The new iPhone is running out! iPhone XS\x2fXSMax is easy to over 10,000, iPhone XR shrinks seriously

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The new iPhone is running out! iPhone XS\x2fXSMax is easy to over 10,000, iPhone XR shrinks seriously

2018-09-14 20:25:20 82 ℃
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Beijing time on September 13th at 1 am Apple's autumn new product launch, Apple launched The new Apple Watch4 and three iPhone products, namely iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, objectively, the three new iPhones lack visibility, except for epic, breakthrough, and unreachable pricing. In addition, the most noteworthy thing is that there is only a memory upgrade of the new iPhone and the unbeatable explosion performance of the A12 biochip.

According to Apple's official introduction, the A12 biomimetic chip is the smartest and most powerful chip of the iPhone (humble...); equipped with a new generation of Apple Neural network engine, with impressive performance; can use real-time machine learning technology to bring a new experience to users in many aspects such as photos, games, augmented reality, etc.; Apple designed CPU, two performance cores bear high intensity The computing task, the four energy efficiency cores handle daily tasks; the latest performance controllers can dynamically allocate work to different cores. When high-speed operation is required, all six core performances can be played simultaneously, and the two performance cores have the highest speed increase. Up to 15% compared to A11 bionics, 4 energy-efficient cores can save up to 50% compared to A11 bionics; Apple designed graphics processors, new fourth core and lossless memory compression technology for games, video editing and a lot of The visual effects app brings a significant improvement in graphics performance, with a quad-core graphics processor speed up to 50% compared to the A11 bionics, Metal 2 Step optimization; Apple neural network engine designed specifically for advanced, real-time machine learning to build. This means that the iPhone XS can recognize various modes, make predictions, learn from experience, and the processing speed is amazing. It can perform 5 trillion calculations per second, and its energy efficiency is excellent. It can perform various new tasks in real time; The image signal processor, equipped with an optimized depth-sensing engine, captures rich details in portrait mode...saying so much, one sentence in total: bullish!

So how strong is the A12 bionic chip? Perhaps running the score is the most intuitive experience. Later on September 13th, Beijing time, CeekBench, the world's most famous and authoritative running software, disclosed the memory and running scores of Apple's three new iPhones, although three The same is also equipped with the A12 bionic processor, but the results do not seem to be so friendly.

iPhone XS

Name: iPhone 11,2

Model: D321AP

Pre-installed system: iOS 12.1

< p>Memory configuration: 4GB

Single-core running points: 4763 points

Multi-core running points: 11167 points

< p>iPhone XS Max

Name: iPhone 11,6

Model: D331pAP

Pre-installed system: iOS 12.1

Memory configuration :4GB

Single-core running points: 4790 points

Multi-core running points: 10842 points

iPhone XR

Name: iPhone 11,8

Model: N841AP

Pre-installed system: iOS 12.1

Memory configuration: 3GB

Single-core running points: 4754 points

Multi-core running points: 9367 points

Running from three machines Look, the single core is the iPhone XS Max, the highest multi-core is the iPhone XS, the three cores are almost the same, and the iPhone XR multi-core running points are almost severely shrinking, running only 9637 points, to know that A11 Although the processor's running single core is only 4061 points, and the multi-core running points are as high as 9959 points, even the performance of the A12 processor remains the same. Child Xiaolong 855 and the heat had declared the unicorn 980.

Overall, the performance of the A12 bionic processor far exceeds A11, of course, the price is also a shame, as many friends consulted the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, Which iPhone XS Max buys, we just want to say, buy Max if you have money, R if you don't have money...

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