Champions Li Yanhong and Liu Qiangdong's space-time confrontation

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Champions Li Yanhong and Liu Qiangdong's space-time confrontation

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Principal interpretation: “Still, today, Li Yanhong and Liu Qiangdong are considered worthy. The name of the champion."

Author/Chai Jiayin < In 1992, Li Yanhong, a young talent, walked at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He had coffee in his hand and his brain was running high-speed computer programming logic. After completing his master's degree, he directed Wall Street.

In the same year, Liu Qiangdong of Guangming Village, Lailong Township, Suqian City, seized 500 life allowances from relatives in his underwear and stepped into the campus of Renmin University of China. He just turned 18, thinking about how to live his life. No matter how hard it is, he is determined not to ask for a penny at home.

Ten thousand kilometers, different temperaments, no intersection. But to return to the student identity itself, the two people have the same name, called "the college entrance examination."

Where to come from?

“I'm more psychologically stable. The bigger the occasion is, the better it is. When I’m in the college entrance examination, I’m supposed to be able to pass Peking University, but I’m not necessarily One.” Robust teenager Li Yanhong said.

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Li Yanhong Juvenile Photos

Robin Li is ranked fourth and unique at home Boy. To eat an apple, the sisters cut the apple skin thicker and eat the apple skin. The apple meat should be given to Li Yanhong.

Being petted from childhood, it's hard to avoid being aggrieved.

Dadrona is different. Suqian was once the poorest place in northern Jiangsu. He had eaten sweet potatoes and corn for several years and never complained.

< Em>Liu Qiangdong's childhood photos

"Three kinds of suffering in the world, sailing, making iron, selling tofu." This is a local saying He was raised by the parents of the sailing ship. In the hearts of these farmers, there is no shortcut to success. "You want to live better than others. You must do more than others and work harder than others." This is the embarrassment of Liu Qiangdong's father from childhood.

In the simple heart of the local teachers, "When the county head" is the most ideal political ambition. Of course, this also became Liu Qiangdong's unwavering ambition.

Announcement of College Entrance Examination ResultsAfterwards, the deputy magistrate personally sent the safflower into the family, probably giving him the high priority of "welcome to the future mayor." Before Liu Qiangdong, he had already chosen the NPC, which sounded a little closer to the "magistrate's dream."

But I didn't think of it. In that year, he was hooked on programming. In order to learn programming, this sociological scholar often stays in the engine room and goes to class in the morning. After completing his studies, Liu Qiangdong was very excited and immediately made a power management system for the government department of his hometown. The heart of returning hometown has not been changed, but has felt like he's been groping. He found a far more efficient route than he was when he became the county governor.

So, unknowingly, he and the computer science class leader Li Yanhong stepped closer.

Challenge Road

As a child, Liu Qiangdong felt that the business model of parental boating was not much. “The kind of workshop-style approach can only drive one boat forever, but the difference is to replace 40 tons with 80 tons, and then replace it with 120 tons. At that time, they thought why they did not set up a boat line to earn the cost of chartering. That was my dream when I was a child. I hope that one day I will have hundreds of ships and thousands of boats, all of which are in the sea.”

He once spoke to his parents but the old man smiled after listening. Say, "Is this child crazy?"

But this is the embryonic form of the Daqiangzi entrepreneurial dream.

On June 18, 1998, 24-year-old Liu Qiangdong rented a 4 square meter stall at the Haikou Market in Zhongguancun with a paid-up 12,000 yuan to buy a used computer. A used tricycle, a small boss. And this stall is the predecessor of Jingdong.

Liu Qiangdong's 1998 business card


It happened to be a book. On the same day, INFOSEEK, who was employed by Robin Li, was acquired by Disney. This made him a chief engineer. He earned a lot of money. "The price of the option I got was $5. One year later, it rose to $100.

The Silicon Valley elite suddenly became a millionaire, but he decided to leave. "I don't want to go to another company, I don't want fate to be controlled by others. He's done wrong, you're so powerful." Useless.

Therefore, Li Yanhong, who had always been arrogant, returned to China and founded Baidu. It is said that the word “Baidu” originated from the poem “The Qing Yu · Yuan Xi” of the Chinese Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji: Looking for him thousands of Baidu."Li Yanhong obsessed with opera when he was young, even if he dive into technology, it is still literary.

