Why Apple CEO Cook to hold this 10-year-old kid?

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Why Apple CEO Cook to hold this 10-year-old kid?

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The annual Apple Developers Conference WWDC is a pilgrimage to the heart of the world's code farmers. Those who can be invited to the WWDC site are either top programmers or senior media personnel, while ordinary people start arranging long queues outside the San Jose meeting venue at 3:00 a.m., adhering to a belief in the cold until the next morning.

WWDC is the Mecca of the fruit powder.

However, at the conference where “the adults talk about business”, there is a The little guy who is garrulous, he is Yuma Soerianto, who is only 11 years old.

The skinny, dwarf, Asian children with incisor teeth aren't mixed in with parents, but are genuine Apple developers. On his Twitter home page, he introduced himself, "Very young iOS developers; speaker; programming teacher; Taekwondo black belt." Oh, and this beefy little kid has developed 7 applications. He has just won the Victoria Youth Achievement Award and has won a highly competitive Apple Scholarship for two consecutive years.

This is the second time he has been called by Cook to a meeting.

This is a bit of a stink, but it's very funny. The embarrassed child spent four years walking through the others for more than a decade. However, unlike other young players who became famous in juveniles, Yuma had a small programmer's vigor and perfectly preserved the child's innocence.

“A lot of people think that I am sure I’m studying hard at the table every day, but I’m particularly fond of playing. I’m a primary schoolboy.” Yuma was embarrassed. Like other children who grew up in the Internet age, Yuma Super likes to play games. He also likes to watch live on YouTube. The “minimal Apple Developer” hat does not alienate him from friends. He never does. Absenteeism. "I have programmed in my spare time. Programming piano and karate are just as important to me," Yuma said in an interview with Apple.

Although Yuma Kids 6At the beginning of the year he started writing web pages, but it was Apple's Swift language that really changed his fate.

At the 2016 WWDC, Apple introduced the Swift language. In order to make more beginners enjoy the fun of programming, Apple also introduced teaching software Swift Playgrounds. This software used step-by-step game tasks and visual programming to teach Yuma how to develop an app. It can be said that without Swift, there would be no Yuma's score. This may also be due to Cook’s preference for Yuma.

The first thing Yuma did was a duckling manipulating a large crane building. Players need to stack bricks vertically as much as possible, otherwise the parts available for stacking will be smaller and smaller. Although this game is very simple, but it is just as toxic as jumping and playing... Once you start it will be a dozen rounds in the evening, it really is the child's mind firmly pinched in the hands of the children!

Yuma's consideration was not as simple as it was when it was developed.

His other work is even more magical, named Hunger Button. After opening, there will be a gradient red background with a yellow button. Just click, the App will automatically recommend a nearby restaurant for you, and the recommended interface is only a restaurant signature map, restaurant name, walk Distance, a restaurant phone, and restaurant star rating. Very simple! There is no nonsense! And it is a very beautiful handwriting font! If you think this restaurant is not satisfied, you can continue to smoke until you are satisfied with your meal.

After some research, I made a decision for dyslexia at noon on every working day and decided to "take what I eat today." "This question was handed to Yuma...

I really want to recommend this app to my domestic colleagues who have to quarrel every day to eat!

Yuma's Another Duck Series App is the best I've ever seenLove weather application software. There is a little duckling in the software (it should be the duckling of the building). It will wear clothes that suit today's weather every day, and then say a joke... For example, Sunnyvale today. The nighttime weather is 15 degrees Celsius, a bit windy, and the duck will suggest that you wear a warm jacket instead of a worm jacket. This is really like a schoolboy's joke! And you poke little ducklings, and you hear the yells that Yuma recorded!

I'm not willing to delete

Besides my own programming, Yuma has made more kids fall in love with programming. Also a teacher on YouTube. He created a channel called "Everybody Can Learn Programming" and specifically talked about how to use Xcode and Swift to make small games. Only now, it seems that Yuma's fans are all adults who have come to see the adorable children.

Why did Cook like Yuma so much that he gave him scholarships for two consecutive years? In fact, it is not difficult to find some common points between these children who have won Apple scholarships.

One of the small programs developed by Yuma that Cooke was most interested in was written by Yuma while flying to the United States to participate in the conference. It only took less than ten. Hours of time. This small program can convert the U.S. dollar exchange rate and automatically add local taxes. "This way my mom and dad can easily shop in the U.S.," Yuma told Cook.

Another scholarship winner, Zhou Rui, a high school student in the United States, has developed an app to help Parkinson's patients. This app can track the patient's condition and help them to exercise. Ajay Mandani, a scholarship winner from India, developed an application to help children with cognitive impairment learn. What these scholarship winners have in common is that they are all trying to use technology to make people around them and make the lives of disadvantaged groups better. They are all working hard to change society.

Yuma is also like this, he's amazingThe place is not his programming ability, but his creativity, and care for the people around him. "All things in the world follow the procedure. Writing code is the most agile process among them." Yuma concluded. "My programming is to change society."

Fellowships should be sent to such children.

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