Xiaomi 8 missed the start! MIUI 10 stable release: 12 models can be upgraded

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Xiaomi 8 missed the start! MIUI 10 stable release: 12 models can be upgraded

2018-09-11 10:25:13 166 ℃

At the May 31 conference, Xiaomi officially announced MIUI 10. After three months of testing, Today Xiaomi finally launched the stable version of MIUI 10, the first batch of 12 models that have been upgraded, are: Xiaomi 8SE, Xiaomi MIX2, Xiaomi MIX, Millet 6, millet 6X, millet Note2, millet 5, red rice 6Pro, red rice 6 and red rice 6A, red rice Note5 and red rice S2.

It’s quite unexpected The Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi MIX 2S two Snapdragon 845 models are not on this list. Xiaomi official said that the two phones are already undergoing grayscale testing, and the stable version will be launched soon.

About the new changes in MIUI 10, in fact, we have already experienced it in the beta and development firmware. There are quite a few aspects: UI design. Change, full screen gestures join, and more comprehensive with the full screen; AI's sense of presence is further enhanced, small love students enhance function, AI preload, AI single-camera virtual addition; system sound optimization, add natural sound.

Millet system version More complex, there are development, stable, public beta, beta, experience version and other types. However, only the development version and the stable version are open to all users, which is the two most important versions of the MIUI system. The development version is updated once a week, and the stable version is about once a month.

With the MIUI development version, you can experience the latest and most interesting features first. The official also has the Root function, but the system is also prone to bugs. Users who like early adopters and toss. If the stable version is used, it will pursue the stability of the system. Many new functions will be added to the stable version after the test is stable on the development version, which is suitable for people who are not tossing.

If your existing mobile phone system is stable, upgrade MIUI 10 stable version can be upgraded directly through OTA; development version upgrade is a cross-version update, you need to manually download the complete firmware package of MIUI 10 stable version, the data in the mobile phone may be emptied, you must make a backup in advance.

At present, more than 30 mobile phones released by Xiaomi in recent years can be upgraded to the MIUI 10 development version. In addition to the 12 models announced this time, other mobile phones The stable version of the firmware will also be gradually introduced. If you like the features of MIUI 10 and want the system to be stable and not buggy, you can pay attention to it.