Fast broadcast founder Wang Xin has established a blockchain company with a shareholding ratio of over 90%

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Fast broadcast founder Wang Xin has established a blockchain company with a shareholding ratio of over 90%

2018-09-04 20:25:05 127 ℃

New Beijing News (Reporter Lu Yifu) was born in 2007. It will officially enter the bankruptcy liquidation procedure on September 3, 2018, and will gradually withdraw from the market. For Wang Xin, the founder of the original fast-released prisoner who was released in February this year, the reporter found that Wang Xin was only 19 days after he was released from prison, and he devoted himself to the tide of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

On September 4th, the Beijing News reporter reported that the "Shenzhen Bankruptcy and Liquidation Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court ruling is effective today". On September 3, the national enterprise bankruptcy reorganization case information network disclosed, Shenzhen Golden Asia Pacific Technology The bankruptcy liquidation application filed by Shenzhen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fast Broadcasting Company) was decided by Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court of Guangdong Province to take effect immediately.

Today, the Beijing News reporter found from the industrial and commercial information system that Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., controlled by Wang Xin, was established on February 26 this year with a registered capital of 5 million and the legal representative is the king. Xin's wife Peng Peng, the company's business scope is Internet product development.

In addition, the company’s job postings indicate that people are recruiting people related to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. After Wang Xin was released from prison, he was repeatedly exposed to news that he would enter the blockchain field.

On February 7 this year, Wang Xin was officially released from prison. On the night, Xiaopeng’s founder He Xiaopeng and Li Xueling and Yao Jinbo and other former friends took care of him. He Xiaopeng celebrated the return of Wang Xin on Weibo, and said that everyone discussed the development of AI, video, blockchain and other technologies. "I firmly believe that in the near future, there will be a legendary story of the next section of Master Wang in the rivers and lakes."

In this newly established company, these friends also funded the platform for Wang Xin. In terms of shareholding structure, Wang Xin holds 91.5% of the shares and is the company's largest shareholder; the other five shareholders Wu Ming, Dai Keying, Song Ge, He Xiaopeng and Wang Yu hold 5%, 1%, 1%, 1 respectively. % and 0.5%.

It is worth noting that Wu Ming is the general manager of the original fast-paced business unit; Dai Keying is the sister of Yao Jinbo’s wife and founder of the recruitment network Dai Kebin; Wang Yu is Zhuhai Daren Network Technology Co., Ltd. The chairman of the company and Zhuhai Qingmao Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., the operating entity of Huanju Times, Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the shareholders of the two game companies. Among them, Li Xueling and Tiger Tooth Live CEO Dong Rongjie are Zhuhai Daren Network Technology Co., Ltd. Director of the company.

Editor: Cheng Xiaofei