The scary technology of Xiaomi and Lenovo was recently killed by Huawei.

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The scary technology of Xiaomi and Lenovo was recently killed by Huawei.

2018-06-08 00:26:07 257 ℃

Huawei Glory just held a press conference for its new flagship in Beijing.

A series of new products including Glory's flagship new mobile phone, Play Glory, Glory 9i, and Magic Book.

Of course the new product above is not the focus of the conference.

The real highlight is Huawei’s previously revealed “very scary technology”!

The scary technology released by Xiaomi and Lenovo Afterwards (the price of Xiaomi 8 was scary, Lenovo's Emmm...), Huawei glory finally unveiled its own "very scary technology" --

GPU Turbo

After watching this GPU Turbo technology, Machine Brother's greatest experience is:

> The scary technology of your business partner This is the hardest work among manufacturers!

No waste, take a look at the four highlights of this GPU Turbo technology

High performance

GPU efficiency increased by 60%

A glorious Huawei glory with GPU Turbo technology? GPU casuallyDo you still fail to beat Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 Series and Apple A11 Bionic processor?

According to data provided by Huawei, blessing the GPU Turbo Technology's glory Play, in the glory of the king hangs the iPhone X and Xiaolong 845's Android flagship, and still single-threaded victory over multi-threaded!

And Huawei's GPU Turbo technology can be used on thousands of machines! Even the glory of the Unicorn 659 (closer to the Dragon 625) 9 Youth Edition can play large games over 30 frames!

More Power Savings

30% Lower Energy Consumption

And Huawei's GPU Turbo technology is even more "scared" by bringing high-performance GPU enhancements while also saving energy!

and GPU Turbo Technology While reducing energy consumption, performance can also be kept stable!

High-quality pictures

Cooler play

In addition to improving GPU performance and reducing power consumption, Huawei GPU Turbo technology can also bring HDR enhancement effects and game customization effects.

When the problem came, Huawei's GPU Turbo technology On the phone to achieve it?

Glory Play will become the world's first product equipped with GPU Turbo technology.

According to Glory's official statement, Glory Plays with GPU Turbo Technology. The game is even more stable than Xiaolong 8's millet 8!

And honored Play's first 4D gaming experience, supporting smart sensation, different The scene has a different sense of shock!

Glory Play is equipped with a 6.3-inch Liu Haiping with a resolution of 2340*1080. And Glory Play also optimized the R angle for process improvement.

In addition to the three conventions of Magic Night, Aurora Blue, and Nebula Purple In addition to color matching, there is a cool version of Magic Night and Charm Flame. These two versions have a radiant line design on the back. Gamers should like it.

Other configurations, the glory Play equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 4GB/6GB mobile phone storage +64GB body storage, battery capacity of 3750mAh, the system is based on Android 8.1 EMUI 8.2. Rear 16MP + 2MP dual camera, support phase focus, AI scene recognition and portrait features. Front 1600-megapixel AI beauty shooter.

In terms of selling price, 4GB+64GB is priced at $1999, 6GB +64GB is priced at 2399 yuan, and the special color version is priced at 2,499 yuan.

It seems that the performance of Huawei's mobile phone's shortcomings has been low Removed...

But why does GPU Turbo currently only support 6 games?

Exclusive Game Optimization?