China Mobile will not bow to the users again. The problem is coming. Is it time to say goodbye to mobile?

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China Mobile will not bow to the users again. The problem is coming. Is it time to say goodbye to mobile?

2018-09-06 20:25:22 70 ℃

When it comes to China Mobile, the netizens’ hearts are not playing. Because China Mobile is too much to look down on users, we must know that today's mobile is sent by our users.

The original good quality package, I did not expect to be a rogue by China Mobile. What has actually happened? The original thing is this.

China Mobile officially released the "About 4G Flying 8 Yuan Package Offline" announcement, saying: "Because of the rapid growth of communication needs of users, some products have been unable to meet the demand. Officially stopped sales on August 31. 4G fly enjoys 8 yuan package. "

Before there is no shelf, the 8 yuan flight package is China Mobile's package for new users, but after the permission is opened, old users can also apply, and this It has become the cheapest 4G package ever.

In fact, many friends choose this package, in fact, they just keep a number for themselves, and they can complete the minimum consumption every month. But now China Mobile is doing this, this is not disguised for users to swear again. Silver?

The image of China Mobile is really bad

Why is China Mobile being netizens? Tucao? The first point is because China Mobile has a random charge. If the user does not have the initiative, he will be deducted if he does not know it. If the user calls to ask questions, China Mobile is also a variety of excuses. For this matter, China Mobile was also criticized by the People’s Daily.

Speak a vivid example: I am a mobile user in Anguo, Hebei Province, 137XXXX3158, surname, Jiang, about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, my mobile phone was shut down, I was waiting at the Beijing West Railway Station, ordering When I used WeChat to pay, I realized that the mobile phone was down. I asked the surrounding people to help me. I called 10086 for help. The answer was that I reported it. Yesterday afternoon, I played a total of five 10086. The reply was still reported. At that time, there was no penny. I couldn’t eat lunch. I couldn’t even buy a water. I didn’t have any money. It’s really about 5 pm, and I’m going to Baoding for help. That's right. This is the image of China Mobile in the minds of netizens.

In contrast, China Unicom is nowhere to be seen, and now China Unicom is behind China. A lot of mobile, not long ago, China Mobile's 4G users lost, most of them ran to Unicom.

Why is this happening? In fact, it is plain, or because China Unicom will take care of users. Now it is a mobile Internet era. China Unicom has smartly launched various "Internet traffic" packages, which not only meet the traffic needs of users, but also build a good for themselves. reputation.

For example, China Unicom and Tencent’s Tencent King Card have broken 100 million in just one year. Let's go back and look at China Mobile, that is, earning money in the asshole.

After comparing the ability of China Unicom and mobile to make money, it is not that China Unicom does not have the strength to make money. In fact, China Unicom is the most conscientious, earning 1.51 yuan for each user. China Mobile is the most embarrassing, each user has to earn more than 100 dollars. It is no wonder that some people say that they have been moved.

So, if China Mobile does not change, I estimate that once you open the port number, many people have to say goodbye to mobile!