The 50-year-old Intel not only defined the PC once again, but also took it out today.

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The 50-year-old Intel not only defined the PC once again, but also took it out today.

2018-06-08 00:25:49 94 ℃

After another month, Intel will be 50 years old, and the 8086 processor, which represents the human PC, will soon reach its 40th birthday.

If these two ages are placed on people, they will always be one of the reasons for discouraging young people. The frequency with which young people are more likely to interact with young people is more likely to interact with them. The lower it will be, as many people would add a modifier when they say PC: I don't think I have any desire to change computers.

But this year, this kind of voice around me began to show a negative tone. "I think my computer should be changed." Those who said this are those who are constantly worried about the battery and the lack of editing when they go out to run the conference. They also have girls who like to watch the episode in the bed dislike the heat and weight of the computer.

Is the person changed, or is the PC changed?

When the PC is changed, Intel puts forward a new PC art theory.

Two days later is the college entrance examination. In previous years, sometimes the political media will do the college entrance examination after the end of the exam. Three-piece set of topics, and in recent years the voice has been getting lower and lower.

The reason is simple. After experiencing the juggler's age of mobile phones, tablets, and computers, our honest (lazy) body tends to focus as much as possible in all circumstances. The equipment has come in its own right.

Data shows that currently 80% of serious work is still done on the PC, with a large amount of interference, The continuous change of the use scene and the high demand for real-time connections have become the source of complaints about the inconvenience of the current PC.

A more "funny" number display, according to a LinkedIn survey, 56% of the post-00 population are unwilling to work for people with different values ​​that lack technical support, while 42% said that if the company does not have good technical tools to support, it is likely to choose to leave.

So, bosses and HRs, this is not an alarmist. For the joy of their employees, change the PC.

Intel also presented its own five evaluation criteria for next-generation PCs at this International Computer Show in Taipei: Performance , Connectivity, Battery Life, Dimensional Adaptability, and Artificial Intelligence.

You can't read the 5 points, but you need to know that Intel sent a gift

It may be that the WWDC 18 on the early morning didn't come up with any hardware, Intel As soon as he came up, he happily took the attitude of "teaching people."

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor, Intel has come up with a delicious cake, oh no, delicious i7 CPU and named i7-8086K.

The i7-8086K can be implemented with the same 14nm process and 6-core and 12-thread physical fitness as the current flagship. The 5GHz Turbo frequency, which is a milestone in the history of Intel's history and even CPU's history, is different from the CPU of 40 years ago? Take a look at the following game screen comparisons.

To commemorate the 8086 processor The cornerstone of this CPU design, the i7-8086K will be officially launched at 12:01 on the 8th of June (the anniversary of the first Intel 8086 processor) on June 8. To help, Intel will also send 8086 i7 free of charge. -8086K as birthdaygift.

In addition to this birthday gift, Intel has also launched a mobile-facing codename for Whiskey Lake U and Amber. Lake Y's two series of low-voltage CPUs provide more than double-digit performance improvements for smaller form factor notebooks. Intel said that it will have more than 140 laptops with these two series of CPUs available this year.

After talking about a 5GHz, Intel took out the next 5G again, with the gradual decline of current traffic charges and With the continuous increase in the mobile frequency of PCs, Intel said that it will vigorously promote laptops supporting 4G modules this year, and now it has confirmed that there are more than a dozen models for production.

In the next year commercialization of 5G will also synchronize the device in the PC, Intel demonstrated on-site 5G network to string The screen of 4K resolution Wonder Woman streaming meets the long-cherished wish of a typical high-performance PC user who does not want his Goddess's buffer to have a little bit of Caton.

And to say that everyone's resentment for the notebook is more persistent is to be angry with the battery, field data show that The life of the notebook has been raised from about 8 hours five years ago to the current 20 hours.

For fear of disbelief, Intel is still presenting a video of a notebook's battery life test. The video reached 25 hours and 40 minutes. Believe it or not, the editors responsible for testing the notebook's battery life in the technology media may not be willing to believe it. After all, testing one-day use is not something everyone can afford...

Before IntelThe ad always likes to say "lights and other lights," and I already felt that there must be profound meaning in it. This time, Intel introduced its research and development in lighting. Intel thought that the most costly part is to wait for the CPU to fully save power. The display of the notebook, in order to save this part of the energy, Intel came up with low power display technology (Low Power Display Technology).

Intel indicates that it will manufacture a 1 Watt panel with Sharp and Innolux, which will reduce the power consumption of the LCD half.

Be careful, Intel may regard the dual-screen computer as the next main PC form after the 2 and 1 form, although the last “revolution” was stolen by Surface from Microsoft’s own. One of the things that made many PC manufacturers face no light, this time Lenovo wanted to regain one game.

Live Lenovo demonstrated a second-generation Yoga Book product that may be launched this year. In addition to the dual screen, Lenovo Given the user portrait is more interesting, Lenovo said that for 2-in-1 products, users are more likely to be used as a PC rather than a tablet, and users’ demand for multi-tasking performance and demand for ultra-thin and light-weight products are desperately needed. The first two.

PC has intelligence, humans What will happen?

Intel announced the AI ​​on PC Developer Program to provide developers with tools and training, and Movidius VPU for PCs brings new PCs Artificial intelligence as the core of the imagination.

For example, another group of editors at Ai Fan's site witnessed the release of ASUS Project Pre at the scene.The cog concept notebook provides intelligent response functions in different scenarios, but it is not quite smart enough for human ideal intelligence.

Look at what the PC thinks of itself.

Will the PC's next decade become something we haven't seen before?

The manuscript is almost written. It's time for an interstitial ad.

You may not be able to guess Intel's own definition of the conference's weight. In Intel's reference to the media, the title “Intel broke the limits of modern computing” has emerged.

Let Intel write down such a "narcissistic" heading that he thought he would see in a few years, but Intel took them to the scene.

We have just witnessed the i9 launch in Beijing. We are obviously not scared by the i9 Extreme Logo debut in Taipei, but when When PPT flips to the next page, everyone is not calm.

28 cores.

The CineBench ran points in the field are obviously not the same as the hardware vendors and software developers' commercial interactions. Blow, because in front of this CPU CineBench this kind of mainstream running software is like a waste as no parry, but not count the number of simultaneous threads, running points is over...

Intel did not even cheer, and said that it will start selling in the fourth quarter of this year. Let's wait ....

Although many people don't feel much about this kind of turbulent parameter of 28 cores, they have a heavy load that depends heavily on computing performance. For workers, the increase in CPU performance is simply to save their lives.

A team that supported animation masterpieces such as Kung Fu Panda demonstrated the process of rendering a 3D basketball short film using the latest i9 processor and the Optane 905P SSD platform just released. After that, the work that originally took 40 seconds to complete ended within 7 seconds.

Either you think it is good or not, Jeremy Lin is very good at the scene anyway.


As part of Intel’s large-scale press conference's “Muscle Through the Brain Hole” session, Intel demonstrated its ability to instantly synthesize music and scores through AI's live capture of musicians' movements.

If the picture of the automatic playing of the piano in the title of “Western World” is chilling, watching the drummer hit the “drums” picture without a doubt Even more shocking.

The "disappearance" here is not a set of drums, but a set of computing devices. When all kinds of future AI applications can be in a notebook When computing power is under support, it is the driving force for the next 50 years for the PC.

"I'll show you My band.”

When he finished, he pulled out his pocket laptop.