jinshan Sanjie"


In 1997, Wang Feng joined Jinshan. Four years later he was promoted to vice president. In 2003, he took up the title of Kingsoft Games and was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Qiu Bojun and Lei Jun. He was also known as “Jinshan Sanjie”, and he was deeply impressed by Kingsoft, drug tyrants, and games.

In December 2006, Wang Feng unexpectedly left his post from Jinshan. After the news spread, many multinational companies invited him to join the company and invest. People encourage their entrepreneurship and soon become hot spots.

"Once there was Qi Bojun, Lei Jun, I, Zhihong, four people were together, it was too complicated." "Only managing more than 1,000 servers, it was almost boring to death." He said that time. Qiu Bojun and Lei Jun are the peaks that stand in front of him. He is full of grief that is difficult to display. To this end, he asked for a month's leave in order to relax. In the past, he finally chose to leave.

Wang Feng had different opinions from the public. He later said that he could do it all, but Jinshan grew too slowly to be disappointed with Jinshan. At that time, it was no more than one year from the listing of Jinshan. The price he paid was a valuable stock.

It is worth noting that before he left, he also reminded Lei Jun to read Guo Ruo's “Jia Shen San 100 Years Festival”. Because of this article, Mao Zedong later concluded that “Never Li Zicheng”. Wang Feng intended to remind Lei Jun of Jinshan at that timeLosing some rationality is actually an expression of dissatisfaction with the Lei Jun.

Wang Feng became the "walker" of Jinshan and eventually chose to start his own business.

Blue Harbor Ten Years, Difficult Trek

Although the intent of starting a business was not revealed at the time, Wang Feng quickly made a choice to transform from professional manager to founder.

March 2007, Wang Feng established Blue Harbor Online, and the “seven-year itch” before the listing of Blue Harbor went smoothly. He got 20 million US dollars in financing within two years and also launched a tour of Journey to the West with a reputation for profitability. The game has provoked many lawsuits and criticisms, such as infringement of the portrait rights of six young children, the copyright of Xu Jingqing's musical works, and inviting low-netted red beasts to serve as ambassadors, but all have been resolved.

Make Lan Hong Kong famous for three mobile games, collectively known as the "Three Swords." advent Blue Harbor took the lead in transitioning.To transform the mobile game, Wang Feng had requested to stop all the end-game and page tour projects that were under development, and only lost 100 million in this case.He must mention mobile games for every activity he attends, and it is hard to hide his excitement. Lan Hong Kong also successfully launched the “Sword of the King”, “Sword of the Scorpion”, and “God's Blade” three mobile games. With this effect, it was successfully listed in Hong Kong in December 2014.

Gold Mountain took ten years from its inception to listing, while Blueport took only seven years. The latter's development trend is even better. The former, Wang Feng also ushered in its peak moment, with the opportunity to surpass the Jinshan and Lei Jun.

In the year, Wang Feng's salary reached 37.119 million yuan, an increase of 304.2 million yuan over the previous year. At the same time, Giants, Perfect World, YouzuThe remuneration of the chairman does not exceed 500,000 yuan, and there is a wide disparity between them.

However, it doesn't last long.

Before listing, in 2015, Blueport began to expand, from game expansion to film and animation and other pan-entertainment fields. At that time, it was "IP hot" and the major film festivals were called IP. Although Blueport has produced a number of well-known mobile games, it still lacks a brilliant work. Wang Feng naturally did not miss the opportunity.

Lang Kong first cooperated with Wu Qilong to shoot the TV drama "Suishan War Memorial" and then developed related page tours. Anime "Hundreds of Twenties" bursts into red, and Blueport will buy an IP development mobile game.

In order to open up the entire industry chain, Blue Port has also expanded into the hardware field and established "Axe Technology" to launch the first domestic game console. Wang Feng was a long-term investor and he talked with investors for about an hour. He also met with Jia Yueting and Wu Qilong. In October 2015, Axe Technology got a $60 million Series A round of financing.

However, after a year of development, there was an enhanced version of the game box, "Axe F1," which is far from being a host, leading to a bad review. Then, the first four co-founders of Axe Technology left at the same time. In addition to the "Tomahawk F1", Axe Technology also plans to launch the Tomahawk VR, and eventually it will be over. Axe Technology also changed its name to "Blue Port Technology."

From the expansion of the game to the field of pan-entertainment, the results were quite bleak.

Previously relying on IP games is not the best profit model. It is only a short-term realization of IP. Take the most successful "100,000 joke" mobile game as an example, it once entered the top ten in the AppStore China district income list, and now few people mention it, just a short-lived. The reason is that the innovation power is lackluster, and the traces of the imitation of the previous works are quite obvious, and they have been ridiculed as “the blade of 100,000 gods”. This is also the case with axe technology.

In the radical expansion and transformation, Blue Port has gradually lost its determination and action to focus on products. With the goal of catching the wind, although it is able to get a share of the pie in the early days of the tune, it lacks sufficient stamina and is finally exhausted. , resulting in a worrying situation, can be regarded as self-inflicted.

Blueport's financial report data shows that in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, it suffered losses for four consecutive years, with a loss of 1.55.Billion, 57.79 million, 157 million, and 294 million yuan, and accumulated losses were nearly 660 million yuan.

