China Mobile made its debut in the 3rd National Basic Education Informatization and Application Exhibition

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China Mobile made its debut in the 3rd National Basic Education Informatization and Application Exhibition

2018-05-06 00:25:17 190 ℃

China Youth Online Beijing, May 5th (China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter He Xin) May 5, organized by the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, the Central Education and Education Center of the third national basic education information The application development grand opening. China Mobile made its debut at the theme of “Education and the Times, and Five New Futures” and closely followed the theme of “The Transformation and Innovation of the Information Technology Promoting Basic Education Teaching and Learning Model” to display China Mobile’s practice of informationization in education. 2.0. Implement the outstanding achievements of the national education strategy. The exhibition is divided into five parts: the consolidation of education informatization network infrastructure, the construction of a "and education" cloud platform covering the entire country, the creation of a "cloud+end" scenario education business, national best practices, and future education prospects.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the Vice Minister of Education Du Zhanyuan, the Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education Lei Chaozi, and other leaders of the Ministry and Department of Management, accompanied by Fang Li, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Government and Enterprise Branch, Visiting China Mobile's exhibition area, the site personally experienced “and education” interactive student cards, smart learning pens, and dual-teacher classrooms, which highly affirmed China Mobile’s achievements in education informatization and emphasized that education technology must be implemented. The effect of educational "1+1" & 2;

Deputy Minister of Education Du Zhanyuan visits China Mobile's “Education and Era 5 New Future” exhibition area

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Deputy Education Minister Du Zhanyuan Experiences China Mobile's "and Education" Smart Learning Pen Product

It is understood that at present, China Mobile has built 3.23 million mobile base stations, and 4.4 million hotspots provide wireless Internet access for campuses throughout the country. It has the ability to connect over 95% of the national campus to more than 95% of the country's campus lines. At the same time, it actively responded to the Ministry of Education's goal of "three accomplishments, two highs and one greatness," and has built a nationwide education cloud platform to provide quality education and information services to more than 90 million parents and teachers throughout the country.

In the future, China Mobile will further strive to create a "cloud+end" scenario and personalized education business. Through a series of intelligent products such as electronic fences, interactive student cards, smart learning pens, magic mirror systems, live classrooms, and other advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, face recognition, and artificial intelligence, etc.Make the campus safer, learn more personalized, live more convenient, manage more intelligently, data services are more accurate, truly realize the goal of education informatization 2.0.

China Mobile's “Education and Era, 5 New Future” exhibition site

On-site experience of "and education" smart learning products

According to the introduction, in the 5G era, China Mobile will continue to use its educational network as a base to respond The national call, through technological empowerment, drives innovation and innovation in teaching equipment and teaching services, and makes unremitting efforts to realize China's “educational dream”.