Glory Play's first revolutionary big killing technology: Friends are frying pan

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Glory Play's first revolutionary big killing technology: Friends are frying pan

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"With the "very scary technology", the speed of other phones is comparable to the speed of our phones, which is equivalent to 'running on the ground' and The difference between 'flying in the sky'! The Haikou that you boast yourself is natural to realize.

On the afternoon of June 6, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong came to Glory Play’s conference and unveiled the “colored egg” left by him after the P20 press conference in April this year. Huawei preheated on the Internet for a long time, "very scary technology."

GPU Turbo - Graphics processing efficiency increased by 60%, power consumption is reduced by 30%, and technology that improves video and game quality. This technology will be launched by the glory Play series. The glory 10 and other products that were launched before will also be upgraded through the EMUI system OTG.

How much GPU Turbo is scary?

Glory President Zhao Ming

"There will be countless brands studying our scary technology today. However, it is difficult for others to learn because we have both hardware and software. You alone can not learn where strength is strong.” When this technology was mentioned, Zhao Ming, President of Glory, was interviewed by media such as and other media. Words show a strong sense of pride.

GPU Turbo is Huawei's revolutionary hard-soft collaborative graphics acceleration technology that was jointly developed by Huawei Labs, EMUI, and Kirin chips for approximately 2 years.

In the past two years, "The Glory of the King" and the popularity of eating chicken games, the demand for smart phone graphics processing has grown by leaps and bounds. Image processing capability requirementsHigh application blowout growth. The GPU of the mobile platform is limited to a series of technical limitations such as space, heat dissipation, and power consumption, and it is difficult to completely match the bursting graphics requirements.

On the other hand, from 14nm to 10nm or even 7nm, when the SoC process process is gradually approaching the bottleneck, some other technologies are needed to meet the increasing performance demands of smartphones.

It does not rely on the improvement of the process or the increase of the chip size. From the perspective of processing efficiency, it allows the mobile processing capability to achieve a significant leap, and at the same time has better power performance. This is the direction that Huawei GPU Turbo pioneered for the industry.

Its principle is like adding a turbine to the cylinder of a car, taking in and compressing the air into the cylinder, raising the cylinder pressure and oxygen density, and greatly improving the combustion efficiency. The adoption of GPU Turbo technology will greatly increase the efficiency of instruction transfer between the CPU and the GPU, reduce the redundant computational consumption of the GPU, and complete CPU instructions more efficiently.

After using GPU Turbo, the frame rate is very stable throughout the duration of the game, which is another big value of GPU Turbo. In addition, GPU Turbo can also help achieve HDR game effects, effectively enhancing the details of the picture and improving the picture quality.

A more groundbreaking point is that GPU Turbo, as a common technology framework, does not rely on upper game applications and game engines, and does not require game vendors to adapt versions. Therefore, the single-threaded glory Play does not need to wait for multi-threading. When compared with other multi-threaded mobile phones, it can still achieve higher frame rate, more stable frame rate, and more power saving.

Human insiders who participated in the research and development of the technology told Fenghuang Technology that due to the limitations of the game itself and the hardware of the mobile phone, the frame rate of the game is limited to 60 frames. After the frame rate continues to increase in the future, users will Can see the greater potential of GPU Turbo.

Huawei stated that in the future, GPU Turbo will be used on a large scale in all mobile graphics applications. Whether it is AR, VR or 3D interactive interface, combined with increasingly sophisticated AI capabilities, it will be all images of mobile phones. Handle application scenarios and bring about incredible changes.

High R&DInvesting, it is difficult for others to learn.

Huawei introduced the EMUI5.1 more than a year ago. The Android kernel was optimized and equipped with an intelligent learning learning system called Machine Learning. This is based on research and development of artificial intelligence, which enables intelligent perception learning and intelligent behavior prediction.

Huawei said at the time that this technology had solved the Android phone problem for a long time since the root of the phone, and even if it took more than a year and two years, the mobile phone can maintain about 80% of the time. Fluency.

According to a previous column in the FT Chinese website, there are no more than 100 experts globally capable of “cutting a knife”, of which one-third are on Google and one-third are on Huawei. From the point of view of the ability of comprehensive technology accumulation, the only companies in the world that can operate on Android are Google and Huawei.

