199 yuan Xiaomi function phone cited users crazy pursuit

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199 yuan Xiaomi function phone cited users crazy pursuit

2018-08-06 10:25:23 90 ℃

Now the mobile phone has become a necessity for people. With the advent of the smart phone era, the protagonist in the market, which basically can only make text messages by texting and simple browsing information, gradually retreats behind the scenes in the mobile phone market. "Old Man Machine" began to become the collective name for this type of mobile phone. Because there are so many smart phone functions nowadays, there is too much work on one mobile phone. People have to think of Nokia's feature machine era, when the mobile phone is the real communication tool. The 3310 Reissue Edition released by Nokia in 2017 and the 8110 Reissue Edition released this year are all sold out after the launch. Recently, Xiaomi has launched a cost-effective feature phone called “Multi-Affinity AI Phone”. Starting from the price of 199 yuan, with super high cost performance, the rice noodles are snapped up! Let's take a look at how powerful it is!

First support AI voice assistant built-in small love classmates, support language translation, this is already a major event; there is support for infrared remote control, can be used as a remote control; Support Wiff and 4G, can also open hotspots, can be used as a portable wiff; Bluetooth; 1480 mAh battery, the official said that the battery life can reach more than ten days; stereo surround speakers; dual card dual standby;

On the network side, in the high version, the machine also supports 4G VOLTE and GPS positioning. In addition, the Type-C data interface and the design of the headphone-free hole are really at the forefront of the times.

At present, the crowdfunding price of this mobile phone starts at 199 yuan, which can be said to be very If it is low, it will be good for consumers who need spare machines, and for the elderly and children.