Zhishu University is on-line, knowledge pays OUT, and knowledge-as-a-service era is coming

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Zhishu University is on-line, knowledge pays OUT, and knowledge-as-a-service era is coming

2018-06-08 00:25:42 102 ℃

On June 6, Zhizu announced that its “knowledge market” was officially renamed “Zhihu University” and the upgraded “Zhihu University” would be based on “class” + “book” + “training camp”. The common content system provides users with comprehensive knowledge services covering general knowledge, professional knowledge, and hobbies.

The company also launched the Super Member Service with a price of 348 yuan. After the user purchases, he can enjoy, including but not limited to, Live, private lessons, book audio, and paid e-books within one year after purchase. Kind of paid service.

It seems that the upgrade of the knowledge market to Zhili University is just a brand upgrade - knowing the content of the provided knowledge, there is no change. The introduction of a super-member is a common packaged marketing strategy. The content it contains is still paid for knowledge content, but it only changes from a single item charge to a full-year package.

But at a deeper level, knowing these two initiatives both reflect its own repositioning and strategic adjustment - the knowledge payment era has become History, the arrival of the era of knowledge services, knows the action is to meet this change.

Knowing that universities want to do online education?

From the "university" name, it seems that there is a meaning for entering education, but from the meaning of Zhihu University, it is an online education platform with sales courses such as Vipkid. Differently, what it needs to do is to "know like but not like" the university's knowledge service.

We may wish to take a look at the meaning of the word “market” first.

Prior to knowing that founder and CEO Zhou Yuan emphasized most of the word in the market, at the beginning of 2017, when he knew that he had completed a $100 million Series D round of financing, Zhou Yuan sent an internal letter to the company. One of the three major annual goals of the year is to "make the knowledge market a real market."

According to today’s disclosure, up to now, 15,000 knowledge service products have been provided, with 5,000 producers and 6 million paid users, and more than 1 million people use Zhihu University each day. From the perspective of key indicators, it is known that it is the largest knowledge payment platform in China and far exceeds the second place. To realize that the knowledge market is a real market, this goal has been achieved.

The knowledge market is the equivalent of a bookstore. What you do is buy and sell. Its greatest value is connection, not service. The market emphasizes connection efficiency, the university emphasizes service quality, a good university has good ideas, management and facilities, provides a good learning environment through the improvement of the service system, and then attracts quality teachers, students and research resources.

The knowledge market has been renamed to Zhihu University, indicating that its focus is not only on linking creators and consumers, but also on building more systematic services and cultivating knowledge services. At present, it has built up a knowledge service system consisting of a "course system", a "book system" and a "training camp" to cover different knowledge creation and consumption scenarios.

The "training camp" targeted at lightweight training services is more like a traditional educational service than "course systems" and "books." The system is mainly different from online. The "training camp" can be extended down the line. This is an area that is known to have not been vigorously expanded before, and is a growth point with a very imaginative space in the future.

However, even if there is a training camp, it is not education in the traditional sense that is known to the university. It is to serve the people with lifelong education. It builds through various forms of paid knowledge content. The service system covers three types of knowledge: general knowledge, professional skills, and hobbies, to meet people's demand for knowledge acquisition in the world.

Super membership service caters to trends

Knowing that building the largest knowledge market in the country, launching membership services is a matter of course.

Before I knew it, I have already introduced the 199 yuan/year Zhihu·Book Club membership service. Members can enjoy audio books, e-books, original books, and custom-made information about Live. Compared with the book club members' interest in "book system", it is known that the super-member service is oriented to the entire station. After Zhizhu University is online, its knowledge service system is not limited to the "book system", but also the "curriculum system" and "Training Camp", so it is necessary to know that super members are introduced at this time.

Actually, from the previous “Literacy fission” marketing scandals of Litchi Micro-learning, Netease Playsets, Sanlian Weekly, and the New World, users are of high quality.The content of knowledge is hunger and thirst. The content of knowledge that can be provided is much more than that of a course, and the knowledge services provided are also more systematic. The price of a super member is 348 yuan a year for a few hundred yuan in front of the “sweeping class”, not at all. It is precisely because of this that I participated in the pre-sale of Zhizhi Super-Members last night. Of course, one of the important reasons why I am willing to pay for the money is that the various member services I experienced before did not disappoint me.

