"National flagship" Lenovo Z5 has just been released, but I chose to write Xiaomi 8 to get started

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"National flagship" Lenovo Z5 has just been released, but I chose to write Xiaomi 8 to get started

2018-06-08 00:25:57 86 ℃

"There has never been a mobile phone manufacturer that can bounce back after sales decline, and Xiaomi is the first one."

This This is one of the words that Tony has heard in the mobile phone ring this year.

The overall domestic market share has recovered, the Indian market has been keeping pace with Samsung, and the European market has been a success.

This is the result of Xiaomi’s listing on the eighth anniversary. This also gives Xiaomi strong confidence, even Even this year's flagship of the millet is directly skipped 7 and changed to Xiaomi 8.

So today, Tony came to see how this millet's flagship 8th Anniversary phone has performed~

The appearance of this phone is basically not much brighter. The 6.21 inch 18.7:9 Samsung AMOLED screen means that Xiaomi 8 does not handle the top frame like the MIX series, but instead uses a big bang. To accommodate front camera, handset and other components.

Although infrared face recognition has been added, it has only increased the success rate of unlocking under dark light conditions, and There is no qualitative improvement. "Face ID" exists only in Xiaomi 8 Exploration Edition.

Xiaomi 8 Exploration Edition

Continuing to see Xiaomi 8, a glass back panel, and a vertical panel Double and rear fingerprints are set, but note that Millet 8 does not have wireless charging.

Millet himself also used a "cry smile" emoji at the conference to show that Xiaomi 8 is not an idol. send.

so outsideSome Tony views on the concept will not go into details, the real machine as you see in the picture, law-abiding, not too many highlights.

The re-evolution of MIUI 9 that is "fast as lightning", MIUI 10 of "AI plus-full screen system" is a highlight of Xiaomi 8.

On Millet 8, the new MIUI 10 overall interface gives a very transparent, clean, fresh feeling .

Drop down the notification bar of millet 8, unlike MIUI 9, which uses a large block to separate notification messages, in MIUI On the 10th, a variety of brightly colored pieces that are easy to catch the eye are pulled out and become slightly transparent white as the background color.

The progress bar that adjusts screen brightness has also become long block, which can help users concentrate.

In addition to this, MIUI 10 is also very interesting in terms of sound processing. It claims to reduce 76% of the sound interference. Through intelligent filtering, MIUI 10 can automatically fold some unimportant notifications, such as The push of the video app will only slightly vibrate without disturbing the sound effects.

Obviously, MIUI 10 selected wood, sand, water and other natural sounds this time. The element, like receiving a WeChat message, sounds like a drop of water, and when the message is received continuously, the second sound is not the same as the first one.

After changing the rhythm and strength, it is like a continuous sound of real water droplets, alleviating irritation. sense. This improvement is very friendly for users who have too many daily message notifications and are unwilling to close notifications.

In addition to this, MIUI 10 of Millet 8 has also made some improvements in full-screen gesture interaction. Although sliding from the left and right sides of the screen still returns, on the MIUI 10, you can slide back and forth from the left or right sides to return to the previous application.

Sliding up from the bottom of the screen is to return to the main interface, the bottom of the screen will slide up to stay in multitasking, but MIUI The multitasking interface on the 10 is no longer sliding left and right, but becomes a kind of tiled on the screen, a screen can display up to four application interfaces at the same time, which improves the efficiency of the screen.

Of course, since it is AI's full screen system MIUI 10, say full face-screen interaction, we're going to Say AI.

On the MIUI 10 equipped with MIUI 10, AI is mainly shown in the image of a young lover. This time, the little love classmate has a very big improvement over MIUI 9 and can do more things.

For a simple example, “Little Love, help me send a circle of friends and say that hot pot is a one-year old dog”

You can also say:

"Little love classmate, I want to lead Jing beans"

"Little love classmates, send a 5 yuan to the hot pot The red envelope, remarks chicken leg money"

There is also a very good driving model.

After entering the driving mode, Xiaoai classmate will control the mobile phone in place of you. When others come to WeChat, XiaoLove The message will be automatically read out in voice and ask you how to reply.

In thisIn the course of the entire process, it is not necessary to watch the mobile phone communicate with voice and small love, and it is very useful for drivers who like to drive.

And this time MIUI 10's Xiaomi 8 finally came up with the camera, with a dual 12 million camera behind it. Support Dual PD dual-focus, the main camera sensor is IMX 363, the actual camera effect is still good, the mainstream level.

Of course, Xiaomi 8, the flagship of the performance flagship, is the standard on the Xiaolong 845 processor and 6 GB of memory. Starting at RMB 2,699, it is the cheapest Xiaolong 845 mobile phone on the market.

In addition to Xiaomi 8, there is another promotional selling point in the world that is the world's first dual-frequency GPS positioning, supporting L1. + L5 dual-frequency positioning, known as very precise positioning.

But this feature Tony did not go to try, and he wanted to navigate the village. . . There is a small partner in Chongqing can try to come back and tell me the results ~

So the value of this millet is not worth buying?

Tony’s comments are:

If you are a face value, care about The appearance of the mobile phone, then the design of this millet 8 partial public may not be able to meet you, you have other better choices; but if you are a game party, occasionally take pictures, the appearance of the requirements are not high, but also the pursuit of cost , then Millet 8 may be your best choice ~

"Face value and configuration you choose?"