Ann Bunny's Android performance list released in July: Xiaomi Black Shark first summer vacation worth buying the flagship are here

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Ann Bunny's Android performance list released in July: Xiaomi Black Shark first summer vacation worth buying the flagship are here

2018-08-03 20:25:10 154 ℃

Keke Comments: Although the Xiaomi Black Shark game phone is not comprehensive enough, in terms of game experience and optimization, it has indeed been able to match the running points.

For many configuration parties and performance parties, the configuration of smartphones is especially important. In addition, today's mobile game hardware requirements are getting higher and higher, high-tech flagship models naturally become the first choice for everyone to buy new machines. Recently, Ann Bunny just announced the performance of the Android model in July, and the flagship friends who are going to start the game may wish to use it as a reference.

From the list data given by Ann Bunny, Xiaomi’s black shark game phone is 292977 The average running score got the first. This is also the second time since last month, compared with the average running score of the millet black shark game mobile phone last month, there is a good growth, it can also be seen that the Xiaomi Black Shark game mobile phone team has been constantly Optimize and dig out its higher strength.

The second and third are OPPO Find X and vivo NEX Ultimate. As a more comprehensive high-end flagship, they scored two or three with two very close average runs of 286589 and 283877 respectively. The former is from the sample of running rabbits in the back of the rabbits. The number is quite large. This also reflects that the aircraft is really hot, not only good sales, but also good reputation. The vivo NEX Ultimate is relatively stable, and its average running score is expected to continue to improve as it continues to optimize.

As for the fourth and fifth aspects, respectively, one plus mobile phone 6 and nut R1 are obtained. And Xiaomi 8 ranked sixth with an average running score of 272555. The international first-line brand Samsung Galaxy S9+/S9 and Sony Xperia ZX2 are ranked 8 to 10 due to firmware or other reasons, and are basically thrown away by domestic mobile phones.

Although the running score does not represent the real experience of the model, it can also provide some reference value. Given that Kirin 980 has not been released for some time. So in the next month or two, the Snapdragon 845 continues to occupy the top of the performance list is still no suspense. If you want to see the changes in the list, it is estimated that you have to wait for Huawei Mate 20 to release.