In the wave of consumer upgrades, member service models for price-insensitive user groups are gaining popularity in China. The member services of the Jingdong Plus member, iQiyi video member, QQ music member and other internet platforms are all growing rapidly. The rights and interests of each provider are different. The essence is to give members privilege (such as download), experience (such as advertising ), and unexpected benefits (such as surprise member price).

The key to the success of the membership model is to achieve a good reputation through the high quality of service and exceeding expectations. The free mode is popular on the Internet. The member model requires the service to be paid first. Users are willing to pay for it means the trust to the platform. If the platform is not done well in the next member cycle, it will be abandoned by users if the platform is ready. , will form a word of mouth, users are willing to continue to save money. The success of Amazon Prime members covers one-tenths of Americans and one-third of American families. It is precisely because of the unexpected surprise service that users continue to expect, and the value of service that members receive often exceeds membership fees significantly.

Knowing that launching a full-stop super membership, it is necessary to give members high-quality knowledge and experience that exceeds expectations. Otherwise, no one will renew their fees next year. Being aware of the courage to launch shows that it places more emphasis on sustainable services than on the one hand, and it also shows that it has confidence in its own services.

Knowledge Paid Market begins to enter the Sham Shui Po District

The 2016 e-mails for the products, platforms, and other products and platforms were announced For the first year of knowledge economy. After two years of precipitation, the popular knowledge payment game has basically stopped.

However, the knowledge economy itself has not slackened, and the group of “new knowledge youth” is growing, their thirst for knowledge is increasing, and their willingness to pay and ability has never been increased.Fading, just after experiencing the “harvesting” in turns, has become more aware of where to go and what kind of form to acquire knowledge, and what content should be paid more clearly. Learn to hold your wallet.

It is because of this that I think the knowledge payment market has entered the deep water area. Knowledge itself is not something that can "explode," nor should it be something that can be "marketed." Whether learners, creators or platforms should all sink in, respect the laws of knowledge dissemination, cater to consumer spending habits, and polish high-quality knowledge services.

Now there are few knowledge-based platforms that still exist. The best of them are those who know, get, and the Himalayas. Both the acquisition and the Himalayas are on the eve of the IPO. Compared with the latter two focusing on the segmented market, knowing it is for the mass consumers, its development is wider, deeper and wider, and the imagination is even greater.

Knowing that he has always insisted on his own. It does not appear to be involved in "selling marketing," but it seems to be in no hurry, but it is actually insisting on doing a good job of knowledge services. Knowing that CEO Zhou Yuan had previously decided to become a knowledge market, he also stressed that it was not a matter of knowing whether or not to pay for knowledge. Knowing about the D round of financing led investment party today Capital founding partner, president Xu Xin also emphasized this point: "I know not to chase after the wind, but to grasp the subtle market excel in intensive cultivation, seize the needs of users to do a good job in order to Based on this, the growth will be larger.” Xu Xin investment entrepreneurs value the team’s ability to “delay satisfaction” most of the time. The attitudes of the companies and founders who invest in Jingdong, the US Mission, etc It is also such a company.

Recognized today's two actions, but also to the beginning of the heart. Last month, Zhili held the annual "Club Youth Conference" and released the concept of "New Youth". In the definition of knowing, the new youth has nothing to do with age and occupation, but "to the world. Keep curiosity, think independently, face the state of constant exploration of the unknown, work, and life.” At the same time, Zhou Yuan shared the knowing heart: “Help people to share their knowledge, experience and insights, produce, spread, share useful, have The information of value helps people to better understand the world and become the mission of knowing.

Either it is a university or a super-member, it is beneficial to people to share their knowledge, experience and insights. The construction of a perfect knowledge service system naturally benefits the creators in their production, dissemination and sharing of knowledge content. And better meet consumer demand for knowledge acquisition.

The age of knowledge as a service has arrived

The foundation of the Internet is information, and knowledge is information. Indispensable, precisely because of this, from the beginning of its birth, there was a large amount of knowledge on the Internet. However, the spread of knowledge on the Internet has gone through different stages.

