The furthest distance in the world is that you use Apple. I use Android.

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The furthest distance in the world is that you use Apple. I use Android.

2018-06-08 00:26:01 225 ℃

At 1 o'clock on the 5th of June, Apple CEO Cook at the 29th Apple Global Developers Conference On the Android OS, as always,

50% of Apple's customers updated their iOS 11 within seven weeks, and over 81% of users updated their latest ones. At the same time, only 6% of Android users will choose to update their latest system. This updated system, in Cook's words, is almost “not as airborne”.

Cook's self-confidence makes sense. As Cook said, iOS is now the world's largest mobile application market, and Apple manages its vast land like a large landowner. In contrast, Android is more like a scattered cultivator. Although it has low output, chaos, and miscellaneous users, it is also somewhat more free.

The 29th Apple Global Developers Conference.

Google and Apple, Android and iOS are like a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, always radish vegetables have their own love, but Apple as an industry benchmark, Android this everything Rebuttal, it always seems to hit the stone.

Like today, another domestic “full-screen cell phone” using Android has come out. Manufacturers declared at the press conference that “An Apple has so far failed to do it. The product".

According to this, acid users said: “Within 1,000 pieces, Apple will never be able to do it.

Not only that, there are many features and features of Android, Apple not only can not, it will simply be whipped!

Do not be humble, domestically produced Android phones are really products that Apple can't make.

Can Apple be earthed like Android?


Although the real localization of the operating system is still bleak, but Android and Apple are different, it authorizes the freedom of designing user interfaces for domestic mobile phones. Without using ROOT, the entire mobile phone can be used with high value and ease of use. At least on the surface, it can give people a "customized" feeling.

All Huawei, Xiaomi, and hammers are. Huawei has its own voice wake-up, single-handed mode, and trick-shooting function, plus a simple and fresh interface with hydrogen OS. The deep customization of the hammer is even more powerful. However, Lao Luo still modestly said that the hammer system is 30% to 50% better than iOS and Android.

Which looks like Apple, both domestic and foreign, and it's always boring to use it for a long time. Even the full-screen bangs, domestic-made Android machines are more than the iPhone X tricks, the major manufacturers are shorter than anyone else, can be said to be very moving.

What bangs you want to choose from.

Can Apple be as cheap as Android?


The process of Apple System and WeChat tearing X is obvious to all, and it is strongly demanded that it be drawn from the public number and rewarded. Big impact on the user's experience over time.

More than WeChat, since 2017, Apple has been pursuing various apps published on app atore. None of these platforms are aware of this, and they directly transfer this 30% of the money to Apple's users. As a result, there is a full membership in iQiyi. Apple users want to give 30% more money than Android users.

Let buyers spend more money, sellers make less money, and Apple is the middleman to make a difference. With Apple's comparison object, Android users have a sense of superiority, consumption on Android, and cheap and convenient, just like consumption in a duty-free shop.

You want to use a reward.

Does Apple have Android Security?


For today's people, mobile phones are much more important than wallets.

Before Ningbo Haishu police provided a set of statistical data analysis, listed several cell phone brands stolen by thieves: Apple ranked first in 45% Samsung ranked second with a steal rate of 25%. Other fragmented domestic mobile phones added up to less than 30%. This shows that the thieves love Apple.

Thus, the "generally cheaper" feature of Android phones has become an advantage invisibly: I'm cheap, but I'm safe!

Do you say that pirated software is not safe? Okay, but I'm free!

less than a thousand dollars will be able to play Android smart machine, cheap to no friends, a year There is no pressure.

Can Apple be as consistent as Android?


Android is like a dreadful wife. It has been loyal to the user and has been loyal to the user. It can be used as the main model. Can be a backup machine, set aside an unconditional call transfer at home, do not have to go out with.

Apple is different, always the main model, always with the owner. Every one or two years, many Apple users will be refreshingly refreshed, spend money to buy a new apple, and be more diligent than the scum men looking for women.

When there is a bitterness and arrogance, Apple's relationship with Apple's mobile phone is always the same. What's even worse is that if Apple wants to separate its working mobile phone and living mobile phone, he can only buy two Apple mobile phones.

No way, Who doesn't let Apple have dual cards?

Double card dual standby is the dream of countless Chinese mobile phone users.

Can Apple be as convenient as Android?


For people who are used to using Android phones, it is always uncomfortable to use 10,000 apples.

With a computer, Apple users must use annoying iTunes. Want to listen to a song, headphone port and charging port is actually the same, 3.5mm headphone jack, please remember to match the transfer interface. What's even more annoying is that every next app has to enter a password. Some apps have to pay for it, some even have to cross the block, and you don't want to get it.

Homemade Android phones are different, with a large selection of piracy and cottage app options, and the basic operation is unchanged for years. The direct and simple operation allows the user to save effort and worry.

Are you asking about the copyright of the app? Sorry, domestic Android mobile phone users may not care.

The Apple iPhone adapter sold at an online store is a multifarious one.

Is Apple Android so creative?


Android's open operating system is obviously for smart people. If you do not find the fun of using an Android phone, you can only blame you for knowing too little.

Look at the reaction of netizens @ Guoda Jason Statham in opening the door to the New World:

" Android's openness allows it to breed a lot of very convenient applications, fooview, application double open, root installed on the framework is almost omnipotent, I was very excited at first, holding the mix is ​​unlocked and root, installed A lot of flowers and bells and whistles could make oneself bad, and all kinds of show functions made my climax climax again."

Can you understand? Do not understand right. The consequence of this is: "The result can also be imagined, the phone took a while to fly out of the card."

Android machines, geek toys, ordinary people will not play at all.

Does Apple Power Android?


A typical office worker on an Apple mobile phone uses the brush to chatter when commuting and watches the public during lunch breaks. Numbers, making several phone calls during work, and arriving at home in the evening, the electricity estimate is almost used.

After Apple's "Battery Gate" incident last year, users have begun to find that the intuitions that may arise from the use of Apple may be mostly correct. Apple's mobile phone use will be slow for a long time, it is indeed the result of the official restrictions. Although Apple officials explained that they were trying to prevent the impact of battery aging on user experience, this overbearing behavior of “thinking for the user” has already caused Apple to lose a lot more than it did on Android.

Android, not to mention those powerful endurance machines, even if it is a very ordinary Andrews machine that is bad, it is far slower than Apple's power consumption,especially Backup Android machine, battery life may be up to one week!

If your phone's battery is not enough, please reflect on it.

Does Apple have Android peace of mind?


With the increase in the number of people using mobile phones, the market for mobile phone shells is gradually expanding, and individuals can get several mobile phones. The shell went to the flyover to sell it.

A lot of luxury brands have also followed suit with high-end mobile phone shells: LV launched a mobile phone shell based on Petite Malle for iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a price of RMB 38,500-42,000. Unlike, the most expensive is the alligator skin + gold version, the price is about seven times the iPhone 7 price.

With so many attractive mobile phone cases, many people even chooseBuy a lot of mobile phone shell for use. Faced with so many tricks, so many styles of mobile phone shell, how to choose it?

Fortunately, Android users never need to worry about this issue. Because there are too many Android models, many merchants will not choose to sell Android phone shells. Therefore, Android users can only purchase matching mobile phone shells from manufacturers, which is expensive and less.

Then the problem is here--

Mobile phone shell. Do you want to use Android?