Overall of the 10+ years of Lan Hong Kong's stock price trend, only a few stunning stocks have risen, while the long-term declining stock price has drawn a diagonal line that is on the verge of the fate of the "senny stocks." 1 dollar stock), quite dazzling. Now Wang Feng’s salary has dropped to 6.96 million. Even so, the industry still belongs to a high salary.


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Participating in the blockchain, the obvious long battle

< The p>transform blockchain is more like Wang Feng's gambling.

On January 8th, Lan Hong Kong’s share price soared 21%. Behind the blue port, a blockchain developed a mobile game “dongle”, which means Lancang entered the blockchain. .

However, on the second day after the news was exposed, the dongle entered the system upgrade and maintenance stage, leaving only the wallet function, and there was no further development thereafter. There are other rumors that Blueport also recently developed another blockchain-based mobile game, “Catch the Devil,” but this mobile game lacks market response and still has no nationality.

Clockchain has attracted a large number of game developers. According to DappRadar's statistics, there are at least 100 blockchain games in the world, which looks promising.

Blue Harbor’s determination to embrace blockchain games is also considerable. The establishment of the Blockchain Games Business Unit is underpinned by Zhang Hongliang, former Vice President of R&D for Langang Games. According to public information, Zhang Hongliang was responsible for the development of Journey to the West and Sword of the Sky.

However, the advantage of the blue harbor in the swordsman arm game is not directly applicable. According to 36 statistics, blockchain games on a global scale are mainly classified into pet growing, real estate, business, purchase, and gambling.

Wang Feng's Mars Finance won A roundCapital, valuation 150 million yuan. For this financing, Wang Feng said, "IDG came to me for quotation. I didn't plan to raise funds. I said one by one, they immediately agreed, and I was silly. I'm a layman for the media."

And investing The IDG Capital, Pan City Capital, the OKEx Capital Exchange, and OKEx Capital all have deeper blockchain backgrounds, and it is difficult to avoid the possibility of proofing the prospects due to the suspicion that Baosteel will keep warm.

Although Wang Feng has a reputation for being out of the question, it will inevitably experience the cooling down of the blockchain. The initial boom of the blockchain has passed, and the limited number of topical characters in the blockchain means a significant bottleneck. Wang Feng said, “Most of the guests rely on Ruanmoyingpao. Wechat from Li Xiaolai. I sent 20 questions before replying to me. Teacher Xu Xiaoping is still grinding.” It also shows the difficulty of the interview.

According to Wang Feng's plan, information is not his purpose. His purpose is to introduce Mars game channel.

However, behind the blue harbor's radical embrace of the blockchain, the mainstream Internet companies are not very mobile. Most of them are in a wait-and-see state, focusing on the accumulation of basic technologies and the eruption of blockchain applications. For quite some time. Blockchain is a long track, large investment, short-term lack of profit model, has been a serious loss of blue port can only do a protracted war preparations.

Is this the final stop of Wang Feng?

Wang Feng has undergone several transformations, each making a transition Small sacrifices, radical styles attract attention.

This may be due in part to his character. He read "The Count of Monte Cristo" and yearned for counterattack in desperation. I read the history of the Chinese revolution and admired Mao Zedong. In history, this great man has repeatedly turned the tide, so it is easy to see that the more he is in trouble, the more radical he will be.

Behind this, there is also a knot. After leaving Jinshan, Wang Feng once said, "If you find out today, you may not do as well as you did in the past.OK, isn't it sick? "The transcendence of the past, especially the transcendence of the Jinshan era, has always been his driving force.

The Lei Jun is the important coordinate of Wang Feng's success or failure. In 2015, "People" The reporter also asked Wang Feng a question: Can this life challenge the Lei Jun? At that time, millet sales for five consecutive quarters ranked first in the domestic smart phone market. After thinking briefly, Wang Feng said, “I don’t think it's meaningful, mainly because you can't copy someone’s Luck." Showed in the speech contest.

In millennia venture seven years, than blue port After three years, it also experienced early growth and experienced a mid-level downturn, but the difference was that Xiaomi was back on track. Compared with Langang, Xiaomi’s salient feature was concentration. This is something Blue Hong Kong has always lacked.


Today, Xiaomi is welcoming the publicity of the listing. On May 3, Xiaomi submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and officially opened the way to listing. The prospectus disclosed that from 2015 to 2017, Xiaomi’s income was 66.811 billion respectively. Yuan, 68.434 billion yuan and 114.625 billion yuan, operation The profit was 1.373 billion yuan, 3.875 billion yuan, and 12.215 billion yuan.

In addition to the rumors of a hundred billion US dollars worth of rumors, millet is no longer a match between Blueport and Wang Feng. According to the statement, Lei Jun was a long-term strategy and Wang Feng was a long-time executive.

The historical transformation of Wang Feng is often not sustainable and is tempted by the next enthusiasm. The result is always unsatisfactory.Now, the plight of Lan Hong Kong is difficult to reverse, forcing Wang Feng to radically transform the blockchain, both in terms of capital strength and preparations from the early stage, which are all unfavorable factors. The result is not optimistic. The next enthusiasm came. It may become the fatal temptation of Wang Feng.