Liu Qiang Dong, Ten years ago, the tumblers are realized today?

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Liu Qiang Dong, Ten years ago, the tumblers are realized today?

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The original desire of Liu Qiangdong was not to be a businessman but to be an official.

Jiangsu Suqian is located at the north-south junction of China. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the entire city. It has been known since ancient times as “Northern Qilu, South Jianghuai, two waterways, and two Beijing throats”. This is still the hometown of Xiang Yu, the king of Xi Chu, and Liu Qiangdong’s hometown is in the rural town of Sulong.

In the middle school era, his life's greatest ideal was to be a village chief because he saw a lot of pork left by the village chief's house. He wanted to distribute the pork to the villagers. When he was in Suqian Middle School, he was carrying ten pounds of rice and a can of kidney beans. Later when he went to Renmin University, he took 500 yuan and 76 eggs to go to school.

There are such rumours that there are two famous people in the hearts of Suqian people, one is Xiang Yu and the other is Liu Qiangdong. In February last year, Liu Qiangdong and his wife Zhang Zetian returned to their hometown in Suqian to attend a donation ceremony. The yuzu sister was just at the scene. The first time I got a close look at the Suqian people's welcome and love for Daqiangzi.

The driver of our bus was then saying one sentence: If someone does not know Liu Qiangdong in Suqian, it must not be Suqian.

All the while, with the exception of the high exposure of Sister Tea, and the regular exposure of Weibo, we are back home. Liu Qiangdong's support for his hometown is also deeply rooted.

In 2009, Liu Qiangdong made a fortune of RMB 4 billion, focusing the customer service departments of Jingdong Mall in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing into Suqian, and built a total area of ​​6,000 square meters. National Customer Service Center. Afterwards, a further RMB 2 billion was spent and Jingdong Information R&D Center, Financial Settlement Center, Logistics Management Center, and Cloud Computing Base were all moved to Suqian.

Beginning in 2014, Liu Qiangdong donated 2 million yuan each year. The Suyu District Government set up a bailout fund to help the poor people in need. According to statistics from public reports, starting from 2009, Liu Qiangdong invested at least RMB16.1 billion in the first and second hometowns of Suqian and Xiangtan within 10 years.

In the Spring Festival of 2015, Liu Qiangdong brought her tea sister back to Suqian, and sent out 10,000 RMB to the senior citizens over the age of 60 to the Spring Festival special red envelope.

In February 2017, Liu Qiangdong donated 100 million yuan to introduce Zhang Zetian’s alma mater Nanjing Foreign Language School to Suqian.

In addition to helping people in their hometowns, Liu Qiangdong also has an appetite for JD employees.

On May 26, 2018, at the "Jingdong old staff's family dinner," Liu Qiangdong said, "Ten years have passed, and the cattle we have blown in for ten years have all achieved. All dreams that don’t come true have become reality today.”

In 2008, that The time was Liu Jundong’s worst time. Now the white hair on his forehead is growing at that time. One night, his lack of money, Liu Qiangdong really realized that he was stumped by a penny hero. At the most difficult time, Liu Qiangdong heard 40 investment institutions say NO.

There was no money coming in, and the staff waited for wages. Liu Qiangdong, who has always performed positive energy in front of his staff, actually turned his head in secret.

"Since the start of business in 1998, there have been two or three hundred brothers in JD. Many have been with me for nearly ten years. Others will not dig. Ten years later, when they leave, they may have nothing. There was no house, no car, and when he went out to look for a job, others would say that he was from the failed Jingdong Mall and it was very difficult to find a job. It was easy for a successful company employee to leave to find a new job, but as a Employees of failed or failed companies are very difficult to find a job because they are defeated. My pain is really indescribable, my bones are full of fear, and I am ashamed and ashamed of my brothers."


Ten years have passed, and Liu Qiangdong, a brother-in-law clerk, finally turned the page. On May 26, 2018, Liu Qiangdong said such a thing at the staff's dinner: "Ten years have passed and ten years we have achieved the cattle. Five times beforeIn years or even ten years, the company must undergo major changes. Everyone has a good day. Everyone has a house. Today, many of our old employees even bought villas in Beijing.

