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keep the change! I am the engineer of Xiaomi Gonghao 1001

2018-05-04 10:25:06 443 ℃

Hi everyone, my name is Acheng and I am an employee of Xiaomi Gonghao 1001.

After the IPO news of the company was overwhelming, a large number of wealthy engineers appeared in Qinghe and became a market for blind dates. And all my friends and family, my ex-girlfriend who broke up, and my community security brother came to inquire about my job number.

However, according to the manuscript of “Financial Freedom for Employees in Job No. 1000,” which was circulated yesterday, it seems that this financial freedom is not my fault.

My buddies even asked me to paint a 1001 1 with a 0 "photo friend circle, sure that a bunch of people would give You introduce the subject, maybe the goddess is close to you?”

In fact, which needs to be so frustrating? More than one-third of our 14,000 employees have equity incentives, which means that 5,500 people can enjoy this wave of benefits, of course, I am in it.

Small WiFi Inner OS >

The small wifi was happy for Xiaomi's employees first, and then immediately read the various materials Xiaomi listed. The prospectus shows that Millet is an Internet company with a mobile phone, smart hardware, and IoT platform at its core. Scribe focus! It is Public, Internet, Public, and Company that everyone can blindly worship, but not as an idol star company. Second, Xiaomi uses the original “Triathlon” business model: Hardware + New Retail + Internet Services. In addition, the prospectus also reveals the secret of Xiaomi’s continued popular popularity: well-designed products with superior performance and quality, close to hardware cost pricing, and delivering products to global users through efficient online and offline retail channels. Hands, and continue to provide rich Internet services.

The market generally believes that the pre-IPO valuation of millet is in the range of 700 to 80 billion U.S. dollars, and the estimated financing amount is 100. About $100 million, the market value can reach 100 billion US dollars in the short term after listing. Following Mr. Lei, I and my engineers and colleagues are both "good people are not too bad luck", hey.

However, it seems that the colleagues who are cared for by Kindness are not particularly excited.

When I go to work in the morning and do a technical colleague on my left, I'm broadcasting the technical details of the phone to rice flour.

The upcoming financial freedom will be a big one. Seeing someone send a flowery rocket will say: "Thank you, X Brother."

Look at the person on my right, testing it. I asked him, "What are you doing when the company goes public?" He doesn't lift his head and said, "I don't eat in the cafeteria after work. I have to pay for myself. Sea-fishing takeout!"

Our colleague of this company blames my colleague Lei Jun.

He had financial freedom for many years before starting Xiaomi. He still wears a shoulder bag from time to time. Go to work.

When there was still a multicolored city, there was no elevator, and it was common for staff elevators to see him saying hello. But he was a workaholic who took the freight elevator when he was in a hurry. At that time, the company’s turnover and sales volume Already in the world X, X. We never dared to talk about the experience of catching wild bosses in the company’s freight elevators.

Who knows he doesn't pay attention to it, he doesn't converge at the outside, and he is "lively caught" in the economy class at every turn.

Those who only care about taking photos, you don't even know what you missed, you have met China's most successful investment One of them! (Although he doesn't look like this)

Think how much money he had spread around his brothers who had worked together in common, he was so approachable, and he wouldn’t be disgusted for two hours.

Investment can not be completed, but also can talk a lotexperience. Is it not more fun to catch wild Leijun in the economy class than to wait in line to see the investors being dismissed as "after 60"? !

Do not look at him not to spend money on himself, but also quite generous for others.

Here I must first criticize my colleague Lei Jun.

A previous large-media fashion channel listed a number of famous Chinese entrepreneurs' watches.

Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Wang Jianlin, Li Yanhong


Then I went to my colleague, a 1000-piece Japanese watch. . . . . .

Forget it, personal dress is as happy as he is.

Actually, he is still quite a man.

Xiaomi's listing is far more important to Lei Jun’s efforts to benefit employees than he was before he started Xiaomi. In that year, he was already financially free, so he would release so many options to employees.

It is also the kindness and pragmatism of Lei Jun that the employees are optimistic about the company's development. The story of Xiaomi's early female employees selling dowry to buy company options is the best evidence.

Lee Jun wrote in an open letter in the prospectus: "Millet is an engineer-led company. Engineers' The dream is to continue to explore advanced technologies and benefit as many users as possible, and it is our vision to be the coolest company in the user's mind. We firmly believe that the benefits of technological innovation and progress should be easily shared by the general public and the nature of the Internet spirit is transparent. Efficient, efficient, and inclusive.

Even if you don't enjoy the dividends of the equity, there are also many benefits for the overlord president who enjoys nearly 10,000 employees.

