Busy people Lei Jun! In addition to Xiaomi, she is also a member of 114 company executives, who only get off work at one or two points every night.

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Busy people Lei Jun! In addition to Xiaomi, she is also a member of 114 company executives, who only get off work at one or two points every night.

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To Lei Jun, many people first think of the founder of Xiaomi. In fact, there are 152 companies associated with the Leijun Army. He also served as chairman of three listed companies and holds four listed company's shares. He is now worth 12.5 billion U.S. dollars.

On May 3, the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange revealed that Xiaomi has officially submitted the IPO application documents. The prospectus disclosed that Lei Jun, as a well-known angel investor in mainland China, not only held relevant positions in Xiaomi, but also served as non-executive directors and held non-controlling interests in several listed companies.

Being a senior executive of 114 companies

As early as in college, Lei Jun began his entrepreneurial venture and co-organized a tri-color company with his classmates. In 1992, Lei Jun joined Kingsoft Corporation and eventually led Kingsoft to list in Hong Kong after 15 years. In April 2010, he founded Xiaomi Technology as Chairman and CEO. He has served as a director of three listed companies: Kingsoft, Cheetah Mobile, and YY. long.

In 2011, Shunwei Capital was established and Lei Jun was a founding partner and chairman. The official website shows that for the capital management, three US$1.75 billion U.S. dollar funds and two RMB 2 billion yuan funds are included. The investment cases include many projects such as Lilac Park, Renren Car, Luo Jizhi, and YY Voice. IT Orange data shows that as of now, the number of capital investment in Shunwei is close to 300.

AI Financial News learned through the eye of the sky that there were 152 companies associated with Lei Jun, mostly in Beijing. At present, most of the companies are still in normal business status; the business role he plays is staggeringly 193. Of the normal operating companies, there are only 11 legal representatives, while the top executives are as high as 114. .

Before this, as Xiaomi's time-to-market approached, "Raomo" Lei Jun resigned from Xiaomi to pay for legal representative, and Cheetah, YY, Chairman of Jinshanposition. At that time, some analysts believed that this move could speed up the progress of the company's IPO and save a lot of intermediate procedures.

MilletUnlistedhomehas reached $12.5 billion

< In the prospectus submitted by Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Xiaomi not only disclosed Lei Jun’s shareholding percentage before Xiaomi’s listing, but also disclosed some of the shares of listed companies he held.

The prospectus shows that as of the Latest Practicable Date, Lei Jun holds less than 2% of the issued share capital of Cheetah Mobile, holds less than 20% of the issued share capital of Huan Jue Times, and has less than 30% of the voting power of Kingsoft. .

According to Tencent Securities, Lei Jun holds 14.79% stake in Kingsoft, Gathers 19.40% stake in the era, 9.96% stake in Thunder, 6.95% stake in Cheetah Mobile. Currently, the Forbes real-time data list shows that Lei Jun’s personal wealth has reached 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, and it is located in 116 places in the world and 12 in China.

Afterwards, Xiao Yan, Xiaomi’s senior vice president, also disclosed that even if Xiaomi did today’s scale, Lei Jun still One or two o'clock every evening until work, lunch is three or four, dinner is eleven two. “The company cafeteria hasn’t been visited basically because time is staggered.”

In 2017, Xiaomi broke through hundreds of billions of revenues and spent only seven years. Huawei spent 21 years, Apple spent 20 years, Ali and Tencent spent 17 years, Facebook spent 12 years, and Google spent 9 years. In the words of Yan Yan, “Millet runs the high speed of the tractor every day.”

At the end of the open letter of Xiaomi's prospectus, Lei Jun said, “Good luck is not too bad. Please. Together we will always believe that good things are about to happen."