Huawei finally "successful", concentrated battery + folding screen +512G, exclusive black technology

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Huawei finally "successful", concentrated battery + folding screen +512G, exclusive black technology

2018-08-06 10:25:19 237 ℃

Huawei finally "successful", concentrated battery + folding screen +512G, exclusive black technology! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Huawei mobile phone is our domestic machine brand. It represents the words of patriotism and power. The rise of Huawei symbolizes that our domestic machine can also go to the world stage, become the world's big brand, and become the pride of each of us!

Huawei mate7 release is still very cheap, but with Huawei released mate 8, mate S, mate 9 Huawei's mobile phone is getting more and more expensive, and the highest price is more than 5,000. Remember that the Huawei mate 9 Pro Porsche design price is as high as 8999. However, Huawei's achievements are also obvious to all. First, the Heis Kylin processor dedicated to its own products has been completely strengthened, so that the performance of mobile phones is getting stronger and stronger, and the playability is getting higher and higher. Huawei mobile phones also followed the footsteps of the full-screen release of Huawei P20 series, Huawei Nova 3 and other models. However, this is not the result of Huawei's mobile phone. What Huawei wants is naturally to have a big screen and a real full screen.

Looking at the design of this phone, Huawei seems to have finally done it. This Huawei mate series new machine is not the recent Huawei mate 20, but a high-end flagship called Mate X. This Huawei Mate X uses a more advanced combination of bangs screen and folding screen. After the screen is opened, you can see an 8-inch giant screen with a screen ratio of 100%. After folding, you can see this. The block screen is only 5 inches. It won't be as thick as ZTE's folding screen phone. This Huawei mate X is very portable.

Full-folding screen Folding screen, this screen is the key factor. As early as 2014, China's Rouyu Technology has made the world's thinnest and most flexible flexible screen. The flexible screen is made of OLED material. After nearly two years of development, domestic screen manufacturers have also produced large-size flexible OLEDs. The ability of the display screen, the folding position of the folding screen is a patent released by Huawei earlier. The folding position is similar to the hinge on the Surface Book of Microsoft. The Huawei mate X makes the two screens truly seamless. Connected for a better experience and visual experience, Huawei has such a mature and mature folding screen technology worthy of our pride! ! !

The most powerful battery and the most important endurance problem for users, in the era of advanced smartphones, the folding screen mobile phone experience It is not very important, but the user is more concerned with the endurance problem. It is really a big problem to drive one big and one small screen. The netizens are now too thin. The thinner they are, the more they like it. Many mobile phone manufacturers have abandoned their battery life in order to be thin. The result is “charging. Half an hour, only play 5 minutes." The Huawei mate X is equipped with a truly high-concentration battery, and it is equipped with a 8000 mAh high-concentration battery in this small body.

Scarely configuration Let’s start to understand the performance configuration of this Huawei mate X. Huawei mate X will be equipped with Kirin 980. With a maximum of 8G+512G memory combination. In terms of taking pictures, the front part is a 24 million single shot, and the rear is very powerful. Although the rear set does not use the rear three-camera design of Huawei P20 Pro, it uses a 41 million+24 million pixel dual camera combination. The bottom level is "very scary."

Under this combination of advantages, Huawei's folding screen mobile phone is poised for growth. Huawei's achievements are obvious to all. Huawei has been working hard to improve itself. I believe that Huawei will soon have a strong foothold in the world. I am proud of our Huawei and proud of our China! ! !

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