Say a concept, Xiaomi’s prospectus disclosed that Xiaomi has 14,513 full-time employees, and the employee’s salary and welfare expenditure in 2017 is 4 billion 5Millions or so, a rough calculation of Xiaomi employees' average annual salary and benefits is around 270,000.

Everyone thinks that it is the company's senior management who receives corporate benefits. In fact, many front-line colleagues, especially engineers and designers, can get good income without using management. In addition, Xiaomi does not have too many high-level managements.

I have a designer colleague who joined the team very early. Initially, his salary was only a few thousand dollars. However, because of the ability to join the early business, the company issued a large number of options, and the income was much higher. There are many executives.

Although usually plain, but in the matter of money, colleagues Lei Jun has overbearing president to obstinate.

Drawings at the annual meeting to find out what

our canteen Chefs and waiters are all regular employees. Each meal is more than adequate. The most important thing is that the company's canteen is light, healthy and there are no bad additives. This kind of catering is very intimate for office workers.

Millet is a company with a unique fan culture that vividly celebrates the feast of rice noodles.

In addition, Xiaomi's biggest feedback to fans is always to insist on quality products and affordable prices. At the new product launch conference held at Wuhan University last week, Lei Jun published the resolution passed by the board of directors very realistically.

I have received this message from rice noodles: "Millet gave me a feeling Is no longer a company, it is like a friend, it will listen to everyone's opinions, will soon improve, the user's experience is always placed first, and rice flour are also willing to participate in, I believe many old rice noodles Today, there is still a habit. During the process of use, problems are found. Immediately click on the user's feedback in the mobile phone to report the problem. We believe that Xiaomi will listen to our opinions. Our feedback is useful. &Quot;

Last end of last month My colleague exposed this old photograph of 28 years ago on his microblog. Many people lamented that he was a local tyrant 28 years ago and could afford Adidas.

I also said that while I was still playing in the countryside, my colleagues had already taken Wuhan University for four years. The credits, as well as the graduation design, were completed in two years. It is said that Wu Da has a complete "Assembly Language Programming" score. There are only two people in 20 years and Lei Jun is one of them.

In the summer of 1989, Lei Jun's BITLOK encryption software won the first prize of university student science and technology achievement in Hubei Province, and later sold 1 million.

But my colleagues don’t seem to care very much about their own sophomore year and earned the equivalent of buying several suites in Beijing. In his junior year or two, he often carried a big bag full of diskettes and information and walked on a local electronic street in Wuhan.

In 1998, Lei Jun and Qiu Bojun were in Jinshan,

> Accompanied Liu Chuanzhi and Yang Yuanqing to visit the Jinshan WPS demonstration.

The small fresh meat in the back row is Lei Jun.

Facts have proved that he has different opinions on the Wuhan city and Wuhan University. Love.

In 1997, a year had passed since my colleague was promoted to Jinshan's general manager. He has already donated funds to WuDa to set up scholarships. He recalls, “I am not the person who gives the alma mater the most money, but the one who returns to his alma mater in the shortest time after graduation. I should be the first student of our school who has graduated less than 10 years and returned to school.”

In 1998, he donated 600,000 of his stocks to Wuda as a scholarship.

In 2013, Wuhan University celebrated its 120th anniversary with a donation of 1000 million yuan to set up a Lei Jun Scholarship at its alma mater.

20In October 16th, donated RMB 9999 to build a science and technology building.

Afterwards, my colleagues directly prepared a lot of millions to establish Wuhan Optics Valley headquarters.

Two days ago, he signed an artificial intelligence joint laboratory with his alma mater, Wu Da, and also promised to provide 1000 for joint laboratories. Ten thousand yuan of R & D funds.

My colleague has always had his own opinions on investing. Just over the past three years, nearly 100 companies have been voted before and after. Eco-chain, finance, insurance, black technology, universal culture and even the constellation have all voted.

Of course he is very friendly to his friends and he is very optimistic about their abilities.

When Li Xueling founded the Age of Gathering (YY), the $1 million angel round was cast by Lei Jun. Later, YY was listed in 2012. He also received 112 times the return on his account.

Moreover, in 2014 he was still chairman of Kingsoft and gave the board a 400 reward. Million shares of Jinshan Stocks, valued at RMB 80 million, were all given to all Jinshan employees, each of which had limited shares of 1,000 shares per share for two years, or about 20,000 per person.

Using my colleague Lei Jun to be screened today:

“The kind person is not too bad. Please join us and believe that good things will happen soon.”< /p>

Hi everyone, my name is Acheng and I am an employee of Xiaomi Gonghao 1001.

I would like to say that with an overbearing president, who needs financial freedom?


