Xiaomi users pay attention! MIUI added two heavyweight features. Lei Jun: I hope you can't use it.

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Xiaomi users pay attention! MIUI added two heavyweight features. Lei Jun: I hope you can't use it.

2018-09-14 20:25:11 68 ℃

With the recent update of Xiaomi's MIUI10 official version, 12 models have been upgraded. This time, the arrival of the stable version of MIUI10 not only made the system fully optimized, but also the fluency of the MIUI10 stable version system reached a new height. At the same time, we added two super intimate and practical functions. Let's take a look at it together.

SOS Emergency Help >

On On September 3, the MIUI team officially announced that the "SOS" function of Xiaomi's mobile phone is officially launched on the MIUI system. At present, a number of mobile phones have already been adapted. This feature is not often used in our lives, but in the event of an emergency, this small function can play a vital role. Here, Lei Jun also said: I hope that we all do not use this feature.

How to: Set ——"SOS emergency help" is turned on. When the user is in an emergency, we only need to press the power button 5 times in a row, the system will automatically share your location address to your contact phone for assistance.

Application download requires fingerprint verification

Today's children are becoming more and more dependent on mobile games. As long as the adults' mobile phones are not in use, they are taken away by the bear children at home. In this case, the children can download various games on the mobile phone of the adults, and finally the mobile phone traffic exceeds the standard or the mobile phone charges are very much. This time, the MIUI system added a new "application download requires fingerprint verification" for this problem, to prevent children or old people from accidentally downloading applications.

Data Recovery >

If we use the Xiaomi mobile phone, we accidentally delete important photos, SMS, WeChat records, etc. on the mobile phone. Here we can find the speedy data recovery through the mobile phone browser or mobile app store to help you find the files deleted by mistake!

The above is what I will share with you today Two major new features of the MIUI system, take a look!