Magic2 has been mass-produced. President of Glory recalls Huang Zhang: Can't eat grapes, say grape acid

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Magic2 has been mass-produced. President of Glory recalls Huang Zhang: Can't eat grapes, say grape acid

2018-09-06 20:25:31 144 ℃

Phoenix Technology News (author/Liu Zhengwei) September 6th news, glory announced at the German IFA exhibition just concluded last week Part of the new flagship Magic2 information, such as a full screen close to 100% screen ratio, the design of the front lens can be lifted and lowered by manual slide. After the glory 8X and Glory 8X Max new product launch conference that ended last night, Zhao Ming, president of Rongyao, revealed more information about Magic2.

For the reason why the sliding screen comprehensive screen design scheme, Zhao Ming explained that simple things are more vital, so when the whole camera and full screen display problems, glory tends to use the simplest and most direct way. To solve.

"Our current sliding screen structure is a bit like a zippo lighter. Why do smokers want to have a zippo? It’s very cool when you are licking a cigarette while it’s okay. If it’s electric , '咔嚓', it feels that the degree of automation is very high. But once, after two times, after one hundred times, you will feel that this thing is very boring." Zhao Ming said.

After the appearance of Magic2, Xiaomi President Lin Bin and Chairman Lei Jun also showed a new picture of the same sliding screen design on Weibo, and said that the new product hit the face. Huang Zhang, chairman of Meizu Technology, commented in his own community: “The slider can be said to be a design that is backwards and backwards, and the troubles caused by complicated machinery are thrown away, either the phone is thick like a brick, or the quality of the camera image is greatly reduced. It’s not the product engineering designer who can’t do it.”

In response, Zhao Ming responded that the thickness of Magic2 can be solved by the industrial design of glory. He also recalled the yellow chapter that criticized the sliding screen design: "This is the grape that can't eat grapes."

In his opinion, the glory Magic2 is more imaginative in terms of AI. This product has been confirmed to be equipped with Huawei's latest Kirin 980 processor. This SoC is equipped with a dual-core NPU, and its AI capability has been greatly improved. "We will upgrade the new experience of AI in all directions," said Zhao Ming.

According to him, glory Magic2 has been mass-produced, will be released in batches after the release, and the old generation of Magic users can enjoy the right of first refusal. At present, the official does not give the specific release date of this product, the possibility is relatively large will be launched in December when the pollen four-year celebration.