The mobile phone is very busy recently: Lei Jun visits not forget the show new machine Samsung boss learned from Xiaomi

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The mobile phone is very busy recently: Lei Jun visits not forget the show new machine Samsung boss learned from Xiaomi

2018-05-04 20:25:31 378 ℃

Keke reviews: The big guys are running around for the company. These scenes aren't everywhere.

The new machine that will be released in May can be said to be very numerous, but Xiaomi does not seem to have plans to announce the release of rice noodles. Perhaps because Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was too busy in recent days, so Xiaomi 7's schedule has always been no news.

As we all know, Xiaomi is going to Hong Kong to go public. It can be said that this is a network explosion. At the same time, Lei Jun also visited Li Ka-shing. After talking with Li Ka-shing about cooperation with Changhe Enterprises, Lei Jun did not forget to show Li Ka-shing a wave of their own products. According to the news sent by Lei Junweibo, he introduced Xiaomi to Li Ka-shing, and showed off the new machines of this year - Xiaomi MIX 2S and Xiaomi 6X. From the photos, Lei Jun is introducing Xiaomi MIX 2S to Li Ka-shing, both of whom are very happy to talk about.

It seems that Lei Jun should be a little overdue this time, so the launch of Xiaomi 7 will feel at least have to After Xiaomi is listed, or if it is not so busy at the end of the month, it is expected to be released in the first half of the year.

On the other side, Vice President Li Zaiyu of Samsung Electronics also travels in Shenzhen and is busy discussing cooperation with BYD and other Chinese companies. But during this period, a very interesting scene appeared!

In Shenzhen, Li Zaihe seized free time and took a short trip to the house of Shenzhen Xiaomi. Judging from the photographs captured, both Li Zaijun and Samsung executives looked at a cell phone product in Xiaomi's home (it should be Xiaomi MIX 2S). It looked a bit harsh and the picture was somewhat offensive.

He then went to his own Samsung store. Compared to the previous scene in the House of Millet, Li Zaiju's expression in the Samsung store will be more relaxed, it should be very satisfied with the productIt. On the other hand, did you not know whether Li Zaiyi’s visit could be as effective as Lei Jun’s private visit to the OPPO and the vivo line store?

Not to mention whether Li Zaiyu could obtain the Scriptures through this visit to the Millet House. However, Li was able to take time out of busy schedules. This move is also very much a sign that they really value the Chinese market as much as they emphasize.

Actually, for the Chinese market, I think Samsung should still increase the discount rate for new products. In this way, sales of new products can be promoted and promoted. After all, Samsung's flagship is indeed more expensive than the domestic flagship. As for the rise of domestic mobile phones, the competitiveness of Samsung is indeed worse than before.