The yellow car is really cold. Did your deposit come out? !

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The yellow car is really cold. Did your deposit come out? !

2018-06-08 00:25:59 214 ℃

Deep excavation took 48 hours and we finally passed the exclusive smash, away from the “small The truth about the "yellow car yellowing" incident is even closer.

The fermentation of things on Monday, a news story about "The yellow car is fast yellow," broke the circle of friends. When people in the industry are stunned, they are asking, really?

The truth is hard to confirm.

Oflo's own clarification was pale and powerless, and there was no positive response to layoffs.

At noon today, ofo’s officials did not continue to confess their opinions, but their attitude was tough. "For the malicious slander, there is a plan to discredit the organization, we are tolerant to zero," and allegedly issued a lawyer's letter to the relevant media.

Is the yellow car really yellow? "" Yellow car to "yellow"? Ofo emergency yo! Open the self-rescue mode for "independent" ""ofo yellow car to yellow? It is inevitable that Dawei alone will develop contraction because he does not want to stand in the team.... The media circle continues to ferment this matter. The truth is like Rashomon. It is always clear from the layer of yarn.

After 48 hours, Zinc Finance contacted an organization's internal core personage. The giant and hegemonic organization has been paying close attention to the direction of the shared bicycle market, and even participated in the market layout of the shared bicycle field from the very beginning.

The core person stated clearly: “ofo is indeed facing a tight funding chain.”

"The interface of Ant Financial's no-deposit deposit has been open to shared bicycles. If the exit access can only indicate a problem in the company's capital chain, it is a defensive approach." A shared bicycle The business market manager confirmed this view from the side to Zinc Finance.

A former employee of the shared bicycle industry disclosed that: "Corruption is not the main reason for the tension in the capital chain. The emphasis is on the high cost of operation and maintenance, and follow-up financing can not keep up."After the deterioration of the relationship between the droplets and the droplets, the Didi team appeared to be completed. Ofo began to increase positions internally, adjusted the KPI ladder, and upgraded the incentive system; even the OFO company invested a certain amount of funds and manpower to try Token, which eventually led to the arrival of the capital chain crisis.

On the existing multiple sources, Zinc Finance concluded that Out:


Of the true moment of life and death of OFO is actually not at this year but at the end of last year, but the funding chain is still tight.

1. The biggest key point is that both DDT and OFO are focused on the travel business, DDT as one of the major shareholders in the board of directors to occupy the main right to speak, hoping to be more involved in the ofo business;ofo eager to develop independently, Didi and founder's Contradiction between the opinions could not be solved, and some important financing was rejected.

2.Dai Wei was considered to be a financial problem caused by an overwhelming willingness of independence, which is an illusion. In fact, the CEO of Mobai Wang Xiaofeng is more independent than Dewey's The willingness is stronger, but only the limited shares held by him are not able to play a decisive role in the development of the Mobiya.Dai Wei's independence and strong control influence the development of ofo.


Including ofo, most of the shared bikes are extensive for the past few years. Pay for the business.

1. At the enclosure stage, ofo and Mobba’s play style is too extensive, operating costs remain high, and the financial model is indeed unhealthy.

2. Currently, the most important core of the Harrow bicycles that survived or even took the lead was to use The fine-grained operation method controls the consumption of vehicles and operating costs, which is the outcome of life and death.


In the past when the industry was extremely excited, China's sharing of bicycle mode overseas output had basically failed.

1. Overseas, ofo's operations are relatively good.

2. Even if it is relatively good, ofo encounters funds cards.After the shell, in fact, the follow-up was weak.

As far as the current situation is concerned, OFO's funding chain is tense and dripping with evil. Large-scale layoffs at the headquarters, changes in management... One of the shareholders of the other side, Ant Financial, turned to Harlow, drove green bicycles, and rejected the merger and other acquisitions of ofo into an isolated development situation.

The image of the media is likened to "I don't love you."

This isolated scene is actually inevitable. When Zinc Finance asked about the commercialization of a person in charge of sharing bicycles in the head, he could not give a clear answer and snarled it with “still need to explore”. The birth of a shared bicycle has passed for a full four years.


Except for BAT-level companies that are willing to continue blood transfusions as a way out, all external information points to shared bikes entering the dark moments.

Policy Restrictions: On June 2nd, the “Administrative Measures for Internet Leasing Bikes in Shanghai” was drafted and a draft of “Prohibition of Commercial Advertising on Vehicles” was drafted, leading to the original advertising revenue plan of companies such as OFO. It died at the policy level; before that, Beijing also had relevant laws and regulations.

The peers are not optimistic: “If there is no major change in ofo in the near future, coolness is inevitable, and this month may be variable. Founder Dai Wei of capital-controlled circles is subject to capital exclusion. Advertisements are just dying, and they can only sell themselves.” “The counterparts in the field of travel,” Zhao Jie, the founder of the Hangzhou Xiebu Network, decided that his trip projects are more concerned with how to achieve cash flow in tourism and scenic spots. Instead of blindly expanding with the money-burning model, and letting them fall into a passive position from the perspective of capital, this is the universal perception of the new round of entrepreneurs in the field of travel.

Investors are not optimistic: New generation investors, Qingchuang United The founder, Tu Mingkai, stands in the development angle of industryIn terms of degree, it is considered that “sharing economy is a compromise in the economic downturn environment. The plate is not big enough and it is impossible to reduce enough marginal cost.” He believes that the sharing model does not help the physical industry.

Private strife: The sharing of bicycles in Beijing and Hangzhou was resisted by property companies, etc.; at the end of 2017, 10,000 damaged yellow vehicles were transported to Dongguan, seriously affecting the appearance of the city; a district in Tianjin The sharing of bicycles indiscriminately disturbs the lives of citizens and the communities come up with a coordinated solution.

Inevitably, the sharing of bicycles will inevitably become a part of Big Mac's ecological layout, but the social cost is too high.

As Mobike’s founder, Hu Xiaowei, said, “There is no reason for a truly successful company to succeed. It's just because of capital. So, capital is to boost you, but in the end, actually, You have to go back.”

Perhaps, sharing bikes that owed the public should also go back. BGM should be the coolest of the moment.

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