The driver who drove him ten years ago, ten years later, the driver has the ability to ask the driver himself. This seems to be a too positive energy Jingdong story.

In the past, Liu Qiangdong has always been accompanied by his brothers for the employees of JD. Not only do they build single dormitories for their employees, but they have always personally supervised the construction of the dormitories.

Every time Liu Qiang returned to his hometown in Suqian, he was particularly concerned with the construction of new office buildings, especially the decoration level of staff quarters must be up to standard.

Liu Qiangdong’s homecoming will be 2017 He went to look at the staff dormitory model house that was under construction at the time and after watching Liu Qiangdong looked gloomy all the way.When he had dinner together with the staff at night, he said: “Before eating, let’s talk about something that makes everyone unhappy. That is, I went to visit the staff quarters that we are constructing in this call center today. To be honest, I was very angry and angry. I want to beat people!

"I had always stressed that I was a senior single individual apartment, but today I looked at the model room. Prepare to live 4-6 individuals, bathroom, it is still the kind of squat... It reminds me of the 80s, when the black heart factory in the south... I talked about how many times, to make employees live Dignity, and take a look at the management of our Suqian branch office.

After Liu Gongdong got angry at the staff quarters, this batch of dormitory was refurbished and rebuilt, and he changed back to the single individual apartment he requested. Jingdong front-line staff can apply as long as necessary.


In February 2017, Liu Qiangdong interviewed CCTV Finance and the video showed such a detail. At a dinner hosted by the staff in Suqian, Liu Qiangdong promised all Suqian local employees that as long as the state raises salaries for civil servants, Jingdong will definitely increase the salaries for its employees.

Although people can be outsourced every yearThe cost of the JD province is 1.7 billion yuan, but Liu Qiangdong thinks that doing business is to achieve a sense of accomplishment and realize the value of life.

In addition to the video trailers, a very interesting detail was also captured. During a JD internal dinner, Liu Qiangdong sent an iPhone 7 or Plus to each employee over 5 years.

Liu Qiangdong, a poor man, has always been generous for his staff.

On May 22nd, 2014, took on the Nasdaq-listed IPO cocktail party with Liu Qiangdong. Suqian accent delivered a speech in English. He said: “I spent 20 years from Suqian to Beijing; I spent 20 more years, from Beijing to New York.”

Ten years have passed, financing was originally Liu Qiangdong, a eager-looking man, has set a goal for the next decade: to make his employees live more dignity and make more contribution to society!

The realization of this goal may be harder than buying a house in Beijing.