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All my friends and family, my ex-girlfriend who broke up, Community security brothers have come to inquire about my job number.","b_political":true,"image_urls":["0IxjEj3k1p","0IxjEj82iw","0IxjEjenEE","0IxjEjLG2T","0IxjEjQ7fV","0IxjEjXuaO","0IxjEjTirt "," 0IxjEjC5Nf "," 0IxjEjd7rU "," 0IxjEj7kFQ "," 0IxjEjpVq1 "," 0IxjEjr7Oe "," 0IxjEjkSNi "," 0IxjEjxEwj "," 0IxjEjjokP "," 0IxjEjSQkG "," 0IxjEjmuXm "," 0IxjEjO2Pz "," 0IxjEjVlwN "] , "source": "WiFi new connection", "title": "Don't look! I'm the engineer of Xiaomi Gonghao 1001", "url":"https:x2fx2fmp.weixin.qq.comx2fsx2fcW60_M8C1x_HZJrQ63YiPA","category":"Technology","image":"http:x2fx2fi1.go2yd.comx2fimage.php?url=0IxjEj3k1p","like":30,"up": 244,"down":34,"comment_count":0,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","docid":"0IxjEjs8", "dtype":1,"related_docs":[{"date":"4 hours ago","summary":"The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reached an exposure date. Today Xiao Bian found on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology a new machine for Xiaomi, recalling Previously, Xiaomi official notice, is this the new S series of new machine? In addition to the existing series, it seems that Xiaomi intends to continue to expand the product line. So what is this phone in the end, let us take a look! ", "source": "Phoenix News", "title": "Are Xiaomi's new machine debuted at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or a new product for the S series?", "url": "http:x2fx2fitech.ifeng.comx2fyidianx2f44980324x2fnews.shtml?ch=ref_zbs_ydzx_news","mtype" :1,"category":"Technology","image":"0IxgcmCP20","auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political" :false,"docid":"0Ixgcmao","dtype":1,"comment_count":0,"im Pid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0IxjEjs8:u1388"}},{"date ":"3 days ago", "summary": "Lei Jun proposed at the launch of Xiaomi 6X "The overall consolidated net profit after tax for the overall hardware business will not exceed 5%, if exceeded, will exceed 5% Return to the user in a reasonable way.","source":"Technology Flower Opening","title":"Millet has a big move, buy millet products to send Xiaomi products, Lei Jun: all to the user!","url" :"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=56440261","category":"Technology","image":"0IwQwl9Fwz","comment_count":52,"like":50,"auth":true," Is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IwQwlQO","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":910167,"impid" :"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"}, "point":"0IxjEjs8:u1388"}},{"date":"2018.4.24","summary":"Also as before Like, WuyiWhere endorsement millet posters first officially emerged and it was decided that the time was officially released on April 25, only to miss a back view, and then disclose point information, this time the information is "not the same before and after 20 million," it is clear that this is the benchmark OV thing. "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "technical lunch", "title": "The millet 6X has not been released completely exposed, Lei Jun even like it, is there still millet 7 to be released? ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=55698840","category":"Technology","image":"0IswxTzCrF","comment_count":25,"like":5,"auth ":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IswxT0v","dtype":1,"wemedia_id": 9539,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor": "news2news_w2vn2n"},"point":"0IxjEjs8"}},{"date":"2018.4.24","summary":"Since April, everyone should have seen all mobile phone vendors release their own titles. The brand's flagship or representative new machine, but has not seen the true killer of Xiaomi's mobile phone - Xiaomi 7, but Xiaomi is also looking forward to the next generation of flagship new machine Xiaomi 7. "," "Source": "Drive China", "title": "If Xiaomi 7 is so long, netizens shout and buy! ","url":"http:x2fx2fmobiLe.qudong.comx2farticlex2f481877.shtml","category":"Technology","image":"0IsxV5T92j","comment_count":5,"like":3,"mtype":0,"is_gov":false," Content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IsxV5WJ","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":10502,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581"," Detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0IxjEjs8 "}},{"date":"2018.4.22","summary":"From the data of Zhongguancun Online, Xiaomi Note3 and Xiaomi 5X entered the top 10 list of Jingdong's single product sales this week. You want to know that under the current situation of the sales of millet models is the official mall, and Xiaomi is the best among the official malls of all brands. In this case, millet Note3, Xiaomi 5X can also enter the weekly single brand sales Top10, "," "source": "mobile phone madman", "title": "Millet Note3 + millet 5X teamed up to send a gift to Lei Jun," "url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=55522582","category":"Technology","image":"0IrvnA742E","auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type": "news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IrvnA8G","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":5518,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor" :"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0IxjEjs8"}},{"date":"2018.4.22", "summary": "While looking at mobile phone manufacturers, if there is nothing more than Lei Jun, he often interacts with netizens and sometimes personally responds to netizens' questions. He never forgets that Xiaomi 6X has returned to his alma mater. Released.Lei Jun sunk two times abroad to eat dumplings, and the price is not cheap, even a dumpling can buy a mobile phone.","wm_copyright":"original","source":"hydrogen technology","title ":" Lei Jun personally exposed