First At the stage, knowledge is just information.

Traditional question and answer websites, encyclopedia platforms, and document sharing platforms are all spreading knowledge, but knowledge is only information, and the platform for carrying knowledge is the media. - The essence of the lively answering question last year was also this model. At this time, knowledge is free of charge. The source of knowledge is the traditional knowledge system, not the original knowledge creator. For example, many people moved the content of a paper book to an encyclopedia word. Article in the Internet The platform obtains traffic through the dissemination of knowledge, and the flow is realized through modes such as advertising.

The second stage, knowledge becomes a commodity.

Users are accustomed to mobile internet age In the case of fragmented reading, fewer and fewer adults are willing to acquire knowledge in such a heavy way as reading books and classes, and young people tend to acquire a large amount of knowledge in a short period of time.At this time, knowledge payments rise and knowledge becomes a commodity. p>

This stage has cultivated the habit of users paying for knowledge, spawned a large number of professional or part-time knowledge creators, and they have produced a large amount of knowledge that cannot be seen in the original knowledge system. At the same stage, various model innovations were introduced. Many new games such as paid quizzes, paid roundtables, social quizzes, and audio and video broadcasts were introduced. The knowledge economy was ignited for the first time.

The third stage, knowledge became a service.

Knowledge payment just solves the problem of knowledge pricing. It is too fragmented and it is not conducive to the user's detection of the world. To put it bluntly, users find it better to buy a bunch of paid knowledge. Book, knowledge payment on quality, knowledge systems and iterative content, doing is not enough.

Knowledge is no longerIt is a dice sale, but it becomes a service, service means sustainable, it means a system, which means quality assurance - iPhone is a commodity, iOS is a service; smart TV is a commodity, content is a service; paid knowledge is a commodity, knowledge University is a service.

The greatest opportunity for knowledge services is active self-education

Knowledge services also include the following categories:

1. Most of the knowledge has information attributes. Information flow, columns, short content, and question and answer are all indispensable forms of knowledge services. It is difficult to be replaced. New media such as short video, live broadcast, and VR are being applied to the dissemination of knowledge information.

2. Products. A small amount of knowledge can be packaged as a commodity sale, such as a celebrity question and answer, knowledge about Live, offline interviews, and so on. The knowledge commodity will go to standardization, and the price will gradually return to normal level after sufficient supply.

Knowledge goods will also be linked to services. For example, the paid contents of a psychological counselor can be connected to psychological counseling services. For example, financial experts' paid courses can be connected to financial advice services or even professional financial consulting services. Services are no longer the domain of knowledge goods, but knowledge goods can be a means of acquiring and screening users.

3. Publishing. Fragmentation knowledge becomes the system is a book, unlike traditional books, the publishing categories in the era of knowledge service will be more abundant, and the forms will be more diverse to be compatible with different consumption habits. For example, it is known that there are original books, e-books, audio books, and interpretation books. Publishing services will also be connected behind the publication, not only to the user, but also to the readers. For example, the readers will be able to read the book after reading the book, and they will be interested in reading. During the reading process, they can ask questions and discuss with the community to form a completion. Reading the closed loop, the essence of this gameplay is to make reading a service.

4. Education. Education is one of the oldest forms of knowledge dissemination. Compared with various forms of knowledge services, education is the most systematic and sustainable mode of knowledge dissemination, and its effects are also matched with detection methods. In the knowledge service system, education will be very important. The education of Chinese users in previous years will basically cease after graduation. The Internet platform will do more for adult lifelong education and provide lifelong education similar to family courses, workplace training, and interest classes. service.

After reform and opening up, lifelong education has always been valued by the state and has even beenWriting the "Education Law" has become a basic national policy. However, traditional lifelong education such as adult universities, old-age universities, and vocational education have a high barrier to entry and the beneficiary population is limited. The Internet with universal ability will play a more important role in lifelong education. . After the advent of the knowledge-as-a-service era, I personally believe that lifelong education will be an important opportunity for the knowledge platform.

Overall, the era of knowledge payment in 2018 has become history. Knowledge payment is not important. We must provide knowledgeable, systematic, sustainable, and quality knowledge services to help people grow up for life. And exploring the world is the future trend.