MIUI10 system to get started experience is a nuanced revision

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MIUI10 system to get started experience is a nuanced revision

2018-06-08 00:25:35 88 ℃

May 31, 2018 was the flagship new product launch event for Xiaomi's eighth anniversary. The conference was held at the Shenzhen Grand Canal Center Stadium. I had the privilege of attending this conference. Just less than a day after attending the press conference, Xiaomi pushed my millet 5 to push the closed beta version of MIUI 10. It was my children's day gift. The installation package had 1.5G, and the upgrade was quickly completed. taste.

Why savoring, we may also feel that compared to MIUI 9, MIUI 10 may not change significantly. For example, the design of desktop icons hasn't changed basically. However, on startup, we can see that the time display and the location of the operator information are different from those of MIUI 9. MIUI 9's time is displayed in the upper left corner, and the font is also small. This screenshot is actually a screenshot of MIUI 10, and the MIUI settings for the wallpaper interface have not changed...

And MIUI 10's The name of the operator has also changed its position. It is displayed in the upper left corner. The original display is “China Telecom”. I set it as a cup of tea. It can also reflect the certain playability of MIUI, but it is also to adapt to Liu Haiping and so on. Designed. In addition, millet 8 supports the screen, and if the time is still displayed in the upper left corner and it is inconvenient to view it, MIUI 10 has a good design.

A comprehensive revision of the clock. The most appalling "appearance" of an app is the clock. You can find that there is a little lover in the lower right corner of the interface to set the alarm clock. You can set the alarm clock for your voice. If you are not accustomed to voice settings, you can also add a clock to add an alarm clock. At the same time, the international time interface has added a map of the world, and the darker region on the map is night. If you click on the city in the list of cities, it will also show the corresponding location on the world map. I particularly like this detail.

The stopwatch interface is the same as the above style, but nothing special needs to be introduced. The function is single. In fact, I still prefer MIUI. 9 stopwatch interface. The "natural white noise" highlighted by Hong Bangzhu (Hong Feng) is on the timing interface. There are five types of white noise: forest, summer night, beach, rain, and fire. In fact, it was very late to write here. I set the sound of the beach. When the background music promotes sleep, the actual experience can really give people a feeling of calm, even a little immersive. So, the feeling of this application is refreshing, but there is still room for improvement.

Millet has an enviable position - sound collector. However, if you want to collect, then collect a little more and collect the sounds of many different places and use them more. For example, there are many forests on the earth, and the sound of each forest is different. Then we can press the "forest" white noise, and then show the sound of several forests so that we can choose freely. This expands the function.

At that time, when I listened to the Hong lord (Hong Feng) to introduce this feature, I was thinking that modern people may be a bit too impulsive and need to use this "crushing beauty" to adjust their lives. MIUI's conference does not have to be arousing people's enthusiasm, calm down to listen to the lord slowly, sincerely applauding the intimate function of the small function is also good.

Audioized MIUI. In front of us, we can see that Xiao Ai’s students have been connected to the clock app. In addition, the status of Xiao Ai’s classmates has been further enhanced in other places. For example, there is a small love classmate on the negative screen; the search interface on the desktop is also more of a small love classmate and a small love classmate on the calculator. However, Xiaoai's students also opened a video training program, which seems to be more powerful than the Xiaoai speakers.

I won't experience the voice driving mode because I don't have a car.... It can be said that it is deeply integrated with MIUI.

A revised version of the note. MIUI 9's notes folder is entered in the upper left corner, while MIUI 10 is in the middle. In the lower right corner of the memo pad, a voice memo button is added. Of course, you can also add voice messages to the original memo pad. This feature may make people think of "Flash Capsule", but Flash Capsule is a "recording tool + search engine", and millet notes is just a recording tool, MIUI's search engine is "love love students", because I have not used Smartisan OS, do not know how the hammer will record and search experience, for example, I would like to search instead of recording There should be one more step. Overall, this step optimization of Xiaomi’s sticky notes is indeed better.

MIUI Portal 2.0. The portal is the MIUI function that I often use. This function is quite convenient. For example, some of the text in the APP cannot be copied directly. If you use the portal function, you can identify it and copy it. MIUI 10's portal has added translation capabilities, which is really intimate for my six-level Remarks party.

There is an additional AI mapping feature for the portal, which needs to be manually turned on. (At first I didn't turn it on, I thought it was useless...) A friend sent me a picture. I tried to identify it. Obviously it was a face pack. Portal 2.0 also recognizes the words on the bag. It can be said that other pictures with more text are very practical.

In addition, there are some notable details: 1. The camera has added a WeChat 10s small video recording. 2. The laboratory will have the function of “super-clearing pictures”, using AI technology to enlarge the picture size and automatically make up the image details. However, Xiaomi 5's laboratory does not have this function temporarily. 3. Multi-tasking management page The operation of deleting the background application is no longer sliding from bottom to top, but sliding left or right, one interface can display four APPs, which expands the operation vision. (Note that if the app on the right is not the right app, you can only slide it to the right to turn it off. You can also slide it to the left.)

< p> Press and hold an APP to enter edit mode, which can be locked, split screen or set.

In addition, MIUI 10 notifications and status bar changes are larger, the original search bar and immersions corresponding to the weather Interface disappearsIt is replaced by simpler structures and color patches. At the same time, I also noticed that the screen brightness adjustment also became a long rounded rectangle. However, one thing that was unsatisfactory was that MIUI deleted the weather while keeping the date. Personally think that the weather and date of the status bar are the corresponding entrances of the two APPs, so you can hide the APP so that it does not occupy the desktop space. Now that there is a lack of weather entrance, it will be a little troublesome, so I have suggested that MIUI add weather to the status bar in order to meet the needs of more similar users. And time can be moved up some distance, freeing up a little space and the weather will not reduce the sense of beauty.

Weather UI for MIUI 10:

There may be details that may be difficult to find. There are 5 rows before the status bar icon is expanded and MIUI 9 has only 4 rows, but when you pull down, it turns into a row of 4 When you slide, you will feel that the change from 5 to 4 is a little "silky". Some friends say that this is fun to play with.

MIUI 10 cancels the notification of setting single and double pages. Column style, you can add the icon you want to use. If there is not enough space for a single page, it will automatically fill you up to two pages. MIUI 10 I like the negative one screen also joined the smart device control interface, so that you can delete a part of the smart device icon on the desktop, so as to achieve a more simple purpose.

The screen unlocking interface is also somewhat modified. When you enter a numeric password, there will be a new sound effect (which sounds like a wood knocking sound). At the same time, when you press the number, it will appear to spread from the digital center. The ripple effect is more dynamic than MIUI 9. In order to adapt to the full screen operation, MIUI 10's volume adjustment was also moved from the top of the screen to the center of the screen. In an era when the smart phone screen is getting bigger, it's really easier to adjust the volume with one hand, so as to realize the humanization of the system.

The calendar has also been revised, and date jumps and date projections are also very convenient. It is understood that in mid-June MIUIWe also prepared the camera blur package for old millet 5 users; at the same time, we need to know that MIUI 10's AI preloading function is the flagship's first adaptation experience. The above is my MIUI 10 hands-on experience, in fact, there are many intimate MIUI features, from the patent point of view, MIUI is an important part of Xiaomi software's strength, at the same time, MIUI still has a lot of room for growth. What do you think about MIUI 10? Welcome to discuss. (Text | The geeks are majestic)