the millet 6X night shoot, the netizen's god replied completely laughs me!","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=55505223","category":"Technology","image ":"0IrpCfZ1ET","like":21,"comment_count":30,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political": False, "docid": "0IrpCfGY","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":59966 6, "impid": "0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n"},"point":"0IxjEjs8"}},{"date":" Yesterday "," "summary": "It is regrettable that Huawei's landing in the United States has repeatedly tried and failed. However, there have been recent reports that Xiaomi, or a corner crossing, successfully landed in the US market. For this speculation, Xiaomi chairman Lei Jun made public. Said: We have been considering the issue of entering the US market. We plan to enter the market by the end of this year or early 2019. "," "source": "China's all media", "title": "Emotional, Lei Jun announced: Xiaomi phone will fully enter the US market! ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=56604119","category":"Technology","image":"0IxJgbW2az","like":3,"comment_count":2,"auth ":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IxJgb1y","dtype":1,"wemedia_id": 8649,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor": "news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0IxjEjs8:u1749"}},{"date":"2018.4.22","summary":"Millet,As a representative of domestic mobile phones, it can be said that has always been a surprise to us, not only brought the first domestic Xiaolong 845 mobile phone, will also be released in the near future large screen full screen mobile phone, millet MAX3. "," "Source": "Xiao Meng new", "title": "Lei Jun: Xiaomi set a new world record, the new machine will carry a 5500mAh battery, let you overnight chicken," "url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun. Comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=55540086","category":"Technology","image":"0Is1BSN0Ro","comment_count":44,"like":2,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type" :"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0Is1BSnE","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":853699,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail" :{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0IxjEjs8"} },{"date":"2 days ago","summary":"Before and after 5 months, it became the new release month of the major smart phone manufacturers, which is actually determined by the market. Mobile phone products have become a fast-moving consumer product, and “grab the opportunity” is an absolute principle. If the new products of mobile phone manufacturers are not timely publicized, they will be submerged in the sea of ​​other new products, and they will not be able to produce excellent products in the second half of the year. Sales performance to show. "," "Source": "Chicken platoon chat digital", "title": "Millet official suddenly released "S" posters, users caught anxious: My millet 7? ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzIxun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=56544313","category":"Technology","image":"0Iwrkrbwpi","comment_count":170,"like":28,"auth":true,"is_gov":false," Content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0IwrkrT7","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":178158,"impid":"0IxjEjs8_1525400102581"," Detail":{"vfactor":"news2news-itemcf","factor":"news2news-itemcf","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news-itemcf","mashtype":"news-rel"}, "point":"0IxjEjs8"}},{"date":"2018.4.21","summary":"Let's look at the official rendering of Xiaomi 6X official, is it a die? Whether it is the front or the back is exactly the same, this shows that this design still has a market, or else Cool can not make a model with the same millet 6X! It is understood that Xiaomi 6X will hold a press conference at Wuhan University on the 25th of this month, that is, next Wednesday. Now the official information that can be exposed is ","b_political":true,"wm_copyright":"original","source":" Mobile phone madman "," "title": "Lee Jun speechless! Millet 6X has not been released was sent to Cool cottage", "url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=55468869", "category": "technical"," Image":"0Irec20pEd","like":6,"comment_count":30, "auth": true, "is_gov": false, "content_type": "news", "ctype": "news", "docid": "0Irec2Gd", "dtype": 1, "wemedia_id": 5518, "impid": "0IxjEjs8_1525400102581","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_w2vn2n","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_w2vn2n "},"point":"0IxjEjs8"}}],"bottom_channels":[{"id":"u1388","type":"entry","name":"Xiaomi","image":"http :x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2ficidsddg_7b05d1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"252.1 million subscribers","exclude_appids":["leshi"],"disable_op":3} ,{"id":"u9093","type":"subcategory","name":"Smart Hardware","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2fidlbgydj_6o00d1d1.jpg","summary":"", "sticky":false,"bookcount":"45.4 million subscriptions","disable_op":3},{"id":"u1749","type":"entry","name":"Lei Jun"," Image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2ficie80d8_7b00d1d1.jpg","sumMary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"122.9 million subscribers","disable_op":3}],"title_sn":0}}</script><script src="//static"></script><script src="//"><script src="//"></script><script src="// .min.js"></script><script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script><script> webmonitor.jsEnd();</script><script>window.webmonitor && window.webmonitor.sendPVLog();var _bdhmProtocol = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? 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