Dripping crisis - Monopoly becomes a breeding ground for threatening passenger safety!

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Dripping crisis - Monopoly becomes a breeding ground for threatening passenger safety!

2018-05-11 00:25:25 236 ℃

Dropping Crisis – Monopoly has become a breeding ground for threatening passenger safety!

For a time, on the surface, drip in the Internet dating industry There is hardly a close opponent. The opponent’s challenge has basically been solved one by one.

But this time, Didi has to deal with one of the biggest and most difficult opponents, and that is to drop himself.

There was a serious series of incidents and the public image of DDT had been serious since the time when a flight attendant had beaten the passengers. Damaged.

And this is not exactly the opponent's intentionally discredited.

The killer who killed the stewardess is still on the run and it is embarrassing. This murderous case seems to be familiar to some, right, this is clearly one of the chaos in the early days of the online dating market. Nowadays, when Didi has become the absolute leader in the industry, the old “story” is repeated again. This shows what?

The old chaos on the internet is being reproduced in drops. I think that monopoly has become the biggest threat to passenger safety on the Internet! Or, monopoly has become a hotbed of threats to passenger safety!

How can you say this?

First, the independence conference masks a lot of things, and it is too far to ignore the moment.

Although there is not yet a definitive figure, it has become a consensus that Didi holds more than 90% of the market share of the car.

However, the dominance of a single family will obscure many things and blur the eyes of the helm. Because, in order to consolidate its market share, some things will be ignored unconsciously.

The security of passengers and the constraints on drivers may be ignored.

In an interview earlier this week, Didi Chengwei talked about artificial intelligence and driverlessness. He said: “In addition to the onlineization of people and means of transport, the entire city’s infrastructure will also be online. In the more distant future, AI will not be the dispatch car. It will drive the car directly. It will make the whole driving safer.”

However, at the current stage, how to protect the safety of passengers Not involved.

Be aware that artificial intelligence has not come yet!

Second, a monopoly does not mean that you do it yourselfLaw is the rule.

If it is done large enough, then can we ignore the most important regulations? Is it possible to regard your own practice as a rule?

My biggest confusion for the flight attendants murder case is: Where is the driver qualification review and supervision constraints?

Presumably, this is also a problem for many people.

The Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Appointment of Taxi Business Services stipulates that drivers engaged in online taxi service should “no traffic accidents, dangerous driving criminal records, no drug records, no driving records after drinking alcohol.” ";No violent criminal record."

And “Netyoung Platform Co., Ltd. assumes the responsibility of the carrier and should ensure the safety of operations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.”

So how much do you do in this area?

Thirdly, after making it bigger, it is a step backwards to not use the funds and technology to ensure the safety of policyholders.

Where does a large cash flow go when it becomes bigger?

It is a step backwards to not use funds and technology to ensure the safety of policyholders.

When an opponent is powerless to threaten himself, if he is blinded by victory, perfecting what is imperfect is less important.

When Cheng Weida talks about artificial intelligence and driverlessness, is it really difficult to technically monitor the behavior of drivers in real time? I don't think it's difficult.

If technical measures are used to monitor the car driver in real time, then some chaos may be avoided before.

From these three points, monopoly has become a breeding ground for threatening passenger safety.

At present, Didi is already one of the largest unicorns in the Chinese Internet. How to restrain this unicorn has become the biggest problem. The law has already been stipulated. With respect to self-discipline, how to do it depends on what we have. (Image from internet)