August 5, 2005, Baidu in the United States The company listed on the first day and created an unprecedented record of 354% growth, creating the highest record for foreign companies’ first-day gains in the US market for 213 years.

It is worth mentioning that since September 2001, Baidu broke with all portals that provided search technology and formally provided independent search services to rival Google’s occupation of the domestic search engine market. Li had only spent three years.

Baidu to the United States listed

In Nasdaq's bell, it is quite an indication of the title of the ancient gold medal. This is for champion Li Yanhong, also Is a coupling of awards.

Just at this Robin Li bring the wife, partner, friends, a total of Mu glory of 2005In the past year, Liu Qiangdong, who started at the counter, almost sold Jingdong Multimedia.

At that time, Jingdong Online had sales of 10 million yuan and the profit was meager. Bear Online's boss asked Liu Qiang East, can you sell the site to him? The price is 18 million yuan.

Liu Qiang Dong hesitated to discuss it with his staff and later said, “Not for sale, we continue to do it.”

In order to save costs, Liu Qiangdong asked each employee to bring discarded cardboard boxes. After arriving at the company, after work, the employees removed the cartons and changed them to make small carton boxes suitable for packing discs.

One time, Liu Qiangdong drove and saw the young couple throw a bunch of home appliance packing cartons on the roadside. He stopped by the roadside and picked up the cardboard boxes and stuffed them all into the trunk. The wife said to her husband, You see, you're not as good as a shabby, shabby red flag.

"Hit and Die," all the way to the Nasdaq, the mighty kid is probably the first person in history. In 2014, he finally enjoyed this "glorious glory". At the time, Jingdong's total financing amounted to 1.78 billion U.S. dollars and its market value exceeded 25 billion U.S. dollars, becoming Tencent and Baidu's third largest Internet listed company after China.

< Em> Jingdong listed in 2014

His mouth is "This is Jingdong..." but he immediately realized his mistake. Changed to "Gentlemen, ladies," and the audience laughed. The scene was crowded with hundreds of people, including many investors.

Zhou Wei, a partner in charge of KPCB China, joked, “I was shaking my hands when I signed up.”

They also had internal Controversy, Jingdong can make a company like Amazon, even bigger than Amazon? Zhou Wei said: “Liu Qiangdong’s gangs can endure hardship. They can survive under the generally thin profits of the blade. This is the value of his past experience.

Courtesy of the Top Pick

In 2010, Google withdrew from China, and Baidu was the only one to occupy a monopoly. Baidu’s auction-related business revenues accounted for more than 90% of total revenue, and it was rumored at that time that “the strongest media is Baidu.

Baidu employees said in an interview with the media, "It means that the business is so good that when you see other businesses, you feel that this thing is too hard. I will not do it." Therefore, in the hesitation and arrogance, Baidu missed out on the mobile Internet.

In the third quarter of 2016, Baidu’s operating income experienced a negative growth for the first time, and the price-earnings ratio also hit a record low. Really finished, I was not eliminated by the mobile Internet," Li Yanhong did not cover up the inner panic.

But at that time, he met Jingdong.

> On June 23, 2017, the market value of and Baidu was only a difference of 600 million U.S. At the moment, the “BAT” era in the market will come to an end, and the sound of the “ATJ” era will come and go. Everybody stands in a team and has the opportunity to suppress it. There are secretly apprehensive, emotionally charged, and there is a lot of fun to eat melons. Senior media person Lei Jianping prepared the manuscript and waited for Jingdong to overtime and grab a starter.

Only he did not wait. At that moment, after the Baidu developer conference on July 5, 2017, Baidu’s market value and Jingdong opened a gap of US$7 billion. Nearly a year later, Jingdong’s market value is US$55.5 billion, which is far from the current Baidu’s 90.7 billion. Nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars, that is quite Two Li Yanhong knocked on the clock's iQI.

Li Yanhong, who had caught the artificial intelligence outlet, was willing to believe that she was thick and thin. According to Baidu employees, “(artificial intelligence) is his college favorite. s things.

Apollo decided to open it from its automated driving platformAt the beginning of the release, Apollo quickly upgraded from 1.0 to 2.5 in one year, and the partner exceeded 100. The first commercial production car will be available in July 2018.

