"Three hundred million people are fighting" APP, shocked by pornographic products involved in violence

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"Three hundred million people are fighting" APP, shocked by pornographic products involved in violence

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"Fight more, fight more, fight more, save more", a few years ago in this subway ad "brainwashing divine music", so many people on this "100 million people All of them have been deeply impressed by the APP.

According to the official website, this online social networking platform, which has been on-line for less than three years, claims to have surpassed 200 million. Advertising words also became "300 million people are fighting." In addition to getting a lower price, the users can also join their social relationships together. According to a 36-inch report, in April of this year, Pinto, after financing 3 billion U.S. dollars, was valued at 15 billion U.S. dollars (about 96 billion U.S. dollars).

The reporter noted, however, that it is not uncommon for negative reports and user tweets on the fight. According to the data released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the number of complaints filed in 2016 was the highest in the industry, as high as 13.12%.

In March this year, China News reported that there were many users complaining about low-priced goods shoddy on the platform, and using “0 yuan purchase” to guide the download of APP and other non-standard phenomena.

In recent days, many platforms have been exposed to serious problems. According to the Legal Evening News, the multi-platform platform has found yellow goods involving violence, including edged knives, the sale of counterfeit base station equipment, motorcycle license plates and erotic toys.

In addition, the platform does not review the seller’s merchandise and personal information at all. After the Legal Evening News reporter responded to the customer service, the customer service has not given feedback.

14 stores sell pseudo-base station products

The reporters searched for “SSRP” on the website, and there were 14 stations selling pseudo-base stations. .

A store named "SSRP Motherboard Device" was introduced and sold 4G SMS SSRP base station equipment price is 4,500 yuan, product description shows "This is the 2017 latest marketing weapon fixed-point SMS equipment, you can choose any location, within 1000 meters in diameter free group advertising SMS."

Sell a motorcycle card, custom only 50 yuan

The reporter also tried to enter the keyword "Motorcycle card", the search wasShow more specifically customized motorcycle license business, the home page shows "闽 A", "Shaan A" "Lu A" and so on.

Businessmen stated that the license plates can be customized professionally, one for 50 yuan, and shipping also sent screws.

Buy tool, choose "processing money" will be sharpened

The reporter then found out from time to time in a shop page to the top left corner reminded: a netizen an hour ago Initiate the fight. Below are the netizens' spells and the remaining time for the fight. The reporter opened the page of the tool that the netizen spelled out, and discovered that it included “Chu Qiao Chuan” broken moon knife, self-defense small sword, outdoor knife, weapon town house and so on.

The seller stated that after the success of the fight, the shipment will be shipped for the first time and the quality of the knife will be good. When you place an order, you only need to select "Processing money". The knife is to open the blade. The seller also stated that the cutters were shipped from Zhejiang, but these cutters were only sold in the fight.

A reporter asked if these knives belonged to e-commerce banned goods, the seller said: "No Yes, it can be sold (not contraband).

Explicitly adult toy copywriters

The reporter also found that there are a lot of adult goods store merchants “Young girls” sell adult dolls for gimmicks, and users can search keywords such as “young girl inflatable dolls” and “young girl dolls.”

According to incomplete statistics, the name “young girl” gimmick There are at least 100 items in the doll's merchandise, and a significant portion of the dolls are indeed the face of the little girl, among them the merchants openly stated on the picture of the young girl's adult doll: “嘘 13 years old.” One of the shops sells Japanese dill. The details of Lily's Inflatable Doll are more explicit.

YELLOW TV with erotic images sold publicly

"Yue Ya Ting" is a yellow electric After the reporter searched for “Wen Ya Ting”, he discovered that a shop called “Little Ox Game Company” is selling the game, and the photo copy Post-treated pornographic images.

In the similar items below, the game also includes several yellow, the picture is more unsightly. The store named “Cloud Kee Yitapong” is the most popular piece of clothing on the homepage. When reporters questioned the fact that such goods were banned by the law, the shop owner asked: "Can't sell, I still sell?"

The official of this fight also responded in social media, saying that Stooduo paid great attention to this issue, immediately conducted an emergency investigation and launched a comprehensive, systematic clean-up, close the shop involved, off the shelves of illegal goods. The serious shop has been listed as a "blacklist" on the platform.

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On-duty Editor:Wu Zhaohan

Reviewer: Yan Liming

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