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Since ancient times, it has been "Qilu in the north, Jianghuai in the south, and two waterways in the south. This is also the hometown of Xiang Yu, king of Xi Chu Overlord, and Liu Qiangdong’s hometown is in the rural area of ​​Longjing Town, Suqian.","b_political":true,"wm_copyright":"Original","image_urls":["0JAEnSJXJE", "0JAEnSCXZw","0JAEnSYwNk","0JAEnS9Uln","0JAEnSBXH","0JAEnSedZk","0JAEnSiHvs","0JAEnSyhDY","0JAEnSMK7l","0JAEnS6QCo","0JAEnSlbKT","0JAEnSdxyR","0JAEnSSec4"]," Source": "Green Tea Finance Co., Ltd.", "title": "Liu Qiang Dong, Ten Years Blowed Ten Years ago Are Realized?", "upload_images":["0JAEnSdxyR","0JAEnSlbKT","0JAEnSSec4"] ,"url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59384862","category":"Technology","image":"http:x2fx2fi1.go2yd.comx2fimage.php?url=0JAEnSdxyR","auth" :true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news"," Ctype":"news","docid":"0JAEnSfT","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":810534,"related_docs":[{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"All know that Liu Qiangdong has been getting younger and younger since she married Zhang Zetian, and many people We all know that Jingdong’s benefits are very good. Liu Qiangdong recently held a family dinner for the old employees. Many old employees came to the headquarters from all over the country. Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Chatian, the sister of milk tea, certainly would not be absent. "," "Source": "Subsidy Dog Talks on Science and Technology", "title": "Liu Qiang's home feast: 10 years ago, the cows that were blown have been realized, and Zhang Zetian's full-faced fan sister faces", "url":"http:x2fx2fwww. Yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59328003","category":"Technology","image":"0JA0Ba39iS","comment_count":51,"like":4,"auth":true,"is_gov":false," Content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JA0BaoI","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":1032680,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774"," Detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT :e1816775"}},{"date":"3 days ago","summary":"Some friends who are not engaged in Internet work may not know what it means to be a unicorn. Unicorns are often used for startups with huge development potential. They were initially defined as technology companies in the Internet industry. However, the latter range has also been gradually expanded.Networking companies may also be listed as members of the unicorn. However, it is not simple to be considered as a unicorn. The company's valuation must be 10"," "source": "Old donkey say four", "title": "Jingdong is terrible, express valuation reaches 70 billion, netizen: than SF Fast? ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59177176","category":"Technology","image":"0J9FmNVgHd","comment_count":22,"like":1,"auth ":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0J9FmNdg","dtype":1,"wemedia_id": 816997, "impid": "0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news -rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t1357"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"A month ago, Wal-Mart China and Backgammon successively discontinued Alipay news. Recently Tencent and Carrefour's first smart store "Le Marche" opened in Shanghai. At the same time, “Yuncang”, which was co-operated by and Sam’s member stores, has grown from Shenzhen to Shanghai. "," "source": "CCTV1 big power brand", "title": "Jingdong home sends a move to Boxma freshman" crit ""," url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59368331","Category":"Technology, Finance","image":"0JAA2mlqty","auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false ,"docid":"0JAA2mMf","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":626112,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel", "trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t1357"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":" In the face of Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Zetian's eyes always show his love of admiration. This is "only fascinated by you.", "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "Nine Dragonflies" , "title": "Liu Qiang's Tokyo house feast with old staff booze liquor, his wife Zhang Zetian worshiped, sweet," "url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59296197", "category": "Technology", "image": "0J9racESSM", "like":9,"comment_count":239,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news ","b_political":false,"docid":"0J9racoT","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":843911,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point ":"0JAEnSfT:e1816775"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"Liu Qiang Dong is a big brother in the electric business world, and Ma Yun Ma Huateng is a top player, but he is also considered a half entertainment star. Because his wife is milk tea sister Zhang Zetian. On May 26th, Liu Qiangdong took part in the celebration of the old employee's banquet. This was a feast. Liu Qiangdong spoke on the scene and vowed to be a great company to help more people. The milk tea sister once again staged the "Envy face", very sweet "," "wm_copyright": "original", "source": "entertainment evaluation inside and outside", "title": "Mizu tea sister Zhang Zetian envy Liu Qiangdong face, Face Blind East Brother: Cleaning Auntie is younger every year,"url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59297150","category":"Technology","image":"0J9qp0vwBS"," Comment_count":85,"like":8,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":" 0J9qp05K","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":449065,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","Trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t657"}},{"date":"2 days ago","summary": "Now it can be said that online shopping has greatly facilitated everyone's life, and the level of popularity among them is all visible, many people like to buy things online, after all, do not have to go out shopping hard, forced many physical stores have to There are some activities to attract customers. Although they are effective, people are still keen on shopping online. After all, they are generally