Xiaomi recreates myth, the phone won two first!

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Xiaomi recreates myth, the phone won two first!

2018-08-06 10:25:18 97 ℃

Currently, mobile phones are an essential life companion for people, and even some people use more than one mobile phone. This year, Xiaomi may be the most interesting. From the successful counterattack of Xiaomi, to the new machine in the month and then to the listing of Xiaomi, everything is a good news for rice noodles. From the latest big data released by IDC, Xiaomi mobile phone has once again created a myth, this time the mobile phone won two first (domestic first and world first)!

Do not forget the initial heart, say it!

Remember that in the video of the first annual conference announced by Xiaomi, Lei Jun said that all the people in China can afford mobile phones, and language phones will become more and more part of people's lives. The author clearly remembers that 8 years ago, Apple's mobile phone was almost a smartphone that people wanted to buy, and even felt that Apple's mobile phone users were particularly forced.

Since the release of Mi-1, domestic mobile phones have developed rapidly, and even surpassed Apple in some respects. In terms of price, it has also changed the pattern of “high price” in the past. Ordinary people can afford to buy smart phones, and the performance is balanced enough to meet daily use. In the middle and high-end mobile phones, the 2699 pricing of Xiaomi 8 is generally recognized by users, which can be said to be quite cheap!

The first in the country!

In fact, many people have misunderstandings about Xiaomi’s mobile phones. Even when Xiaomi’s successful counterattacks, they still say that most of the sales of Xiaomi’s mobile phones are low-end red rice. Mobile phone. The author also found an amazing law. People who often say this do not understand Xiaomi's mobile phone, and even have never used it.

From IDC big data, the high-end share of Xiaomi mobile phone continues to increase. The average unit price of Q2 millet in 2018 is up 21% compared with the same period of last year, and continues to enter the high-end market. IDC data shows that Xiaomi In the second quarter, the overall average unit price increased by 21% compared with the same period of last year, ranking first among the top five domestic manufacturers. This also shows from the side that the mid-to-high-end models of Xiaomi mobile phones are also very popular!

In many people's impressions, Xiaomi's 1999 yuan is still fresh in memory, and in the case of global mobile phone price increases, Xiaomi mobile phone still insists The price of the kind, the price of 2,699 yuan of Xiaomi 8, also created the cheapest 骁 845 flagship machine, also popular with users. Even the high-end mill Xiaomi MIX series, at the press conference, Lei Jun also felt that the cost is too high, and finally decided to close to the cost pricing strategy.

The world's first!

Xiame has experienced the trough of 2016, and the successful counterattack in 2017 has also created the myth of the world's number one growth rate, and is far ahead of friends. From the latest IDC big data, Q2 mobile phone shipments in 2018 are still ranked fourth in the world, second only to Samsung, Huawei, and Apple. In terms of growth rate, Xiaomi's annual growth rate is 48.8%. , once again ranked first in the world!

The sales of Xiaomi mobile phone can not be separated from Xiaomi super high cost performance, before the red rice Note4 series created With a sales record of 20 million units, the Xiaomi MIX series is a high-end machine, but the price is really much cheaper than that of a friend. As Lei Jun promised: Xiaomi hardware's comprehensive net profit will never exceed 5%. PS: So when Xiaomi released a new machine, many people are not concerned about the price, but whether they can buy it.

From exploring black technology to leading the design trend!

The author remembers Xiaomi 1 to Xiaomi 4, Xiaomi mobile phone does not seem to have obvious Xiaomi characteristic design elements. The design of Xiaomi 5's 3D glass body makes Xiaomi mobile phone more characteristic of Xiaomi. From the millet 5 to the millet 8 always adhere to the glass body design (and ceramic exclusive version), followed by the industry's iPhone8 series and friends' mobile phones have gradually changed to the design of the glass body.

When everyone is working on the hyperbolic screen, Xiaomi MIX is officially unveiled in the form of a comprehensive screen. It is also the world's first full-screen mobile phone. Its release also indicates that the mobile phone officially entered the era of full screen. Xiaomi has also led the design trend of global mobile phones from "no design is the best design"! PS: At present, Xiaomi MIX2S is also reducing prices again, so Xiaomi MIX3 is still far away?

Weak weak question, What millet phones have you used? Which millet phone do you most expect?