Foxconn Reducing Initial Investment in U.S. Plants Responds to $10 Billion U.S. Investment

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Foxconn Reducing Initial Investment in U.S. Plants Responds to $10 Billion U.S. Investment

2018-05-24 08:45:40 189 ℃

Guo Mingming (right) and Trump

Fenghuang Wang Technology Co., Ltd. According to Nikkei Asia Review Beijing Time May 24 reported that Foxconn had previously announced plans to invest 10 billion US dollars in the construction of an LCD panel plant in Wisconsin. Informed sources said that Foxconn is now considering producing small and medium size LCD panels for Apple, automakers and other companies at the plant.

Foxconn originally planned to produce large-size LCD panels for televisions in new factories, but now consider producing various types of products for automobiles, PCs, tablets, mobile devices, televisions, and niche products. LCD panel. The production of large-size LCD panels will require a more complete local supply chain and a larger initial investment in equipment.

Foxconn responded by saying: "The company is firmly committed to this massive investment in the United States." Foxconn also said that the total investment of 10 billion U.S. dollars has not changed.

Foxconn plans to adjust itself as global panel makers face overcapacity in TV panels. With many Chinese companies such as BOE making great efforts to increase production, this excess capacity is likely to remain for several years.

Foxconn is Apple's largest supplier and one of the most well-known foreign companies that responded to US President Trump's "Made in America" ​​program. Foxconn founder and chairman Terry Gou announced in July last year that he plans to build a $10 billion LCD panel factory in Wisconsin and create 13,000 jobs in the next four years. "Previously, Foxconn planned to build a 10.5-generation LCD panel manufacturing plant, which is more suitable for producing large-size screens," said supply chain sources. "But later, they found a 6-generation or 8.5-generation LCD panel factory. It is a more feasible and more efficient solution because they can transfer some equipment from Asia to the United States."

Eric Chiou, an analyst at WitsView, a market research company, said that he Also believe that Foxconn "is very likely to switch to production of small and medium-sized screens at the Wisconsin plant." "This is a reasonable adjustment, can significantly reduce the initial cost, faster return," he said.

He added that Foxconn’s new plant will still be dedicated to Apple’s iPHone supplies the screen, but it is still unknown whether the company can get orders from Apple. Compared with LG displays and Japanese monitors, Foxconn's Sharp Corporation is a small Apple supplier that supplies the iPhone with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch LCD screens.

However, Sharp is not a supplier of new iPhones that will be put into production later this year, nor does it produce panels for Apple MacBooks. In addition, the United States also lacks any local supply chain for the final assembly of consumer electronics devices, such as smartphones or laptops. (Compile / Rain)

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