cheaper than physical stores. "," "Source": "Thousands of eyes to see the community", "title": "Jingdong cancel seven days no reason to return, users: walk and go to other homes," "url": "http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59149203 ",""category":"Technology","image":"0J9Q9wqSfo","comment_count":139,"like":11,"auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type":"news", "ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0J9Q9wnK","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":333392,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor" :"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t1357"}},{ "date": "yesterday", "summary": "It's said that there are meat to eatThis sentence does not deceive you or me. Millet will be listed, followed by Lei Jun's mass production of multi-millionaires; followed by Ms. Dong's Gree, is to ensure that one person and one suite; followed by Liu Qiang East, others are not clear, anyway, Dongge exposed, their drivers are invited A driver. "," "Source": "Entrepreneur", "title": "Jing Dong Lao's Feast Day Liu Qiang Dong exposed: My drivers are all able to afford the driver! ","url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59363237","category":"Technology","image":"0JA9HaW3ZF","auth":true,"is_gov":false,"content_type ":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0JA9Hab9","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":363764,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail ":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT: T657 "}}, {"date": "Yesterday", "summary": "It is reported that this time Jingdong’s outstanding collection brought together nearly 100 high-quality products on the Jingdong crowdfunding platform. They are all domestic brands with high-quality reputation and outstanding crowd-funding achievements. Among them are many kinds of high-quality products such as black technology, home furnishings, service, and food. "," "source": "crowdfunding house zczj", "title": "Jingdong outstanding formally launched, open "with the public, different" new ways of play, "url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id= 59384383","category": "technology", "image": "0JADceOFrT", "auth": true, "is_gov": false, "content_type": "news", "ctype": "news", "b_political": false, "docid": "0JADceUN","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":133390,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"," Trans_info":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t1357"}},{"date":"Yesterday","summary":"5 On the 26th of this month, at the dinner of old employees of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong spoke on the stage and hoped that could help more people not only in China, but also in the world, not only helping their families to help their parents, but also helping their children. Only in this way can the company continue to be stronger and more meaningful to become a great company.","wm_copyright":"original","source":"Liu Yiqiao Joe","title":""Sister Tea with Milk" Zhang Zetian is in Jingdong On the feast, look at Liu Qiangdong's handsome speech, and change the second time into "My Girl", "url":"http:x2fx2fwww.yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59297558","category":"Technology","image":"0J9qp2utV2"," Comment_count":35,"like":11,"auth": True, "is_gov":false,"content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"doCid":"0J9qp2qm","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":16740,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774","detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_info ":{"factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","mashtype":"news-rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:e1816775"}},{"date":"2 days ago","summary":" Among the entrepreneurs in China, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun are outstanding, but their personalities are completely different. In many occasions, Ma Yun's eloquence is very good and humorous, but Liu Qiangdong is very simple and earthy, which has a great relationship with his growth experience. "," "Source": "Limit in the palm", "title": "Liu Qiangdong: Work in Jingdong, 2 years of complaints will be deducted money, bad service must leave", "url":"http:x2fx2fwww. Yidianzixun.comx2fmpx2fcontent?id=59254740","category":"Technology","image":"0J9bpPFzWx","like":5,"comment_count":2,"auth":true,"is_gov":false," Content_type":"news","ctype":"news","b_political":false,"docid":"0J9bpPpJ","dtype":1,"wemedia_id":932563,"impid":"0JAEnSfT_1527549923774"," Detail":{"vfactor":"news2news_fromid_rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel","trans_inFo":{"mashtype":"news-rel","factor":"news2news_fromid_rel"},"point":"0JAEnSfT:t1357"}}],"bottom_channels":[{"id":"t657", "type":"entry","name":"Liu Qiangdong","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2ficn0xzh6_8k0dd1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount": "18.2 million subscriptions","disable_op":3},{"id":"t1357","type":"entry","name":"Jingdong","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd. Comx2fbx2ficn3opgy_7g00d1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"18.3 million subscriptions","disable_op":3},{"id":"e1816775","type":" Entry","name":"Zhang Zetian","image":"http:x2fx2fs.go2yd.comx2fbx2fihog580x_7z00d1d1.jpg","summary":"","sticky":false,"bookcount":"108.4 million subscriptions" ,"disable_op":3}],"related_wemedia":{"id":810534,"media_name":"Green Tea Finance","media_pic":"http:x2fx2fsi1.go2yd.comx2fget-imagex2f0Jo3AOVlC0O","media_summary" : "It's different for you! "," "Media_domain": "Technology", "Slogan": "Your EncouragementIs the driving force for my advancement","fromId":"m810534","channel_id":"m810534","source_type":1,"type":"media","plus_v":0,"can_reward":true," Fee":["1.23","1.99","5.20","6.18","6.66","8.88"]},"title_sn":0,"up":0}}</script><script src ="//"></script><script src="// Js"></script><script src="//"></script><script src="// Common/jquery.qrcode.min.js"></script><script src="//" type="text/javascript"><script>webmonitor.jsEnd();</script><script>window.webmonitor && window.webmonitor.sendPVLog();var _bdhmProtocol = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? 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