According to official data, Huawei's accumulated R&D investment in the past 10 years was as high as 294 billion yuan, and last year's R&D expenditure was 89.7 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4% year-on-year, accounting for 14.9% of sales revenue. In the next 10 years, it will continue to increase research on technological innovation at a scale of more than US$10 billion per year.

We have spared no effort to invest in R&D investment. In recent years, we have made breakthroughs in technological innovations such as the first artificial intelligence processor, 40 megapixel Leica III camera, and this time GPU Turbo.

"The future mobile phone performance experience is not limited to chip (hardware), both chip R & D capabilities, but also the ability to optimize the underlying system vendors, in order to make a better experience, the future of this integration ability Users will be brought greater experience to enhance.” Huawei said the insider.

"This technology, I believe that after the conference, many brands have been frying pans, and it is inevitable to study and learn this technology because this is an improvement related to our hardware integration, hardware and software. Collaboration, so this may not be easy to follow," Zhao Ming said.

Looking at the global smart phone manufacturers, there are Android phone manufacturers that have both self-developed chip strength and software system R&D capabilities. At present, Huawei and Samsung are only seen. This is precisely why Zhao Ming dares to say the phrase “others can hardly learn”.

Add cool play series, return to 1999 price level

GPU Turbo's first product glory Play also deserves attention, this is Glory in the V series and digital series flagship, and then added a new flagship series of the main technology cool play.

Glory Play Cool Edition

Over the past two years, with the rising cost of components and consumption upgrades, people are familiar with "1999 yuan" Internet flagship mobile phone is now difficult to see. Even some manufacturers are pursuing the banner of consumption upgrade to increase prices, while quality and performance innovations have not been correspondingly upgraded, resulting in a clear market gap for the 1999-yuan price segment and unable to meet the performance demands of young consumers.

Zhao Ming told that the Play Series of glory has actually been planned for a long time. He wants to create a product with good performance but a return price of RMB 1999. From the configuration point of view, Glory Play is equipped with an independent artificial intelligence NPU Kirin 970 chip, starting EMUI 8.2 user interface.

Glory Play's optimization of the game using GPU Turbo technology was highlighted at the press conference. Glory Play has a better game fluency, a more stable frame rate, and the first games to support the King's Glory, Cross Fire, Wilderness, and Jedi survival.

Glory of youth, technology, and tidal products The younger users of mobile phones have the greatest experience of GPU performance. This basic type of technology naturally begins with glory Play.

The deeper reason is that Huawei and Glory are among the major mobile phone manufacturers in the industry. The dual-brand strategy is the most successful. According to the data, the global shipments of the Huawei + Glory brand reached 153 million units in 2017, ranking third in the world and second to the world.

Glory has contributed to this, accounting for more than one-third of the total. At the same time, in this year’s New Year’s address, Zhao Ming clearly for the first time clearly stated that Glory should aggressively expand its overseas markets and proposed a development model for building twin-engines overseas. The goal is to become the top five in the world for three years.

Reports from a number of research institutions such as IDC and Gfk showed that in the first quarter of 2018, sales in the Chinese smartphone market hit a maximum decline. Shipments fell by 21% and fell below 100 million units for the first time. Eight of the top ten manufacturers declined.

Huawei + GloryThe brand is an exception. "In 2018, sales of the entire smart phone in the Chinese market slowed down, but the days of glory are relatively good. We are developing at high speed both at home and abroad," said Zhao Ming.

The domestic market research organization Sai Nuo released the first quarter of 2018, the overall sales report of China's mobile phone market showed that the glory Q1 sales exceeded the sum of Xiaomi and Meizu sales, and continued to top Internet mobile phones.

On May 22, Zhao Ming had announced the release of just over a month's glory in China's microblogging. At the same time, he also announced that from January to May this year, Glory's growth rate in overseas markets exceeded 100%.

“Overseas accounts for more than 20% overseas, and this year it can reach 25% or 30%.” Zhao Ming said that overseas share of glory is a healthy and high-speed development.

It was precisely because of the glory of this year's rapid growth. Yu Chengdong said yesterday at the glory Play conference that Huawei is expected to reach 200 million mobile phone shipments worldwide this year, impacting the world's second.

If this goal is achieved, it is also very scary.

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