Jingdong, Ali, Suning announced another black technology, 30 million people are facing unemployment

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Jingdong, Ali, Suning announced another black technology, 30 million people are facing unemployment

2018-06-08 00:25:43 122 ℃

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Don’t be afraid of Taobao's double 11 discounts, afraid of Jingdong 6.18 Technology Black.

The so-called shopping festival in mid-March 18th, spikes, coupons, and allowances are inevitably indispensable. In addition to promotions, JD.com seems to be more interested this year to take the opportunity to push its own black technology - "no one's family bucket":

Drone drones, unmanned delivery vehicles, unmanned warehouses, and first meeting No one heavy truck...

Of course, the other two appliance giants have responded, Suning has also introduced no People heavy trucks, Alibaba's rookie network also launched unmanned delivery vehicles.

The question then arises. While major tycoons use technology to improve logistics efficiency, will those couriers and freight drivers who become high-paying jobs in the logistics system become unemployed?

JD don't reload the card

Join 『No> People's Family Barrels

At the JD CUBE conference on May 29th, JD.com demonstrated: unmanned large aircraft, unmanned heavy truck, unmanned restaurant, AR test Dressing mirrors and vanity mirrors, smart refrigerators, and unmanned supermarkets... From the beginning of unmanned warehouses, JD.com has been unable to extricate itself from being black.

Jingdong, is about to become a technology company from an e-commerce platform.

Jingdong has no heavy trucks and is one of the latest R&D achievements of Jingdong Silicon Valley R&D Center. And Xiao Jun, Vice President of Jingdong Group and President of X DivisionSay, the unmanned truck has completed 2,400 hours of testing and is expected to complete commercial trial deployment in China by 2020.

Together, do you really want to make the truck driver unemployed?

According to the data released by the Smart Internet of Things (G7), there are 15 million trucks and 30 million truck drivers across the country, with more than 84 million tons of freight per day, accounting for China freight. The total amount of nearly 80%!

Difficulties in pulling goods were previously accomplished by humans, so speeding and fatigued driving are common. The replacement of labor by automatic driving technology is not only a reduction of labor costs, but also a control of the safety of trucks.

Volvo has published a report that about 90% of truck accidents occurred due to driver errors. The American Automobile Association's Traffic Safety Foundation has published a data: Fatigue driving accounted for 21% of the fatal traffic accidents in the United States.

G7's "China Logistics Big Data Report" mentions that long-distance freight drivers have high fatigue driving time in the afternoon and in the early morning, and the total probability of occurrence is about 60%.

Baidu searched for major truck accidents. Search results showed that large truck casualties occurred almost every day. The title of the road killer of a truck is not indefinite. And the words "fatigue driving" often appear in the cause of the accident.

The appearance of a van has also meant a series of human-induced problems such as fatigued driving, operating errors, and speeding. The probability of accidents will be greatly reduced.

Jingdong’s self-driving heavy trucks will undertake the operation of the seven regional centers of Beishang Guanghe and Jingdong on the expressway, and complete the cargo transit and long-distance transportation on the trunk line.

Judong’s lorry drivers will replace unmanned trucks in the new high-speed service area to complete the next road after the driver has completed dangerous and boring long-distance transportation.Then go to the warehouse to transfer the goods to the van.

Unmanned Van (with Security Officer)

Judung has basically formed Unmanned delivery processes range from unmanned warehouses to unmanned trucks and vans to unmanned delivery vehicles and drones. Although it still takes time to achieve the closed loop of fully automated logistics, Jingdong seems to have put no one on the agenda.

Liu Qiangdong once said: Now we (Jingdong) have 160,000 employees. With the application of artificial intelligence technology, we only need half of our employees.

Video screenshot source: Internet

Suning and rookie are not behind

On the eve of 6.18, the e-commerce war evolved into a major logistics technology. Competition.

On May 24, Suning Logistics conducted an unmanned truck road test in Shanghai, which was jointly launched by Suning Logistics and a self-driving company in Silicon Valley - Zhijia Technology to reach L4. Level unmanned heavy truck. Previously, high-speed testing was completed.

