The next generation of full screen, reel phone is coming!

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The next generation of full screen, reel phone is coming!

2018-09-11 10:25:16 234 ℃

As the screen ratio gets closer to 100%, the phone design seems to have suddenly reached the bottleneck.

The next big change in the appearance of the phone will probably be a folding phone/bending phone.

In the past few days, a British research team has made a "legendary scroll-type tablet phone."

It's called MagicScroll.

The production team said frankly that MagicScroll was inspired by the scrolls, so it was made into a scroll .

Very casual...

In terms of hardware, MagicScroll has a 7.5-inch 2K resolution display, which is currently OLED.

Because it is a prototype, the left and right sides are 3D printing parts that can be rotated and look even more "reel".

Functional aspects, in addition to supporting screen touch, MagicScroll also provides a "rotation scroll" mode of operation.

You can control the system to make an upswing by turning the knobs on both sides.

It’s like a scroll, it’s awesome.

This screen can also be spread out, as large as 7.5 inches.

Opening the APP allows you to play videos, navigate, and more.

After spreading, the tablet usage is not bad, it is softer...

It's also very simple, just take the screen back into the buckle of the fuselage.

In other words, it’s not Samsung’s pop-up recycling model, which is a bit of a chicken.

There is a strong sense of retro in the reel state.

Like the big brother, honor.

The development team said that MagicScroll still looks bigger and will shrink in the future.

And, MagicScroll is still smaller than the tablet, and there is nothing wrong with holding it with one hand.

Our one-handed grip is really handy, not a flat to tell you that you can still hold it.

But, I said yes.

At present, MagicScroll is still testing the prototype process.

And, everyone has found a lot of problems.

First of all, this scroll, although it can be rotated, is very impractical.

The scale of the rotation is too small, and the microblogging is still barely ok. It is estimated that the dozens of chat records can be used to screw the reels.

In the era of WeChat group 999+ news, you are not going to screw it down for a long time.

Second, the problem with this scroll screen is even bigger.

When you turn on the screen, due to inertia, you will find that it is curved, and the curved screen is so curved that you can't watch the video.

And this screen is still flexible. You can click on it every time you click.

Bouncing bullets, playing crow's feet?

Because the screen is bent to attach to the surface of the reel, MagicScroll can't make a support structure.

This has caused another problem.

Flexible screen, hin soft.

After spreading the screen, you can pinch the screen into various shapes... but it is difficult to pinch.

On the rolling pin, I am afraid that this screen will be broken.

It’s just that the bumps will be used... The obsessive-compulsive disorder is only a minute away from death.

In addition, due to the immature technology, this 7.5-inch screen is made up of two OLEDs.

There is a huge gap in the middle, and obsessive-compulsive disorder has died for the second time.

Not only that.

Don't play a few times, there are two red lines on this screen.

This is the case with S7 edge and iPhone X. The simple point is that the screen is broken...

The current OLED screen is so unstoppable. of.

There is another point, this screen is not stored in the reel, but covered on the surface of the reel, made arc.

So, you have to consider the problem of accidental touch, the problem of the screen being scratched during use, and the problem of accidentally tearing the screen off.

This is very impractical, brother dei.

Just, considering that Magicscroll is just a prototype made by a PhD-led university research team, these questions are OK. accept.

It has no demand for mass production, and the team may be playing.

However, such a reel phone allows the brother to see the uncertainty of folding the phone.

As you know, Samsung is doing a folding screen phone.

Lenovo has already made a folding screen concept machine, and it is estimated that it will wait for mass production.

But is it really so god to fold, reel, or bend the phone?

The brother thinks... mysterious.

It will encounter problems with screens and components that can’t be folded in minutes. Lenovo is giving up mass production because of this.

It also encounters the "no use scene" environment, you don't know when to give up the straight phone and choose the reel / bend the phone.

At the same time, you can't find the advantage of bending a mobile phone compared to a straight phone.

All of this requires the vendor to find a solution and find a meaning for the folding phone.

and until now.

In addition to loading, it may not work.