The new iphone is too expensive to breathe? Cook is indeed a savvy businessman

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The new iphone is too expensive to breathe? Cook is indeed a savvy businessman

2018-09-14 20:25:20 69 ℃

After Apple’s three new iPhones set the price, many people think it’s too expensive to sell. However, if you feel that the new iphone is too expensive to breathe? In fact, there are still many ways for Apple to make money. It is impossible to see the price of the savvy businessman, but the style of the greatest art designer Steve Jobs is quite different. From the data point of view, Apple is a trillion-dollar company with a market value of more than 80% of the entire industry.

Let’s take a look at why Cook is a shrewd businessman. How does he earn money?

Mobile phone prices are rising and the premium is getting higher and higher, but the production cost may not increase too much

We saw Apple’s announcement at the press conference last night. Now, the iPhone is really getting more and more expensive. This is the most obvious change. In the process of continuous price increase, although the cost does increase, the profit of Apple's mobile phone is naturally increasing, because the price increase is definitely greater than the cost increase.

It is worth noting that in recent years, Apple has been similar in terms of iPhone design, and everyone knows that a mobile phone is the most expensive. Cost is design and development costs. Take this year's three new iPhones, even with iphoneX.

Using accessories to make money, you need to add hidden content to your iPhone accessories

Since iPhone 7, Apple decided to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it will still As usual, a 3.5mm conversion cable is included. However, this year, just after the release of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr series, you need to pay for it yourself. There are hundreds of wired headsets and thousands of wireless headsets.

The other point is that the new iPhone is a 5V/1A charger and a lightning USB cable. In other words, if you want to fast charge, you need Buy official accessories: USB-C to lightning cable (149 yuan) + 30W USB-C power adapter (384 yuan), a total of 533 yuan. And if you want to buy a third-party fast charge, Apple may also block it through various means.

Establishing on storage, color matching, shrinking iPhone, and even using system updates to force old users to upgrade

< In recent years, Apple has liked to make a fuss about the storage space. For example, this year's iPhoneXs only have 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. The 128GB that everyone is expecting is directly canceled, and the 64GB is getting bigger and bigger in the current. The fact that mobile phone pixels are getting higher and higher leads to camera files getting bigger and bigger, and 256GB is too much for many people. Obviously, Apple wants you to buy a more expensive version of the iPhone.

Color matching is also commonly used by Apple. For example, the launch of bright black and red versions is actually to stimulate the market. After all, the iPhone innovation in recent years is really not big. However, these special color phones are often more expensive than the regular version.

The shrinking iPhone is actually a trick for Apple to earn. For example, the dual Netcom version, this year's iPhoneXr looks like the iPhoneXs series, but in fact, the use of 720P resolution LCD screen, reduced 3D touch, upper and lower frames have increased the cost of components and processes, naturally it is in disguise Expanded profit margins.

Finally, Apple’s iPhone downsampling door was hammered this year. That is to say, in theory, you can use the iOS system to control your iPhone, let your old Apple mobile phone enter the elimination range and replace the new one.

People think that Cook is a very successful and savvy businessman compared to Steve Jobs. Do you think Apple has some special money-making techniques? Welcome to talk about your views, let's discuss together