Suning Unmanned Truck

There is also a drone Suning Logistics also for the first time exposed the hybrid vertical and horizontal fixed-wing UAV with the payload up to 8 kilograms, which can achieve accurate automatic take-off and landing and unmanned autonomous operation. The package can achieve accurate airdrop.

Since last year, a number of routes have been opened in Zhejiang and Anhui, enabling the normal operation of drone delivery.

Suning, can I drop a refrigerator?

The rookie network owned by Alibaba has also made a big move.

May 31The rookie ET Logistics Laboratory announced the “Hump Plan” and joined forces with the FAW Liberation, the UAV team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sagitar Polytec, GTI, and DTI, to jointly promote the mass production of unmanned equipment and create a Zhang includes a new stereoscopic logistics network of unmanned vehicles and drones.

Novice delivery car

Ma Yun stated that Alibaba and rookie network will invest thousands Billion to build a national intelligent logistics backbone network and reduce logistics costs. He also stated clearly that the status of the people will change: The former logistics will be mainly physical, relying on tens of thousands of couriers to carry shoulders, the future logistics will be based on mental labor, and will turn the machine into " people".

Is it "unmanned" to really make people unemployed?

In the United States, 3.5 million people live on trucks, and about half of them are responsible for long-distance transportation.

The U.S. Truck Drivers’ Union is the spokesperson for the truck driver group. To protect the work of truck drivers, the union has been lobbying the U.S. federal legislature and the state legislature, hoping to postpone the launch. Allow drone truck bills.

The anxiety of truck drivers is unreasonable: they are generally young, most of them are high school graduates. For a long time, most of the time he left home to work hard, working 40 hours a week, earning 40,000 to 80,000 U.S. dollars a year, and an hourly rate of about 20 to 40 U.S. dollars.

The truck drivers realized that if they give up the work of long-distance truck drivers and find another job that is more secure and stable at home, many people’s wages will be difficult to match. The income is matched. For example, the hourly wage for the automotive industry is about $15.

Not only are truck drivers, but there are many simple and repetitive tasks that have slowly been replaced by artificial intelligence.

1,Nobody High Speed ​​Charge

"No Feeling"Pay", users do not need to install any equipment, only need to bind the license plate and payment channel to quickly pass the highway and open "non-incentive payment" business parking, Shandong High-speed Group has completed the province's 113 464 lane upgrades Work.

2, No-Kitchen

In Boston, USA The restaurant called Spyce is a robot restaurant founded by four MIT graduates. There are no cooks, and the cooking is done by a robotic device they have developed.The meal lasts for at least 3 minutes and starts at US$7.5.

3, Robot Script< /p>

Japan’s JX News Agency was established in 2008. The company has only 24 employees and an average age of 30. 70% of them are engineers and 30% are public relations marketing staff. It is worth mentioning that this media does not An editor who can automatically generate up to 200 alerts per second after AI Intelligence has collected content that may be news on social networking sites.

Yes ,Bongo is also about to lose his job...

Written in the end

At the second World Smart Conference in May, Liu Qiangdong shared a story:

"Foreigners in Beijing that year There was a train built at Old Beijing Railway Station, and when Empress Dowager Cixi saw it, she said that it was a monster and said that she wouldn’t eat or drink and could run. This was wrong, there was a problem, and it exploded. Since then, China has not caught up with it for the first time. The second industrial revolution.”

The same is true for unmanned driving. There may be unemployment and perhaps safety issues, but this may be the inevitable result of human development.

Microsoft FounderBill Gates said in an interview that artificial intelligence can do a lot of work, and that robots working in place of humans will make work more efficient, which will help humans free up a lot of free time. However, this may indeed cause some low-paid workers to lose their jobs, but overall it is saving people's time.

The survival of the fittest is necessarily the one that society needs, so adaptation is especially important.

The real stability is that you plan ahead before the storm and seize the opportunity to learn, not to say that the House of Fringes knows that the building will pour, in your best years, contented with the sense of superiority And comfort zone.

In this era, your work will betray you. Your industry will betray you. Your profession will betray you. The only thing that cannot betray you is your awareness and your ability!

As couriers who scramble around on the streets on tricycles every day, learning how to control drone delivery is also a good option.

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