Apple CEO Cook: Even the most boring conference, the Chinese will still pay

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Apple CEO Cook: Even the most boring conference, the Chinese will still pay

2018-09-14 20:25:15 66 ℃

Every September is not only the day of school, but also the most kidney-dead day.

Because Apple’s press conference is coming back to the kidneys.

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Although many people are looking forward to this year’s new product release, this year is The drama was ruined for almost a year.

A lot of people have this question when they receive the poster for the invitation.

What is the relationship between Apple and Midea’s induction cooker?

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This Apple conference can be summarized as two parts, the world number one The Apple Watch and the world's number one love crazy.

As for the cheap version of Apple Computer, the borderless version of ipad pro, wireless headset, unlimited charging and so on.

Nothing at all.

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Cook may have just finished watching "Mission Impossible 6" and thought about it. A Tango's addiction.

I believe there have been many articles that comprehensively analyze the pros and cons of this Apple product.

So this time let Xiaobian, who doesn’t understand technology at all, take you into this Apple conference under the BGM of the Impossible Theme song. (The following content is pure nonsense)

The opening is an Apple employee, she is escorting a mysterious box.

This promo tells us that GPS is useless and asks the road to ask questions.

Other people's apple watch, my apple watch

sometimes I didn’t take the elevator to climb the stairs.

Don't be superstitious, I haven't run fast yet.

The moment when Cook took the remote from the box. Miss Sister’s heart is broken.

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The new four-generation Apple Watch, in addition to the larger screen, adds more operability.

can change the surface of the table.

But the most important thing is that after a year of observation, Apple found that human balance is very poor and it is easy to slip.

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and it is difficult for people who fall to climb again.

In order to prevent humans from falling in the same place twice.

It’s not that you are falling or falling, or 360 degrees Thomas swings.

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As soon as you don’t respond within a minute after you fall, the Apple Watch will send you a drop. Pour the place and call the police to call the "high price" ambulance.

This feature can effectively prevent people who are poor and stumbled from slipping.

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In addition,

now only need to buy an iwatch, You can detect if your heart is sick in minutes.

Source: North America Sina

After a boy said that his heart is moving, you can pass the Apple Watch Debunking his lies on the spot.


Of course, in order to better sell accessories, Apple will make the dial change color to better match this time. Newly launched strap.

And this watch actually has 499 knives. Now iPhone 7 is only 449 knives

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Up Apple said: We love crazy is the world's most mobile phone! Do not accept doubts.

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Although we don't like bangs, we just don't change.

Although watching video games will be taken by Liu Hai, but those are the faults of video and games.

But in order to reflect the fact that there are no bangs, Apple works hard with various game companies.

AR Cooperative games can be played with friends, But I am the one who doesn't have such a big table and no friends.

Although the name of the iPhone Xs is plus the trumpet, the name is bigger.

Although Apple introduced it is not the biggest mobile phone in history. But you can't lose in the name!

Source: Daily headlines

Plus can't satisfy Apple! So this time called MAX! ! !

In addition to the big name, the memory should be large. So this time introduced a configuration of 512GB of memory.

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< p> Computer only 128 memory, the phone actually wants 512 memory? Do you think you are a mobile hard drive?

You can also manually adjust the depth of field by taking pictures. This is actually quite gratifying.

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Benefits countless P-picture girls.

The waterproofing of the iPhone Xs has also improved. Diving in the water to save the phone.

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The so-called head can be broken blood can flow iphone can not be lost.

This iphone also launched dual card dual standby for China.

The much-anticipated cheap version of the iPhone, named iPhone XR.

But it's not cheap.

He looks like the front of the iPhone X plus the back of the iPhone 8, and the color of the IPhone 5c.

Source: Apple's official website

There was a rush to praise the products of their own family, and the press conference ended.

The most classic One More Thing is gone.

Finally, the Daily News wants to say.