Vivo V11 exposure: screen fingerprint + 骁龙 660, the beauty of the full screen is bright

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Vivo V11 exposure: screen fingerprint + 骁龙 660, the beauty of the full screen is bright

2018-08-18 00:25:02 152 ℃

Vivo's overseas V series can be regarded as the prototype of the domestic X series in terms of appearance. For example, last year's V7 and V7+ adopted a comprehensive screen design similar to X20 and X20 Plus. This year's V9 and X21 series also have a relationship. This is the case. However, the configuration of the V series is lower and the design will be slightly different.

It is said that vivo will release the new machine X23 at the end of this month, so its overseas compatible vivo V11 is also starting online. It was exposed.

According to the shape and configuration table of the exposure, vivo V11 will be equipped with a beautiful full-screen design, supplemented by a back 3D glass and a vertical dual camera. Support screen fingerprint recognition, 3.5mm headphone hole at the bottom.

It is worth noting that the back of the machine is designed with a gradient color, which looks similar to the OPPO R15 starry sky purple , I don't know if this indicates that the vivo X23 will also use a gradient body.

In terms of configuration, vivo V11 has a 6.41-inch FHD+ level 19.5:9 Super AMOLED screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE platform, supplemented by 6+ 128GB expandable storage, front 25 million pixel camera, rear 12 million pixels + 5 million pixel dual camera, built-in 3400mAh battery.

From the perspective of the real exposure of the exposure, the proportion of the vivo V11 screen is considerable. However, in addition to the beauty of the OPPO called the drop screen, it is not known what elements of the machine will be inherited by vivo X23, but it is certain that the vivo X23 configuration will be higher than this product.

According to the latest news The vivo X23 will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, and the screen is also a 6.4-inch "droplet screen" that supports front-facing 3D recognition (probably TOF technology) and an upgraded version of the screen fingerprint function. The camera part of the vivo X23 will incorporate a telephoto lens, so the phone supports 3x optical zoom. In addition, vivo X23 also maintains the tradition of independent DAC, and there is no high and low distribution, unified 8GB running memory.

You look forward to vivo X23 And vivo V11?