July computer CPU latest ranking, the history of the top ten worst CPU released

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July computer CPU latest ranking, the history of the top ten worst CPU released

2018-08-06 10:25:23 99 ℃

Obviously for consumers, AMD has already demonstrated the 32-core thread tearer processor on ChinaJoy, and the specific release time is rumored to be August 13, and now the parameters and prices of the processor are It has been exposed, foreign media said that this second generation of "Thread Ripper" processor has four versions, of which 32 core processor is priced at $1,799.

According to the information provided by VCZ, there are four AMD second-generation "thread tearer" processors, respectively 2990WX The 2970WX, 2950X, and 2920X cores are 32-core, 24-core, 16-core, and 12-core, and the four processors are priced at $1,799, $1,299, $899, and $649, respectively.

At present, JD.com has leaked AMD's flagship "Thread Ripper" processor 2990WX. It is believed that Jingdong will officially launch the Bank of China processor in the near future.

Let’s take a look at the latest CPU ladder diagram in July to see where our computer CPU can go.

Recalling the history of poor CPU products, many people will think of Pentium 3, the reason is "FDIV (floating point )" BUG.

However, frankly, this problem that only occurs when scientific calculations are actually not actually in life. The big impact, the reason why this incident "nailed the column" is because Intel's attempt to cover up the public relations strategy caused anger, and finally "self-satisfaction" - apologize, recall replacement ...

ExtremeTech summed up the worst 10 CPUs to date at the beginning of this month. The evaluation is based on two factors. The time of error and its quality are much lower than expected. The list is as follows -

1, Intel Itanium( Itanium)

Intel hopes to use the pure 64-bit architecture IA64 (not compatible with 32-bit) to influence the chip industry, but it is defeated by AMD's x86-64 because of poor compatibility and acceptance. The market is getting narrower and narrower as it can bend into a small number of large servers.

2, Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott Core)

Prescott is Intel's third generation Pentium 4, although there is no repeat of the first generation of Ben 4 is not as shown in the performance of the Latin Ben 3, but it is pushed to the 90nm process, it is on the fever, the frequency is also fixed at 3.8GHz.

Prescott and the "infamous" glue dual-core Smithfield (two Prescott sticks) exit the stage with the name "big stove".

3, AMD Bulldozer ( bulldozer)

The bulldozer is the so-called modularity introduced by AMD in 2011 Multi-core CMT architecture, the family also has four generations of piledriver (Piledriver), road roller (Steamroller) and excavator (Excavator), however, although the heterogeneity is advanced, but the power consumption is large (behind GF behind the process pit) plus the actual The performance was poor, and AMD fell to the bottom in the desktop and server markets until Zen came out.

4, Cyrix 6x86

It can be said that 6x86 has eliminated Cyrix, and their x86 license is now in the hands of VIA. Although the integer operation is better than the Pentium in the same period of the 1990s, the working condition is unstable, and frequent reports have ruined the fate of the company.

5, Cyrix MediaGX

The first desktop processor designed with the SoC concept, 1998 Launched in the year, it includes GPU, CPU, PCI bus, memory controller, etc. It is also compatible with compatibility and stability.

6, Texas Instruments TMS9900

7, Snapdragon 810

TSMC's 20nm, poor power management made the Snapdragon 810 a "warm hand" title, and was quickly swallowed up by the latecomer Xiaolong 820's "Weiguangzheng".

8, IBM PowerPC G5

9, Pentium III (1.13GHz)

In order to compete with AMD's 1GHz battle, it eventually led to the 180nm Pentium 3 (1.13GHz) falling on the FDIV BUG gate.

10,Cell Broadband Engine

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