< Em>Baidu 2017 Apollo open platform

In addition, DuerOS, known as the AI ​​era Android, is another important aspect of Baidu artificial intelligence. Handle. As of today, DuerOS has released more than 90 hardware products, of which "small at home" has also become a single product explosion.

Jingdong also made a transition under the wave of the times. After all, no one wants to become Kodak in the era of digital cameras, or Baidu in the era of mobile Internet.

Jingdong 2018Q1 financial report shows that Jingdong's R&D investment has increased to RMB 2.4 billion, an increase of 87% year-on-year.

Liu Qiangdong even made the rhetoric that "Jingdong will use all twelve years to transform all business models with technology to become a purely technical company."

As for bragging, we give it time.

Priority of a list

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One former Baidu employee had a different view of the crisis Baidu encountered last year. In an interview with the media, he said, "For a boss-level person like Li Yanhong, the change in the personal image is not important, the core change is to decentralize their own power."

The key to this core change is Lu Qi.

After joining in January 2017, former executives who reported to Robin Li, such as President Zhang Yaqin, senior vice president Xiang Hailong, Zhu Guang, etc., all changed to Lu Qi. According to the report, Lu Qi reported to Li Yanhong again. It can be said that Li Yanhong handed over the specific business to Lu Qi.

Prior to this, Robin Li has never given such other people so much power.

Everybody knows what happened later. On May 18, 2018, Lu Qi stepped down. Three days after the news was released, Baidu’s share price dropped by more than 14%, and its market value evaporated 10 billion dollars.

Because of the reasons for leaving the company, the outside world has a lot of different opinions. The internal struggles of Baidu executives are even more varied. Since there is no real hammer at all, we will not judge it for the time being. However, it is worth noting that on June 4th, Baidu’s market value returned to the US$90 billion mark. It seems that the fierce emotions of the capital market for the departure of Lu Qi are gradually calming down.

Even if there is no vested interest in rising share prices, Robin Li has always liked this calmness. A Baidu employee revealed in an interview with the media. “For a while, we all admire Google. What do you do evil, geeks, and 20% of your free time? A lot of this kind of thing tells us Well, but Li Yanhong thinks this management is wrong.

"Supervisors, Constraints, Processes, Rules... He tried to evade everything that could be infiltrated by humans, and it was like a purely commercial transaction between employees. I give you money, you give me Do things."

Gang Ming-cun’s out of the big hadron is just the opposite. In his autobiography, he described his mother Wang Shaoxia as "warm, cheerful, and caring," while he himself "has inherited her characteristics."

After starting a business, the team work and life boundaries were unclear. Liu Qiang Dong taught the staff about work skills, but liked to infuse them with life.Outlook, world outlook, values.

At the time employees Zhang Qi and Sun Jiaming shared the rent. At the weekend, Liu Qiangdong went directly to their place of residence and entered the door to see the remaining instant noodle boxes piled on the table. Zhang Qihe, who was watching TV at home, was taught. Sun Jiaming, pay attention to health.

Corporate culture has no advantages and disadvantages, only the fit. After all, unlike Baidu's large group of highly skilled technical personnel, Jingdong has more, "it's the same grassroots as me."

In 2007, Jingdong Investors made a phone call to the 10 suppliers of Jingdong to find out the situation. The supplier said, “Jingdong’s company is getting less goods, but the team is very motivated and feels that they are particularly motivated. There is a feeling that 'I'm not the same with you'.”

At the end

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is another year of college entrance examination. The netizen's point of view is: "Today, Li Yanhong and Liu Qiangdong are all worthy of the champion."

This evaluation has its truth, but the depth of the text is more than some. The prejudice against "success"? According to more authoritative surveys, “Since 1977, the 34-year college entrance exams in the country have been 'dismal.' They have not become well-known social activists, entrepreneurs, or artists.”

But Is success necessarily business and political?

Shi Yigong, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Tsinghua University, once said that “the current orientation of the university is a big problem, considering that employment is the most important, and fewer and fewer people are willing to engage in basic research”. Even the students he most wanted to cultivate said, "Boss, I want to go to a financial company."

The Tsinghua University's leaders who passed the college entrance exams have a good attitude and a strong learning. , memory, ability to use, and able to endure loneliness, ten years can also be pleased to swallow.

If people like this don’t give up on scientific research “cold stools,” they are the largest in society today.Sadness.

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